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Cisco TelePresence License

Cisco TMS
Telepresence conferences are most effective – and most often attended – when they can be set up easily. With Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS), you don’t need to be concerned with the equipment being used or where people are located. To schedule a meeting, you tell Cisco TMS which rooms you want to use and how many people will be joining the meeting. Cisco TMS will automatically book the conference rooms and necessary ports for your conference. To help invite participants, Cisco TMS integrates and searches directories and external information sources. It also integrates with Microsoft Exchange with Outlook clients so users can book Cisco video meetings using existing workflows. As a self-service solution, Cisco TMS helps lower your video conferencing costs and increase user satisfaction. Schedule, Control, and Manage Your Cisco TelePresence Conferences. Cisco TMS provides scheduling, control, and management of Cisco TelePresence conferencing and media services infrastructure plus endpoints, enabling you to improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase return on your Cisco TelePresence  investments.
Generally ،Cisco TMS simplifies network administration through powerful scheduling, configuration, and provisioning capabilities, making Cisco TMS vital to any Cisco TelePresence deployment. Take a look at these Cisco management suites in the image below:
For more information, Cisco UC License

Cisco TMS Features

  • Scalable provisioning:

    Cisco TMS offers rapid, large-scale deployments of up to 100,000 Cisco TelePresence users, endpoints, and soft clients across disparate customer locations, including up to 5,000 direct-managed endpoint and infrastructure devices.
  • Centralized administration:

    Cisco TMS automates and simplifies the management of Cisco TelePresence meetings and Cisco Telepresence infrastructure resources, reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Flexible scheduling:

    Cisco TMS makes scheduling Cisco TelePresence meetings more accessible with a range of tools including a simple and intuitive web Smart Scheduler, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook integration, and advanced booking capabilities for experienced concierge administrators.
  • Natural user experience:

    Cisco TMS reduces complexity and makes it easy for users to start and join meetings on time with One Button to Push (OBTP) for select Cisco TelePresence systems and intuitive how-to-join instructions for other participants, including one-click-to-join for people joining with Cisco® Meeting App or with Cisco WebEx® if using Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Hybrid.
  • Centralized management of all conferences, impromptu and scheduled, in real time
  • Flexible scheduling tools designed to meet the needs of basic users for quick conference creation, including integration with Microsoft Exchange for scheduling through Outlook clients and advanced conference booking options for sophisticated users
  • One-Button-to-Push (OBTP) to make it easy to join a meeting when scheduling resources on premises with Cisco Meeting Server and Cisco TelePresence Server or with Cisco WebEx Video (Cloud CMR) meetings
  • Scheduling and OBTP with the Microsoft Skype for Business Outlook add-in using Cisco Meeting Server
  • Robust and flexible phone book management that supports synchronization with a wide range of directories, including external sources for easy contact management.

Cisco TelePresence License

Cisco TMS needs specific licenses to activate certain features.

Cisco TMS Order Pricing

Cisco TMS Series try to enhance the of infrastructure and applications management in companies and corporate networks. It gives the access layer infrastructure to its trustworthy users. Indeed there are different ways to contact us and order. The customers should proceed from Cisco License price quote to order and link to our experts to give them the best information and guidance. Our experts give the accurate information to the customers to buy related products and licenses.

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Cisco TelePresence Management Suite ? Includes 10 Systems Cisco TMS
Cisco Tms ? included 10 System License Cisco TMS
Cisco Tms ? Base 10 System License Cisco TMS
Cisco Tms ? Additional 100 Direct Managed Systems Cisco TMS
Cisco Tms ? Additional 25 Direct Managed Systems Cisco TMS
Cisco Tms ? Additional 25 Direct Managed Systems Cisco TMS
Tms Management Suite ? Add 25 Systems, For Autoexpand Only Cisco…
Cisco TMSAE ? Analytics Extension Cisco TMS
Tms Serial Number included with Base Software Cisco TMS
Cisco Tms Application Integ License ? Per Server Integrated Cisco TMS
Tms Integration API for Exchange License Cisco TMS
Cisco Tms-XE Per Server (Aappint) Lic ? Included with PMP Cisco…
Cisco TMSBA -Extension Booking API ? Per 25 sys reg Cisco…
Tms 250 System License Cisco TMS
Cisco TMSXN ? Extension for IBM Lotus Notes ? Per 25 sys…
Cisco TMSXE ? Extension for MS Exchange ? Per 25 sys reg…
Network Integration Package (3rd Party, Unmanaged Bridge) Cisco TMS
TMSPE ? Add 100 Active Device Registrations Cisco TMS
TMSPE ? Add 10,000 Active Device Registrations Cisco TMS
TMSPE ? Add 100,000 Active Device Registrations Cisco TMS
TMSPE ? Add 2,000 Active Device Registrations Cisco TMS
TMSPE ? Add 25 Active Device Registrations Cisco TMS
TMSPE ? Add 500 Active Device Registrations Cisco TMS
Tms Provisioning Extension 250 System License Cisco TMS
Tms PAK for Configuration Use Cisco TMS
Tms Starter Pack Upgrade PAK Cisco TMS
Tms Starter Kit for CMS (Acano). Includes TMS 25 devices…
Tms Activation Key for Base Software Cisco TMS
Tms PAK for Configuration Use Cisco TMS
Cisco Tms WebEx Integration Cisco TMS
Cisco TelePresence Shared Multiparty Cisco TMS
TP Screen License or MCU trade-in for 1 Shared Multiparty…

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