Cisco CMS License

Cisco Meeting Server, Meeting App, and Meeting Management for Audio, Web and Video Conferencing

Cisco CMS License

Cisco CMS License

Product Overview

Cisco CMS License brings video, audio, and web communication together to meet the collaboration needs of the modern workplace. The Cisco Meeting App allows anyone to create, join, and run meetings easily, from room or desktop video systems, mobile clients, or browsers. Cisco Meeting Management allows operators to monitor and control meetings, providing a white-glove service.

Cisco Meeting Server helps ensure that everyone gets a consistent, familiar meeting experience, whether they’re joining a meeting using Cisco or third-party video endpoints, a Cisco Jabber client, Cisco Meeting App (native or via a WebRTC-compatible browser), or Skype for Business. Any number of people can join a meeting, up to the maximum limit supported by the cluster, and bandwidth usage is optimized to reduce cost. Cisco Meeting Server provides a user experience that is simple, intuitive, and easy. It scales easily for small or large deployments, allowing capacity to be added incrementally as needed. The all-in-one, user-based licensing model allows you to buy the services you need today and add more licenses as your organization grows. Combined, Cisco Meeting Server and its licensing model provide you with flexibility to meet the changing needs of your organization.

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Cisco CMS License App runs on multiple platforms—Mac, PC, iOS, and WebRTC-compatible browsers—allowing a wide range of end users access to its capabilities. The app is the user’s portal to create one or multiple spaces, which they can then modify (for example, change the space’s name, manage members, add PINs, etc.). Joining a meeting space is as simple as clicking one button, which then provides a simple, intuitive interface to manage the meeting (see who is in the meeting, add, drop, or mute participants, etc.).

Cisco Meeting Management is a tool for operators to monitor and manage meetings on Cisco Meeting Server. Administrators can easily monitor all active meetings with controls, such as add, drop, or mute participants; change layouts; start or stop recording or streaming; and more.

Cisco CMS License, Cisco Meeting App, and Cisco Meeting Management have been optimized to be deployed with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Expressway™, or Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS) for call control; Cisco Expressway for firewall traversal; and Cisco TelePresence Management Suite for scheduling. Third-party on-premises infrastructure is also supported.

Cisco Meeting Server, Cisco Meeting App

Cisco CMS License

Prominent Features

Advanced Interoperability

Anyone can join a meeting and enjoy a high-quality, consistent, and familiar experience using:

  • Cisco or third-party video endpoints
  • Cisco Jabber client
  • Cisco Meeting App (native or with a WebRTC-compatible browser)
  • Skype for Business on premises or Office 365

High Scalability and Geographic Distribution

Meetings scale easily, with:

● Low-cost virtualized Cisco UCS servers for entry-level deployments. Cisco Meeting Server 1000 supports up to 96 HD ports whereas specification-based servers support up to 2.5 HD ports per physical core. Further details can be found here. For large-scale deployments Cisco UCS servers running as appliances can be used. Cisco Meeting Server 2000 is the industry’s highest-capacity single server and supports up to 700 HD ports

● Multiple Call Bridges, which can be deployed as a cluster to offer scale, resiliency, and multiple geographical points of presence

● Clustering Call Bridges enables:

  • Meetings that can span multiple Call Bridge instances for capacity needs, scaling needs, or geographic distribution
  • Intelligent distribution linking. When meetings span multiple Call Bridge instances, intelligent distribution links are automatically maintained between Call Bridge instances to create a seamless, single meeting experience for all participants
  • Seamless scalability between hardware platforms, enabling customers to deploy different server types and sizes where they are needed
  • Bandwidth optimization for meetings between offices in different locations
  • Intelligent load balancing of call demand across available Call Bridges for load distribution
  • Optimized placement of calls across Call Bridges to reduce internal distribution links
  • Call bridge grouping to split large clusters into localities to optimize load balancing and resource allocation based on proximity
  • Horizontal scaling of services for increased capacity

● Clustering up to 24 Call Bridge instances within a cluster

  • A single cluster can support up to 16,800 HD concurrent calls
  • Clusters support up to 40 calls per second. (This is inclusive of participants calling in as well as internal calls required to load balance, move participants, etc.)
  • A meeting on a single Call Bridge supports up to 450 participants or up to 2,600 participants across multiple Call Bridges in a single cluster
  • A review by Cisco engineering is required in designs that require greater than eight Servers

● Conference recording and streaming when you need to archive or to extend beyond the Cisco Meeting Server deployment

● Ability to synchronize up to 75,000 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) users across a 24-node cluster, with each user having their own meeting space

● Up to 500 concurrent XMPP sessions. An XMPP session is used for any guest or authenticated Cisco Meeting App user (Mac, PC, iOS, WebRTC) in a call. An XMPP session is also used for every recording and streaming session

● Up to 100 WebRTC connections per WebBridge service

● Capable Cisco endpoints can display video across one, two, or three screens

Intuitive User Experience

End users can concentrate on collaborating without worrying about how the technology works. These Meetings products provide a range of options optimized for multiple collaboration scenarios:

  • Capable Cisco endpoints can display video across one, two, or three screens
  • APIs can be used to configure which participants are seen on the screen
  • A range of layouts is available to choose from that suit the majority of meetings. The ability to create and use unique custom layouts is also available via a separate license.
  • Roster lists with end-user controls can be displayed on compatible Cisco endpoints, Jabber clients, the Cisco Meeting App, and Cisco Meeting Management for operators


Meeting Management

Cisco Meeting Management displays active meeting information with controls for managing the Cisco Meeting Server deployment, without requiring the operator to understand the complexities of the underlying video bridge configuration and call setup. Supported functions include:

● The ability to list active and upcoming meetings for a 24-hour period across Cisco Meeting Server clusters, as well as the ability to sort, filter, and search

● The ability to list participants in an active meeting

  • See who is speaking in the conference
  • Sort, filter, and search participants
  • Mute and unmute audio for individuals, all, or groups of selected people or new participants

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  • Mute and unmute video
  • Make participants important
  • Change the layout (meeting wide or individually)
  • Add or drop participants
  • View call statistics (audio, video, or presentation)
  • Start a recording or streaming session of the meeting
  • Move participants between meetings

● Display a dashboard for license usage

● A meeting events log, which is retained for seven days

Simple, Predictable, All-in-One Commercial Model

Get users up and running easily, with licensing that:

  • Is available with Cisco Unified Workplace Licensing Meetings or can be purchased on a per-meeting basis
  • Includes spaces (virtual meeting room environments), Cisco Meeting App, Cisco Meeting Management, scheduling, Microsoft Skype for Business interoperability, and firewall traversal in one license
  • Enables customers to purchase the license entitlements they need today and scale up as needed

Features and Benefits

Table 1 lists the features and benefits of Cisco Meeting Server.

Table 1. Features and Benefits of Cisco Meeting Server

Features and Benefits of Cisco Meeting Server

Table 2 lists the features and benefits of Cisco Meeting Management.

Table 2. Features and Benefits of Cisco Meeting Management

Features and Benefits of Cisco Meeting Management

Platform Support

Cisco Meeting Server software is optimized to run on Cisco Meeting Server 1000 and 2000 appliances. In terms of scale, Table 3 shows the capacity a call bridge on Cisco Meeting Server can support on each server. Table 3 assumes call rates up to 2.5 Mbps—720p5 content for video calls and G.711 for audio calls. Other codecs and higher content resolution/framerate will reduce capacity. When meetings span multiple call bridges, distribution links are automatically created and also count against a server’s call count and capacity.

One of the key benefits of Cisco Meeting Server is its ability to scale flexibly. Although Table 3 shows what can be achieved in certain scenarios, individual servers can be configured to allow more participants to join meetings by incrementally changing the quality experienced by existing participants. Alternatively, in larger deployments, conferences can be load-balanced to maximize effective capacity.

Table 3. Call Capacity on Supported Servers

Product Specifications

Table 4 lists the specifications for Cisco Meeting Server.

Table 4. Specifications

Cisco CMS License

Cisco CMS Order Pricing

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