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Cisco Catalyst PLR License

Cisco Catalyst PLR License

As you know, most Cisco products require a license to work at full capacity. While many customers migrate to Cisco Smart License to register their products and use direct connection to Cisco Smart Management Software (SSM) or satellite license server.

But some customers are not satisfied with this solution. This category of customers believe that any outgoing connection compromises their network security. But Cisco has a solution for this concern. The solution is the Cisco Catalyst PLR license.

Cisco Catalyst PLR License

Why is the Cisco Catalyst PLR license required?

Some customers are not familiar with Cisco License reservation options. Permanent license reservation is a part of Cisco smart licensing solution. Using a smart license requires a smart account. Also, the product must be connected to Cisco Smart Software Management System (CSSM) or Smart Management Software (SSM on-Prem). In this way, it can be activated again and report the latest license status.

But what can some customers who have very secure internal networks with limited internet access do instead of using the license and smart software online? This is where the Cisco Permanent License Reservation or Cisco Catalyst PLRlicense comes into play.

How does the Cisco PLR license work?

Cisco Catalyst PLRlicense is a permanent solution. This license is introduced by Cisco for highly secure network architecture where all outgoing connections are restricted. In fact, to address the challenges of Cisco Smart License Online, Cisco has announced its Cisco Permanent License Reservation License or Cisco Catalyst PLR license as Smart License Offline.

A Cisco Catalyst PLR license allows you to register all product instances with all full features on an unlimited and permanent basis (no need to renew) using a reservation code provided by Cisco partners. This solution is similar to legacy PAK licenses and is available mostly for Cisco NXOS, IOS XE/XR, and Cisco Secure product lines.

In addition, since most customers still feel uncomfortable with Cisco smart licensing procedures and find the whole smart account and virtual account concepts confusing, Catalyst PLR licenses are considered an easy-to-use and intuitive solution that can be easily applied to different devices.

Additionally, it can address all Cisco Essential, Advantage, and Premier licensing concerns with different features and expiration dates by providing a single authorization code that can permanently activate all premium features.

How to apply for a Cisco Catalyst PLR license?

On most Cisco IOS/NXOS devices (latest releases), such as Cisco Catalyst switches and Cisco Nexus switches, there are a few simple CLI commands that can generate a reservation code for you. Then, customers should send the code to Cisco sales experts and receive a unique authorization code.

All features are permanently enabled by entering the code in the CLI.

In addition, Cisco security products such as Cisco Identity Service Engine or Cisco ISE, Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center or Cisco FMC, Cisco Secure Firewalls (formerly Cisco Firepower) and Cisco Firewall Threat Defiance or Cisco FTD also support Cisco PLR licenses.

Cisco Catalyst PLR License

Although Cisco Smart License requires periodic connection between devices and Cisco Smart Software Management (CSSM or SSMS), Cisco Catalyst PLR licenses offer offline, permanent, and full-featured licensing. Cisco considers these licenses as its secure product lines. Currently, customers can register Cisco Catalyst PLR licenses for Cisco Secure Firewall (formerly Cisco Firepower), Cisco Secure Firewall Device Management (formerly FDM), and Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center (formerly FMC).

To address its online Smart Licensing challenges, Cisco has announced the Cisco Perpetual License Reservation or PLR license as an Offline Smart License. With the Cisco PLR license, all the features and capabilities are activated for the customer indefinitely and permanently. Therefore, there is no need to continuously or periodically connect to CSSM or SSMS on the premises server.

For more information, Activating PLR License on IOS XE

Cisco Catalyst Switches

Cisco Catalyst switches are designed to meet the needs of rapidly evolving security threats, IoT evolution, cloud integration, and mobility. In the latest IOS XE update, Cisco Catalyst PLR license is supported on Catalyst 3000 and Catalyst 9000 switches.

Cisco Catalyst 9800 Wireless Network Controller

With support for 6 Wi-Fi, the Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controller strengthens your network and allows it to be deployed anywhere. Cisco Catalyst PLR license is available for both Cat9800 physical device and Cat980 virtual device.

Cisco CSRv Router

Designed for private and public cloud deployments, Cisco CSR1000v routers can reach their full potential using a Cisco PLR license.

Cisco Nexus Switches

 Cisco Nexus switches provide a foundation for the future with unmatched capabilities, multi-speed performance, and encryption for growing applications and data centers. Currently, most Cisco Nexus models including: Nexus 5000, Nexus 7000, Nexus 9000 support Cisco Catalyst PLR license.

Cisco PLR licenses

Cisco ASR Routers

Cisco ASR routers are feature-rich and scale economically with any bandwidth demand and support the application performance required for utility service needs. Currently Cisco ASR 900, ASR 1000 and ASR 9000 series routers support Cisco Catalyst PLR license.

Cisco ISR Routers

Cisco ISR routers transform WAN communications in the enterprise branch, ISR 1000 and ISR 4000 series routers support Cisco Catalyst PLR license.

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