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Every year, Radware Company offers products and licenses related to software for data centers and cyber security for various data centers. Radware is headquartered in New Jersey. The company has offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania to sell its products and licenses worldwide.

Mr. Roy Zisapel has been the CEO and Chief Executive Officer of Radware since its inception in 1997. In 1999, Radware offered its stock to the public and was listed on the US Stock Exchange. Since then, Roy Zisapel has owned a 3.4% stake in the company, and his father is the largest shareholder with a 15% stake.


Radware company development by buying competitors

  • At the end of 2005, Radware acquired Radware V-Secure Technologies, a leading provider of behavior-based network intrusion prevention products, which led to improved security products.
  • In mid-2007, Radware Covelight Systems became wholly owned by Radware, making Radware almost unrivaled in providing monitoring and auditing tools for web applications.
  • In early 2009, Radware acquired Nortel Software.
  • In 2013, the company acquired a stake in Radware Strangeloop Networks and acquired the company in its entirety. Using the knowledge and experience of the company’s executives and the improvements made by the merger, Radware was able to make significant improvements in Web Performance Optimization (WPO) solutions for e-commerce and enterprise applications.
  • In early 2017, Radware acquired Radware Seculert, a SaaS cloud-based provider to protect against enterprise network intrusion and data mining, and was able to improve its security.
  • In early 2019, Radware was able to strengthen its security product infrastructure by acquiring ShieldSquare, an unrivaled company in the market for network security management solutions.

Radware’s products

Radware’s products and services include cloud services such as Cloud WAF, Cloud DDoS Protection, Cloud Work Protection, Cloud Web Acceleration, Cloud Malware Protection and Bot Manager, application and network security such as DefensePro, AppWall, and DefenseFlow. Also Alteon AppWall, FastView, AppXML, LinkProof NG and management and monitoring applications such as APSolute Vision, MSSP portal, application performance monitoring, vDirect. Each of these products have its own license that needs to be ordered and purchased in order to get the best performance.

Radware Order Pricing

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Radware License

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