LiveAction License

liveAction Licence

LiveAction is an enterprise software company that simplifies the network for better digital experiences by providing continuous insight, service assurance and control over enterprise networks.

The licensed LiveAction’s LiveNX platform maximizes an organization’s investment in IT network management by ensuring users always have optimal online experiences without interruptions or delays. LiveNX performs network diagnostics, monitors service delivery to ensure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are being met, automates device discovery to make it easier for users to get into the network, and provides proactive problem alerts potentials. It visualizes the entire network and provides a comprehensive performance overview via a dynamic dashboard.

liveAction Licence

LiveAction License


liveAction License products main features

Network management

Anticipate, troubleshoot, and resolve network and application performance issues as they occur, reducing repair time, avoiding costly downtime, and meeting business needs.

Application performance monitoring is critical to the smooth running of your business. Remote site, WAN edge, data center and cloud troubleshooting require continuous visibility. LiveFlow provides rich IPFIX data that can be exported to LiveNX where the entire network topology is mapped. LiveAction solutions enable fast and easy application debugging using NetFlow and deep packet forensics.

To create a LiveAction solution for network and application performance management:

  • Confidence in meeting standards and addressing safety concerns.
  • Valuable information about network packets for investigating and reporting problems.
  • Fast packet capture to troubleshoot applications like VoIP and video using deep forensics.

Network monitoring

Network monitoring is critical to maintaining network health and optimizing application performance. Strategies to achieve this include:

  • Track existing network performance KPIs
  • Teams can accomplish this with NetFlow and SNMP monitoring along with deep packet inspection.
  • Detailed understanding of application performance and usage of different types of network traffic concurrently with context.

When IT teams can access flow data from a variety of sources, including routers, firewalls, and switches, they have the visibility they need to make informed decisions about optimization and network troubleshooting. However, when visibility is lacking, either because network infrastructure devices are not generating flows in key areas, or when those devices are oversubscribed and enabling flow generation can impact network performance, network operations will lack the data needed to make informed decisions.

With the licensed LiveWire you can:

  • Easily (and quickly) isolate problem areas.
  • Convert packet data to rich stream for LiveNX streaming solution.
  • Respond quickly to serious incidents without the need for extensive forensic analysis.

liveAction Licence

Network Detection and Response

Accelerate Threat Response

ThreatEye protects businesses in on-premise, private, hybrid, public and multi-cloud environments. The next-generation AI-powered NDR platform enriches and correlates data from various sources so that network security analysts can respond in real time. Using advanced fingerprinting techniques, ThreatEye uniquely characterizes resource behavior to identify malicious activity. ThreatEye integration with LiveWire provides analysts with one-click forensic analysis, effectively reducing MTTR.

Integration with existing security tools

Enhance your security toolset without creating disparate environments. ThreatEye integrates seamlessly with existing security tools such as SIEM, SOAR, and Threat Intel.

Enable efficient and effective SecOps

ThreatEye’s workflow capabilities and casebooks are designed to enhance the workflows of SOC analysts by integrating features such as data enrichment and packet analysis into a single interface. Team up with casebooks that support analyst workflow steps and event tagging. ThreatEye’s integrated approach to enrichment, collaboration and alerts, all in one place, reduces investigation costs and reduces mean time to resolution (MTTR)

Reduce threat detection time. Enable quick reply.

ThreatEye Platform Threat Intelligence monitors all internet-connected infrastructure and categorizes activity into malicious groups and campaigns, allowing ThreatEye to alert users to malicious traffic as soon as it is activated.

This data, along with ThreatEye’s multi-level analysis pipeline, provides SOC teams with comprehensive contextual information (including geography, passive DNS, MITER ATT&CK techniques, threat intelligence and risk assessments) in one place, allowing incidents to be quickly remedied and the impact of reduced ransomware attacks to be able.

Eliminate network blind spots

Network traffic decryption is difficult to manage, expensive to use, and affects network performance. ThreatEye fights cyberattacks by applying machine learning to the deepest packet dynamics, without the need for decryption. This approach eliminates encryption blindness while significantly reducing operational costs and complexity. Additionally, ML-based device detection allows companies to identify malicious iOTs and devices that may have been compromised.

Network traffic

LiveAction License


As more organizations adopt software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) to improve network performance and reduce communication costs in remote and distributed offices, IT professionals need advanced performance and analytics to gain insights. On performance, QoS, routing path and traffic management complexity to ensure the success of this important initiative.

Successfully plan, test and manage your SD-WAN service with the licensed LiveNX analytics and performance platform.

  • Continuously monitor and evaluate the performance characteristics of applications on the network.
  • LiveNX integrates with Cisco SD-WAN and other SD-WAN vendors to ensure that key application performance is aligned and that network policies and configurations deliver expected application behavior.
  • Real-time network topology maps enable network operations teams to visualize improved application traffic, performance, and bandwidth, as well as report initiative status before and after environments.

Cloud monitoring

Accelerate cloud migration with end-to-end visibility from on-premises to public cloud. Comprehensive cloud monitoring capabilities easily bridge visibility gaps through stream-to-packet conversion for true visibility into application performance in the public cloud. Leverage a comprehensive network monitoring platform to plan, deploy and optimize cloud migration projects.

With LiveAction License you can:

  • Visualize the application path within the cloud and clearly show the entry and exit points of applications within and between private and public subnets, internet gateways within the cloud network.
  • Visually connect the application path from the on-premises network to the cloud network and vice versa, so that users can clearly identify application behavior per hop from an end-to-end perspective.
  • Break down n-dimensional cloud visibility data for troubleshooting, cost and consumption analysis, historical analysis via replay function.

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