F5 Big-IP License

F5 Big-IP License

f5 Big-IP virtual License
F5 Big-IP License

F5 Big-IP Is, Software-based application delivery services are critical to maintaining the adaptable and secure application infrastructure demanded by enterprises undergoing digital transformation. F5 accelerates your transition to the cloud and software-defined architectures with virtual application delivery platforms that provide an agile, flexible, and efficient way to deploy advanced application and security services. Many enterprises have or are planning to deploy applications across multiple cloud environments— both public and private—making it more difficult to implement advanced, consistent and compliant application services for every app in their portfolio. Furthermore, they are expanding beyond traditional monolithic applications and deploying more modern, dynamic application architectures including containers and microservices that have unique requirements. Standardizing on F5 app services accelerates migration to, and between clouds, while providing consistent and advanced services for both monolithic and modern applications running in those environments—helping you more easily support and manage your growing multi-cloud application portfolio. f5 Big-IP virtual License  editions (VEs) are the industry’s most scalable virtual application delivery controllers (vADCs)—facilitating high-performance application traffic processing across all leading hypervisors and cloud platforms—easing your transition from hardware to software. VE’s deliver all the same market-leading application delivery services—including advanced traffic management, application security, application  


acceleration, DNS, network firewalling and secure access management—that run on F5 purpose-built hardware. This similarity enables service configurations and policies from existing F5 License appliances to be reused and replicated on VE’s, simplifying cloud migrations. VE’s can easily be provisioned and configured automatically by network operators and developers alike, allowing them to be integrated within existing CI/CD pipelines and ensuring all applications are deployed with the necessary security, compliance and traffic management capabilities. When used in conjunction with F5 BIG-IQ® Centralized Management, you can rapidly create, provision, and manage application services anywhere while gaining visibility into the health and performance of your multi-cloud apps, all from a centralized point of control.


Using F Products will benefit the following for the customers:

  • Increase multi-cloud agility 

Quickly and easily spin up, spin down, or migrate application delivery services across the data center and public cloud, using instant deployment options as needed. 

  • Accelerate deployments with automation 

Automate app services insertion with F5’s Automation Toolchain. It enables declarative provisioning and configuration of BIG-IP VE 

across cloud environments and integration with automation and CI/CD tools including Ansible, Jenkins, and Terraform.

  • Optimize application and security services 

Implement robust security and traffic management services to keep your apps available, protected and compliant—regardless of deployment location.

  • Use modern application architectures 

Native integration with container orchestration environments lets you implement advanced app services that are as dynamic as your containers. 

  • Support high-performance requirements in the cloud 

Make the transition from hardware to software without the typical performance degradation issues.  

  • Gain ultimate deployment and consumption flexibility 

Deploy BIG-IP VE across the broadest array of supported hypervisor and cloud platforms with the freedom to consume through perpetual, utility, subscription, or enterprise licensing agreement (ELA).



Deploying applications in the leading public clouds gives you the flexibility and scalability you want, without the investment and capital costs associated with building out additional private data centers. Using F5 application and security services delivered by BIG-IP VEs provides the following benefits: 

  • Repeatable architectures across cloud environments—as you expand and adopt new clouds, reuse the same secure, validated, and compliant architecture to acceleratemulticloud adoption and simplify operations.  
  • Reduced tool sprawl and operational complexity—standardizing on familiar services that are cloud-agnostic makes deploying and maintaining apps across cloud environments quicker and easier.
  • Consistent levels of availability, performance, and security—provide your customers with an excellent user experience while protecting both your revenue and reputation.
  • Faster time to market—rapidly provision advanced application services when launching new applications or migrating existing applications to the public cloud. 
  • Deep integration with public cloud providers—dynamically scale out app services through integration with AWS Auto Scaling, or easily apply advanced application security with an out-ofthe-box, pre-configured web application firewall (WAF) solution in the Azure Security Center.
  • Flexible licensing models— consume with a licensing model supportive of your business requirements, whether that’s as a subscription, enterprise licensing agreement (ELA),payas-you-go, or on a perpetual-basis. 



F5® BIG-IQ® Centralized Management provides a unified point of control for your entire F5 portfolio, ensuring your finger remains on the pulse of devices, modules, and licenses—helping you deliver optimal application availability, performance, and security. It provides a single pane of glass to manage and deploy F5 devices, including key BIG-IP modules like BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM), BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM), BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM), BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM), and BIG-IP DNS as well as other F5 solutions including SSL Orchestrator, Secure Web Gateway, DDoS Hybrid Defender, WebSafe, and MobileSafe 

Use BIG-IQ Centralized Management to: 

  • Automatically back-up images and configurations. 
  • Provide role-based access control (RBAC). 
  • Obtain detailed analytics on a per-app basis.
  • Manage BIG-IP VE licenses. 
  • Ensure consistent security and traffic management policies across your infrastructure. 
  • Create, provision, and deploy new BIG-IP VE devices and app services

. • Align to modern development practices and CI/CD workflows through Automation Toolchain.  

  • Assign and manage machine identities and certificates viaVenafiintegrations. 
  • Monitor dashboards, reporting, and alerting.

BIG-IQ’s VE license management lets you automate large-scale virtual ADC deployments, including per-app VEs, in supported clouds with an F5 subscription or ELA licensing. With BIG-IQ Centralized Management, you can spin up and provision individual VE licenses from a single license pool on demand. When resource requirements decrease, you can spin down the VE and return it to the license pool for future use. 

F5 Big-IP License

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F5 Big-IP License

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