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Cisco Prime Performance Manager License

Cisco Prime Performance Manager

Prime Performance Manager Licensing

Cisco Prime Performance Manager License

Cisco Prime Performance Manager is a performance management solution that provides immediate, actionable information for today’s complex carrier networks.

Product Overview

Providers know that in managing today’s multidomain, multiservice networks, slow introduction of new services and poor visibility into the quality of existing services can negatively affect business agility and customer satisfaction. Reactive troubleshooting can impede real-time service-level agreements (SLAs) and prevent future service disruptions. You need information to reduce uncertainty in capacity planning and cost management and to analyze long-term trends.

Cisco Prime Performance Manager lets you rapidly identify potential performance and reliability issues and help you efficiently deliver carrier-class voice, video, mobile, cloud, and managed services. It is a highly scalable solution that gathers detailed performance statistics for Cisco® and multivendor network devices deployed across the entire network – from subscriber access all the way to the data center (Figure 1.)

Cisco Prime Performance Manager is available as a standalone product or as an integrated component of the Cisco Prime Carrier Management suite, a comprehensive, end-to-end network management solution that drastically simplifies the design, provisioning, and management of carrier-grade networks.


When combined with Cisco Prime Network, Cisco Prime Performance Manager helps operators gain fine-grained visibility into network and service topologies along with related performance metrics. This is a powerful solution that offers both postevent fault management and information to proactively avoid future disruptions. Cisco Prime Performance Manager also easily integrates with Cisco Prime Central to provide centralized performance management and service assurance for the entire network.

Figure 1. Cisco Prime Performance Manager – Statistics Dashboard Example


Easy to deploy: Minimizes deployment time through simple and easy installation with an embedded database on a single or multiple servers.

Easy to use and manage: Provides fast access to performance reports through an intuitive web-based interface with flexible drill-down options for greater detail.

Easy to extend: Facilitates the dynamic loading of new reports, extensions to existing reports, and support for reporting on new devices (including non-Cisco equipment) through field customization.

Easy to integrate: Preintegrates with the Cisco Prime Carrier Management suite and provides Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap notifications to operations support systems (OSSs).

Fast, actionable information: Provides centralized access to essential network information through easy-to-use autodiscovery and provides instant visibility into performance issues through user-defined threshold-crossing alerts (TCAs).


Carrier-class scale without the cost: Manage up to 100,000 devices and approximately 9.7 million interfaces. Cisco Prime Performance Manager is designed for low startup and administrative costs with support for Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), Linux, VMware, and an embedded database that eliminates the need for third-party license and maintenance costs. A distributed architecture provides reliability, deployment flexibility, and horizontal scaling to grow with the network.

Flexible user-defined views: Better meet customer needs by quickly building and providing domain-specific views.

For more information, Cisco Prime License

Prepackaged reports: Generate more than 5300 prepackaged reports on a wide range of network services, technologies, and devices. Gain more visibility into the network and service performance characteristics on devices. Reports are automatically generated without the need for complex customization or configuration, reducing the total cost of ownership (Figure 2).

Data collection and processing: Standards-based data collection can be easily applied to any Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)-enabled device. Generate 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly summarized reports, available in an easy-to-use web interface and as a comma-separated value (CSV) data file that can be exported for integration with third-party OSSs.

Multitechnology support: With extensive support for a wide variety of network services, technologies, and devices, Cisco Prime Performance Manager facilitates proactive service assurance and detection of network congestion.

Figure 2. Cisco Prime Performance Manager – Prepackaged Reports Example

Detailed Features and Benefits

Table 1 provides details on the features and benefits of Cisco Prime Performance Manager.

Table 1. Cisco Prime Performance Manager Features and Benefits

Cisco Prime Performance Manager Features and Benefits

Cisco Prime Performance Manager supports the key Cisco platforms listed in Table 2. In addition, Cisco Prime Performance Manager can provide reports for any SNMP-enabled device on the network. Please refer to Cisco Prime Performance Manager Compatibility Information for the full list of devices that are supported.

Table 2. Examples of Cisco Platforms Supported

Examples of Cisco Platforms Supported

Cisco Prime Performance Manager provides a rich set of prepackaged reports based on MIBs along with capabilities to extend to generate new reports and support new devices (Table 3). New MIBs can be added and new report definitions can be dynamically loaded without requiring system restart.

Table 3. Examples of Cisco Prime Performance Manager Reports

Examples of Cisco Prime Performance Manager Reports

Cisco Prime Performance Manager Order Pricing

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