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ARCON License

Arcon License

ARCON is a leading IT company in the field of risk control solutions. The company offers a proprietary integrated management framework that addresses risks in various technology systems. For the past decade, ARCON has been at the forefront of innovation in risk control solutions, with its roots firmly rooted in business risk identification in industries.

ARCON License

ARCON License


The ARCON team consists of experienced professionals with industry knowledge and a strong technology background, having worked for some of the largest companies in the past. This team is fully capable of conceptualizing and presenting solutions through various interfaces. In addition, this licensed solution has one of the best risk laboratories in Europe, which contributes to research and development. At ARCON, we believe that cloud computing will bring back the era of supercomputers and virtualization will become the next keyword for large companies. One of the technological innovations in this field is risk control for emerging environments.

Arcon best features

Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM)

While the licensed ARCON PAM allows the enterprise to create a layer of security around privileged accounts by granting access rights to admin users based on a predefined access control policy, Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM) complements privileged user management with control and monitoring. on the activities of non-administrator users. Of course, in this regard, there is a need for temporary privileged access to the systems.

Work process management

The process of approving the work process is no longer tedious and long. The work process matrix makes life easier for managers. This feature makes it possible to complete the approval process for privileged users, user groups, and service groups. Service and password request process mechanism speeds up the process of assigning target servers to users.

Virtual grouping

Managing different systems by different teams while maintaining control within the teams is a complex task. The licensed ARCON provides dynamic grouping settings by creating one-to-many relationships and virtual grouping. Therefore, functional groups can be created from different systems and help facilitate relationships, responsibilities and accountability.


A control manager

No matter how large your enterprise IT infrastructure is, access to critical systems is done through an ADMIN console. A secure gateway server provides a centralized control point through which all network connections and traffic are routed for management and monitoring. ARCON license provides an integrated policy engine to provide role- and rule-based access rules to target systems.

Add users

This feature allows administrators to seamlessly add new server groups, user accounts with associated privileges. This program allows administrators to create and delete users or devices by interacting with Active Directory. By logging a user into the system, organizations can ensure that all information collected during a connection is stored in a virtual database and secured from any physical or unauthorized access.

Single sign on (SSO)

Single sign-on provides one-time access to all essential applications. The IT infrastructure consists of multiple layers of devices to access the system, which in turn leads to the creation of multiple system-administrators and creates problems. Multiple sys-admins means multiple user IDs, multiple passwords, and multiple authentication processes. The Single Sign-On feature makes it possible to overcome this challenge. This feature solves the problem of managing multiple passwords on different devices including network devices, databases, etc.

For more information, Security License

AD Bridging

Active Directory Bridging is a bridge between Linux machines and Windows AD server. This feature is a web-based application that allows users (administrators/non-administrators) to log into a LINUX system using Windows Active Directory. This automates various administrative tasks such as installing Kerberos, configuring files, and restarting services to update the configuration. In addition, it also records the activities performed on the LINUX device.

App-by-app password management

Program-to-program password management module in the ARCON solution PAM manages an application’s passwords through a single terminal in the IT infrastructure. This is an automated process where password changes are controlled and monitored by providing required details of servers, IP addresses and new passwords.

Application Gateway Server

Application Gateway Server is the only point of access to target systems. A secure gateway helps in creating an encrypted tunnel from endpoints to target devices. This feature is fully integrated into ARCON and creates an additional layer of security for open communication channels.

Monitoring communications

The ability to monitor sessions enables the IT security team to see any suspicious activity around the privileged account. The live dashboard ensures that all sensitive activities performed by administrators across the IT infrastructure are seen in real time.

Monitoring communications


This licensed tool uses an analytical platform to produce dynamic and statistical reports as well as graphics. Spection gives freedom to choose the report and view it according to individual needs. All necessary persons and elements of a report have been filtered and adjusted to prepare a dynamic report with the help of this tool.

Text and video logs

ARCON proactively secures all databases and applications as every command/query made by end users is recorded for security assessment. In this way, the security and risk assessment team seamlessly controls the privileged account lifecycle as every activity performed by privileged users is recorded in both video and text form.

Analysis of user behavior

Analytics is a deep learning based threat detection system developed by ARCON. This artificial intelligence-based technology is used to detect, predict and display anomalies in the entered data. Machine learning algorithms are used to learn each user’s behavior based on their historical data and predict risk based on activities.

Personal storage box

This tool can be used to securely store files in an encrypted format. It allows the user to share files that are available using the solution. Users can set a time limit when uploading a file, after which the file will be automatically deleted. End users with My Vault privileges can access those files as with all application privileges.

Access only when needed

Just-In-Time Privileges function in ARCON License makes all users act as standard users and not as privileged users. This function helps to implement the principle of least points. By using these privileges, an administrator can provide access to systems and applications only when needed. Points are raised for specific tasks in programs and systems.

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Arcon PAM

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Arcon UBA

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