Cisco Smart License Overview

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  • Last updated on: 18 Mar 2018

Cisco Smart License 

Simple, Flexible Licensing

Say goodbye to product activation keys (PAKs). Cisco Smart Software Licensing is a new way of thinking about licensing. It adds flexibility to your licensing and simplifies it across the enterprise.

Smart Software licensing delivers visibility into your license ownership and consumption. Know what you own and how you are using it. Benefit from more straightforward, standardized offers, license platforms, and policies. Make better educated purchase decisions to lower your operational costs. Discover ease of deployment with automatic license activation.

This licensing model is:

  • Simple: Procure, deploy, and manage licenses easily. Devices self-register, removing the need for product activation keys (PAK)
  • Flexible: Pool license entitlements in a single account. Move licenses freely through the network, wherever you need them
  • Smart: Manage your license deployments with real-time visibility of ownership and consumption


Smart Software Manager

Manage Smart Licenses Easily

Experience the best way to manage your Cisco smart licenses and products. Smart Software Licensing eliminates the need to manage product activation keys (PAKs) and license files by introducing license pooling. Licenses are no longer node-locked to devices and can be used on any compatible device owned by your company. The return material authorization (RMA) process has been dramatically improved.

Manage your licenses locally with an offline option to the Smart Software Manager. The Smart Software Manager satellite can be installed on premises.


Smart Software Manager satellite

Highly Secure Smart Management of Cisco Smart Licenses

Cisco Smart Software Manager satellite is a component of Cisco Smart Licensing and works in conjunction with Cisco Smart Software Manager (SSM). It helps customers intelligently manage product licenses, providing near real-time visibility and reporting of the Cisco licenses they purchase and consume.

For security-sensitive customers who do not want to manage their installed base using a direct Internet connection, the Smart Software Manager satellite is installed on the customer premises and provides a subset of Cisco SSM functionality. After you download the satellite application, deploy it, and register it to Cisco SSM, you can perform the following functions locally:

  • Activate or register a license
  • Get visibility to your company’s licenses
  • Transfer licenses between company entities

Periodically, the satellite needs to synchronize with Cisco SSM to reflect the latest license entitlements.

Download Smart Software Manager satellite

Customer Benefits

  • Highly secure on-premises single source of truth of license consumption
  • Near real-time license entitlement based on synchronization schedules with Cisco SSM installed base
  • Immediate satellite registration to Cisco SSM

Other Smart Licensing Benefits

  • Licenses are not node-locked to devices, so licenses can be used on compatible devices without rehosting a product authorization key (PAK)
  • Licenses can be pooled across the entire company, allowing them to be reused across organizational boundaries
  • You can save money by knowing which licenses are not being used
  • You can save time and simplify the return merchandise authorization (RMA) process by being able to transfer licenses across the company in real time

Cisco Smart Accounts

Simplify Your License Management

Smart Accounts give you full visibility of the Cisco software assets in your company. Now you can easily manage and control your licenses.

Smart Accounts are a new way to manage your software licenses. They provide your company with a central location where you can manage Cisco licenses across the entire organization. Smart Accounts are similar to online bank accounts. You can view, store, manage, and move your Cisco software assets to where they are needed.

Today, you can experience the benefits of Smart Accounts in many Cisco portals. These include the Cisco Smart Software Manager and Cisco Commerce (formerly CCW). They’re available for Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs) and for traditional PAK licenses in the License Registration Portal.

In the future, Smart Accounts will be positioned as the one location where you will be able to manage all your Cisco subscriptions, contracts, hardware, and services.


Cisco Smart Accounts offer a simple to use, centralized, and organized solution to license management.

  • Simple: Set up one Smart Account to manage all your software licenses and entitlements across your company or organization
  • Centralized: A single location gives authorized users the ability to view license entitlements
  • Organized: Subaccounts (virtual accounts) offer flexibility. You can easily manage access and roles in group licenses

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