Splunk License

Splunk License

Splunk is an advanced technology that searches files in an indexed system. Splunk analyzes the data generated by the system to provide an operational plan for machine intelligence.

Also, with Splunk, we can make the best use of all the data collected. It also makes it possible to place the organization at the highest level of performance, profitability and security by creating a level of operational intelligence and viewing all data.

Processing power is Splunk’s greatest strength. To give you more information about how Splunk works, we will give you an example in this regard. Bosch uses Splunk to analyze its data. Bosch collected healthcare from patients who remotely connected to hospitals and physicians using IoT devices (sensors). Splunk processes this data and can be reported through unusual activities of patient-to-physician communication.

Splunk License

Splunk License capabilities

This software is used for log Files generated in a network of computer and electronic equipment and can be very helpful in finding problems and ways of network failure for managers. These reports do not depend on the type and format of the logs created in the network, and only the logs are textual enough to be able to import them into the Splunk License. The following are some examples of the sources of these logs:

  • Logs created by security devices such as IPS, Firewall, Anti-Virus
  • Logs created by internal services such as AD, DNS, IIS, Apache, DHCP
  • Logs created by smart and mobile devices such as phones and tablets
  • Logs created by infrastructure devices such as Switch, Router, Modem
  • Logs created by different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Logs created by internal software such as banking, automation, finance, warehouse
  • Logs created by electronic equipment such as electric doors, elevators, sensors, traffic control

Splunk License stores all generated logs in one place and categorizes them. This allows network administrators to connect between various changes and events in different parts of the network. Managers can then troubleshoot problems according to the log files. Splunk Enterprise can also be used as a network monitoring software. No need to add SNMP or other items that other similar products need.

Splunk License

Splunk License Features

Using Splunk License can provide great features to network administrators. These features include the following:

  • Scalability and agility
  • Splunk License and Activation
  • High speed data processing capability
  • Ability to quickly identify threats so fast
  • Compatibility with different network data
  • Ability to monitor the network and issue alerts
  • Ability to analyze threats and respond to threats
  • Has a security license system based on intelligent analysis
  • The purchase cost is much lower than other competitors
  • Increase the effectiveness of SOC processes and personnel
  • Empower SOC with a fast and flexible security intelligence platform
  • Identify, investigate and report immediately in cases of fraud and abuse
  • Quickly adapt data to changes in threats and deal with advanced threats
  • Splunk License can add very special capabilities to the company’s products
  • Ability to implement Cloud, On-Premise and a combination of these two modes
  • Ability to intelligently extract fields and quickly retrieve data, Ability to identify fields
  • Scalability (Ability to use Splunk at the level of small and medium to large organizations)
  • Existence of different types of search methods such as logical searches, possibility of string search, use of wildcard in search parameters, real-time search, time period search and…) and display of search results in the form of reports, charts and various dashboards
  • Ability to schedule alerts and manage display of alerts (send email, execute script or display alerts, etc.)
  • Ability to extract various reports (in different formats and diagrams) and the ability to display in user dashboards
  • There is a two-month and free trial version that can be downloaded and installed from Splunk’s website. None of the competing products including HP ArcSight and IBM Qradar have such a feature.
  • Splunk license considers the amount of incoming logs in 24 hours. To have no restrictions on sending their equipment logs to the SIEM service. (Licensing of other products is usually based on the number of logs generated per second (EPS))

Import information to Splunk

There are several ways to enter information into Splunk, which are as follows:

  • Receive data from Splunk sender
  • Upload files to formats such as CSV and local event logs.
  • Automatically receive data from specific paths such as Syslog, Script, WMI and…

Data indexing in Splunk

Due to Splunk’s intelligence, it is possible to index conventional data on this licensed platform. Among the items that can be indexed are the following:

  • Structured data, such as CSV, JSON, XML
  • Database Servers such as MS SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle
  • Events created by web servers such as Apache and IIS
  • Event and event logs of Microsoft products such as Active Directory, Exchange…
  • Events that can be sent via Syslog (collecting events from equipment such as Cisco switches)


Enterprise Security

In addition to the many free plugins it offers each year, Splunk also offers a number of non-free plugins. Customers can purchase certain Splunk License according to their needs and use these applications unlimitedly.

 One of these plugins is Enterprise Security. This plugin provides great features for network administrators. Features of Enterprise Security plugin at a glance:

  • Compatibility with all security equipment
  • Ability to analyze and extract reports from created logs
  • Prioritize events and define responses appropriate to each event
  • Define custom searches on existing logs to find unusual behaviors on the network
  • Ability to monitor instantaneous networking and security events based on the priorities set by managers
  • Define dynamic and up-to-date analyzes to detect malicious activity on the network automatically
  • Ability to detect and take action for security teams in the event of known and even unknown internal and external attacks

Splunk Order Pricing

Customers can order various Splunk software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at Golicense.net.

Splunk License

Customers are able to get more information about different Splunk licenses from our sales specialists.

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