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IT Management, Simplified

ManageEngine is the Enterprise IT Management Software division of ZOHO Corp. Founded in 1996 and known until 2009 as AdventNet Inc., The Corporate office of ZOHO Corp. is located in Pleasanton, CA with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. ZOHO Corp. is privately held.

ZOHO Corp. serves a diverse range of enterprise IT, networking and telecom customers. ZOHO Corp. has achieved impressive growth over the years and has been a rock-solid supplier and partner, with sound financials.

ManageEngine License

About ManageEngine

ManageEngine® is an innovative producer of Enterprise IT Management Software, offering high-end functionality of large network management frameworks at cost-effective prices to enterprises world-wide. With more than 40,000 Customers Worldwide, including 3 out of every 5 Fortune 500 companies, we are the fastest growing alternative to traditional network management frameworks.

ManageEngine History

ZOHO Corp. started off by building SNMP APIs and Network Management Platforms for Network and Element Management Systems for the Telecom domain way back in 1996. WebNMS Framework was rated #1 EMS/NMS Platform for Telecoms and is a carrier grade platform with over 1000 Man Years of development. During the dot com burst and telecom slowdown, early 2000s, ZOHO Corp. diversified in to the Enterprise IT Management space.

ManageEngine as a brand targeting Enterprise IT Management was born. The carrier grade platform used for large telecoms was used as the basis for the new products in the IT Management Space. Today ManageEngine has over 20 products that cover many key areas for effective IT Management.

ManageEngine Philosophy

ZOHO Corp. believes in providing customers with the best software at affordable prices. We believe traditional Enterprise IT Management Software vendors have business models that cannot provide software at the right price.

We believe in innovation and invest heavily on Research and Development. Our products and services range from installed software to Software as a Service (SaaS). is a leader in Online Office Productivity and Collaboration Software (Web 2.0). Additionally our recent announcements about OpManager OnDemand (Network Management – SaaS) show cases our belief in investing heavily on R & D, in the process making sure our Customers invest in a company that stays relevant.

ManageEngine Product Range

ManageEngine Product Range

ManageEngine simplifies IT management with affordable software that offers the ease of use SMBs need and the powerful features the largest enterprises demand. More than 120,000 companies around the world – including three of every five Fortune 500 companies – trust our products to manage their networks and data centers, business applications, and IT services and security. Another 300,000-plus admins optimize their IT using the free editions of ManageEngine products.

Our IT management applications are easy to download, install, configure, and deploy – no third-party support services or help needed. That’s why our solutions have become the preferred, do-it-yourself alternatives to complex, expensive products from the Big 4.

We take a straightforward, customer-centric approach to IT management software. Our customers’ needs drive our product philosophy. And we’ve built a strong, in-house R&D team to support our product team and turn customer requests into product realities.

We take a simple, transparent approach to the business of IT management software. Our pricing has no hidden costs and is available on our website. Customers can download our products for a free trial, so they can make informed purchase decisions. Our community, forums, and blogs are unedited, so everybody can hear from our customers what they have to say about our products and services.

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