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ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer License

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer License

NetFlow Analyzer is a bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis tool. This licensed solution allows IT managers and network admins to monitor the devices, interfaces, applications and users on the network. It helps you track network traffic activity and diagnose and resolve network anomalies and bandwidth hogs in real time.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer License

The licensed NetFlow Analyzer uses flow technology to monitor and analyze your network bandwidth usage. It helps you identify and prevent bandwidth slowdowns and bottlenecks with custom reports, and set up threshold-based email/text alerts to understand the severity of an issue. This easy-to-use analytics tool detects, diagnoses, and resolves network anomalies and zero-day intrusions in real time, and plans your future bandwidth needs based on usage trend pattern, optimizing your bandwidth usage.

Network Bandwidth Monitoring

Dive into bandwidth monitoring and usage patterns with NetFlow Analyzer

Network administrators have a lot to do. They are required to not only keep track of all bandwidth consumed on the network, but also to comply with policies that enable smooth access to business-critical applications. While we were wondering what we could do to make your job as a network administrator a little easier, we realized that it was crucial that you could visualize what is happening on the network in order to understand and troubleshoot what is causing the network slowdown.

Measure real-time bandwidth usage by user, device, and application

A real-time enterprise bandwidth monitor can help you resolve issues in time before end users are affected. This licensed solution is a flow-based bandwidth usage monitoring tool that allows you to monitor your network bandwidth usage in real time. Flows exported to NetFlow Analyzer help you understand which applications are consuming the most bandwidth and which are the most talkative on the network. You can also measure network bandwidth usage at a specific time.

Create custom reports

NetFlow Analyzer is bandwidth monitoring software from Cisco, which extends support to several other major vendors. It is a network bandwidth monitoring software that helps you identify and avoid bandwidth lags through custom reports that can look up specific bandwidth usage details such as applications, IP address, hostname, protocol, etc.

NetFlow Analyzer

Besides these bandwidth reports, NetFlow Analyzer’s Bandwidth Monitor also helps in bandwidth control to limit the consumption of non-critical applications. Although it is a Herculean task for any business to track and manage all activities on the network, as an advanced bandwidth usage monitoring tool, NetFlow Analyzer makes it easy with effective monitoring of bandwidth usage.

This licensed solutions ability to stream-based bandwidth usage monitor, helps you:

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  • Measure bandwidth usage by interface, application, and conversation.
  • Highlight the best speakers in your network.
  • Follow the historical tendencies of the bandwidth to plan capacity.
  • Get instant warnings based on the threshold in case of emergency.
  • Find the main cause behind the bandwidth problems and solve them in time.

Monitor the bandwidth of the network

Netflow Analyzer license class and categorizes data traffic according to applications, interfaces, protocols and hosts in order to generate immediate visibility in the use of bandwidth. Take a look at the network user diagrams to find out when your bandwidth is high, which applications use most of the bandwidth and which uses the most bandwidth. The user user tester can also help you see the consumption of the main sources, objectives and discussions for a detailed analysis. With these detailed details which were obtained from the network bandwidth monitor, the removal of network errors and the resolution of the problem take much less time than with the conventional bandwidth monitoring software.

Know who are the best speakers

The adjustable Netflow Analyzer dashboard contains a real-time traffic summary with which you can identify the speakers in your network. These bandwidth usage statistics provide instant insight into the maximum bandwidth utilization by hosts, applications, and calls through a dedicated interface. To dig deeper, the bandwidth monitoring reports for each interface show the current, average, and peak bandwidth usage patterns for each stream-enabled interface. A bandwidth monitoring tool helps you find who, when and what of network traffic and troubleshoot bandwidth issues.

Plan for future bandwidth needs with usage trend models

The licensed NetFlow Analyzer’s Bandwidth Monitoring allows you to view and monitor bandwidth usage over time. Bandwidth Tracking Trends show usage patterns and traffic trends over a day, week, month, or year. With these kinds of stats in hand, a corporate network bandwidth monitor can help you analyze how bandwidth is being used in your network so you can decide if you need to increase the available bandwidth.

NetFlow Analyzer's

Set up threshold-based alerts to understand the severity of a problem

NetFlow Analyzer allows you to set thresholds for excessive bandwidth usage and to notify you via email and SMS when the threshold is exceeded. Create alerts to instantly know bandwidth hunters and act quickly. Using notifications, bandwidth monitoring tools can help protect your network from sudden traffic spikes.

The consolidated bandwidth utilization summary report in NetFlow Analyzer shows the total percentage of bandwidth utilization and shows detailed statistics on the bandwidth utilization for a WAN link. With customizable reports, you can examine the bandwidth usage of each slow connection and determine the cause of the slowness. You can also use this bandwidth monitoring software to explore host, application or conversation details during peak hours.

Why Use NetFlow Analyzer to Monitor Bandwidth?

  • Helps you better understand your network traffic speed and daily bandwidth usage with easily customizable graphs and reports
  • Supports technologies such as Cisco NBAR2, WLAN Controller Monitoring, Deep Packet Inspection, CBQoS, IP SLA and more
  • Save troubleshooting time with advanced forensic reports

With The licensed ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer, network bandwidth monitoring is as easy as it gets! NetFlow Analyzer is a flow-based network bandwidth monitoring software and network usage monitor that integrates NetFlow, sFlow, JFLow and more. NetFlow exports are collected, correlated, and analyzed by NetFlow Analyzer, which is not just a Cisco bandwidth monitoring tool, but offers multi-vendor support to get granular details to monitor bandwidth usage network over any WAN link. With NetFlow Analyzer, there is no need to monitor network bandwidth usage with hardware probes. It is an advanced bandwidth measurement tool suitable for Windows and Linux environments.

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