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Video Management and Surveillance Solutions

Video Management and Surveillance Solutions

VMS systems range from basic to advanced, with major differences including reliability features and the number of cameras and locations supported. Here is an example of the features considered for these systems:

  • Motion Detection
  • Camera control (pan, tilt, zoom)
  • Programmable, resizable panels
  • Honest submission of material evidence
  • Video analysis, such as facial recognition systems
  • Viewing multiple video channels at the same time
  • Fail-over feature that allows the primary server to continue recording.
  • Multiple search devices, including forward, backward, thumbnail, line crossing image, bookmark, etc.
  • Create custom rules, for example, if a certain door is opened, the camera will start recording and even trigger an alarm or alarm.
  • Integration with third-party systems, such as access control, building automation, alarm management, video analytics and more
  • User interface features that include hotspot Wi-Fi, highlighted color activity, instant playback, quick switch between cameras, and more.
  • Multi-channel playback, which allows users to play video recorded from multiple cameras simultaneously, for tracking suspects through corridors.


Intelligent management of video images using Genetec Omnicast

Omnicast video image management software is one of the most powerful industrial software ever introduced to the CCTV industry. This software is produced by Genetec, which is one of the leading companies in the IP-based industrial software industry. Using this software, new cameras can be easily added to the system anywhere in the network, and the number of these cameras can be up to 50,000 cameras in one system. It is even possible to view the cameras of other systems with the help of the Federation feature.

This software has a strong support system that reduces the possibility of the video surveillance system to zero. Even when one of the servers that controls a certain camera goes down completely, using the Failover Archiver feature, without any disruption in the system being felt by the user, the camera is controlled by the backup server and all the images are recorded without even a millisecond can be used in the main server. In this software, the use of special hardware is not imposed, and despite the open software architecture, a wide range of modern cameras can be used in this system.

Genetec License

The licensed Omnicast software can be called one of the IP-based video surveillance industrial software that manage information and images in LAN networks. The architecture of this software is a decentralized architecture and system components can be connected to the system anywhere in the network. This software is installed on servers that can be located in any site of the network. In general, this software has a game architecture that can be effective in higher system reliability. Also, the ability to connect to a wide range of other systems, or the so-called Third Party Application, distinguishes this software from other video surveillance management software.

For example, this software is easily connected to Barco’s Video Wall and by using the plug-in that it provides to users, there is no need to use Barco’s software to manage the video wall. In this way, all work is done in the Omnicast software. Another good example that can be mentioned is the ability to connect this system with the Omniscient iO software, which is a software for analyzing and analyzing video images that can be used to analyze images with the Omnicast software. For example, if the images taken are of a highway in the city, the number of vehicles crossing that highway can be obtained by dividing the type of vehicle.

Milestone’s network image management software

The licensed Milestone is one of the largest manufacturers of video surveillance systems management software in the world. This company has provided many application software to meet all kinds of needs for different organizations. These softwares are very simple and easy to use so that any person with minimal scientific knowledge can use them.

Milestone software currently supports more than 1000 camera models from 80 reputable manufacturers in the world. Milestone software is used in the world’s largest and most successful video surveillance projects with Axis network cameras. The level of satisfaction of customers and users of this software and the very reasonable price of its products is the main factor for maintaining Milestone’s position in the top ranks of manufacturers of management and video surveillance software and network equipment sales. Another noteworthy point about Milestone; It is an open platform. It means that this software is flexible to work with the standard peripheral software available in the market to optimally use the intelligence of networked systems.


Among its other advantages, we can mention the special design and engineering of Milestone. This capability occupies the minimum possible load on the server systems and balances the high costs of this equipment. Milestone software has the ability to control the system with the maximum available quality through Internet networks, and even with devices such as mobile phones, it is possible to manage and control this software from all over the world.

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