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Today, out of every 10 websites on the Internet, 7 to 8 sites have a lot of vulnerabilities without being aware of it. You can scan your site with the powerful Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner software. This software shows you how to fix any breaches or security holes in the website. This scanner quickly notifies you if there is a problem with SQL Injection, XSS and bugs by scanning all kinds of vulnerabilities available and discovered on the website, and assures you of its security.

Web Vulnerability Scanners are a group of scanners that are used to detect vulnerabilities in a web application. These scanners are also called WVS. Acunetix software is also one of these software that we will mention its features in the following.

Acunetix License

Acunetix Features

Using the Acunetix License program can provide you with unique and powerful capabilities and features to make more accurate decisions about the security of your web pages and servers. Here are some of these features.

  • AcuSensor technology
  • Ability to test pages with CAPTCHA code and password
  • Ability to scan sites with flash content, SOAP and AJAX
  • Ability to scan server ports and find server security problems
  • Automatic scanner for testing Ajax and Web 2.0 applications
  • Ability to make multiple reports using standards such as VISA PCI
  • Existence of penetration detection tools such as HTTP Editor and HTTP Fuzzer
  • Powerful site scanning capability to find SQL injection and Cross site scripting bugs
  • Has a smart web page crawler, with the ability to find the type of web server and scripts
  • Ability to scan thousands of websites and web pages to check for security holes, simultaneously and quickly

Also, among the tools that you will have by installing the software and the related licenses, the following can be mentioned. It is necessary to explain that by ordering and using the Acunetix licenses, you can use all the features and tools of this software and ensure the security of your web pages and server as much as possible.

  • HTTP Editor
  • HTTP Fuzzer
  • Site Crawler
  • HTTP Sniffer
  • Target Finder
  • Compare Result
  • Blind Sql injector
  • Subdomain Scanner
  • Authentication Tester

But you should know that this program also has special tools that are only limited to the license of this program. In the following, we will introduce some of these tools.


Accurate link scan by Acunetix DeepScan

The Acunetix DeepScan tool is a great feature that can track the entire website and all links on the site (including links that were dynamically created using JavaScript and links that exist in robots.txt and sitemap.xml) and analyze them all. As a result, there will be no links that could link a security license hole to your site.

Acunetix AcuSensor

Acunetix’s unique AcuSensor technology allows you to perform accurate scans and identify more vulnerabilities and security holes than other competing software. However, this software also creates less False Positives.

Acunetix AcuSensor identifies exactly where your site vulnerabilities are and reports additional debugging information. The increased accuracy is achieved by combining available PHP, .NET, and JAVA applications with Acunetix’s own specific scanning techniques and feedback obtained from sensors embedded within the source. AcuSensor technology performs both methods simultaneously and once independently to achieve better and more accurate results, using its own source code analyzer and its unique scan method.

If Acunetix AcuSensor Technology is enabled, the sensor retrieves a list of all files in the web application directory. In this method, it adds files that are not found by the crawler to the crawler output.

Acunetix AcuSensor

Such files are usually not detected by a crawler because they are not accessible through a web server or are not linked through a website. Acunetix AcuSensor also analyzes files that are not accessible over the Internet, such as web.config.

After crawling and scanning files and web pages with this method, the scanner will automatically perform a series of vulnerability checks on each page you find. This is basically the same operation that a hacker performs to penetrate your system. Acunetix(Acunetix License) also analyzes each page for places where it can enter data, and subsequently tests all different input combinations. This scanning step is automatic. If AcuSensor technology is enabled, a series of additional vulnerabilities will be investigated against the launched website.

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Acunetix License

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