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Cisco ISE Smart Licensing – Administrator Guide

Cisco Identity Services Engine

The Cisco ISE Smart Licensing offers a network-based approach for adaptable, trusted access everywhere, based on context. It gives you intelligent, integrated protection through intent-based policy and compliance solutions. And it is all delivered with streamlined, centralized management that lets you scale securely in today’s market.

Cisco ISE Smart Licensing

Cisco ISE Smart Licensing

Cisco ISE licensing offers two options to manage your licenses:

Smart Licensing—Monitor ISE software licenses and endpoint license consumption easily and efficiently with a single token registration. The licenses that you have purchased are maintained in a centralized database called the Cisco Smart Software Manager (CSSM).

Traditional Licensing—Purchase and import individual licenses based on your needs and manage the application features and access, such as the number of concurrent endpoints that can use Cisco ISE network resources.

To maximize economy for customers, licensing in Cisco ISE is supplied in different packages as Base, Plus, Apex, and Device Administration for both Traditional and Cisco ISE Smart Licensing options.

Cisco ISE Smart License

Cisco ISE Smart Licensing Administrator Guide

Configure Smart Licensing and Smart Call Home Services

Smart Call Home

Smart Call Home (SCH) monitors Cisco ISE devices in your network and notifies you via email about the critical events. Emails contain real-time alerts with environmental information and remediation advice.

When you activate Smart Licensing from Cisco ISE, the SCH capabilities are enabled by default. Otherwise, to enable SCH, you must register Cisco ISE for the SCH service.

After you activate Smart Licensing or register for the SCH service, you can choose to do one of the following:

  • Enable only Anonymous Reporting. The Anonymous Reporting feature of SCH provides minimal health information about the Cisco ISE devices in your network.
  • Enable the full set of features offered by SCH.

Smart Call Home Profiles

Smart Call Home profiles determine the types of events that are monitored on your device. Cisco ISE includes the following default profiles:

  • ciscotac-1 – Used for anonymous reporting
  • isesch-1 – Used for Smart Call Home functionality

Anonymous Reporting

Cisco ISE securely collects non-sensitive information about your deployment, network access devices, profiler, and other services that you are using. This data is collected to better understand Cisco ISE usage and to improve the product and the various services that it offers.

By default, anonymous reporting is enabled. If you want to disable anonymous reporting, you can do so from the ISE Admin Portal (Administration > System > Settings > Smart Call Home).

Register for Smart Call Home Service

Note :If you have activated Smart Licensing from Cisco ISE, you don’t have to register for the Smart Call Home (SCH) service. With Smart Licensing, the SCH capabilities are enabled by default. The Registration Status in the Smart Call Home page would be Active. You can choose to enable only Anonymous Reporting or enable the full set of features offered by SCH.

To enable SCH services without Smart Licensing, you must first register Cisco ISE for the SCH service. You can only do so from a standalone node or a Primary Administration Node.


Step 1

Choose Administration > System > Settings > Smart Call Home.

Step 2

Choose one of the following:

  • Turn on full SCH capability
  • Keep the default SCH telemetry settings and send only anonymous data
  • Disable everything

Step 3

(Only if you choose the Turn on full SCH Capability option)Enter your e-mail address in the Registration Status area.

Step 4

(Optional) Check the Transport Gateway check box and enter the Transport Gateway URL.

Step 5

Click Save.

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