Citrix NetScaler License

Citrix NetScaler License

Citrix NetScaler License

Citrix NetScaler is a versatile web application delivery controller (ADC) that runs applications up to five times faster. Reducing the financial costs and the traffic load of the Citrix server is one of the other benefits of using NetScaler. This licensed software assures you that the programs will always be available using the Load Balancing feature.

As of 2012, there are more than 10 million sites using NetScaler, such as Microsoft, eBay,, CNET, and MasterCard, which are among the busiest sites using Citrix NetScaler. The licensed Citrix NetScaler is in thousands of networks around the world to optimize, secure and deliver control of all enterprise and cloud services and maximize the excellent end-user experience for everyone, including mobile users.

NetScaler is available in both physical and software versions, with the software model being very popular. The software model of this solution, with its affordable cost, solves the bandwidth needs of customers using the HTTP protocol. NetScaler improves application performance by using HTTP compression and caching.

Very high security

By offloading the server and reducing the workloads of the servers, it can reduce the number of servers it needs. For this reason, it reduces hardware costs and provides the possibility of combining more servers.

Application Availability Using Load Balancing at layer 4 and 7, NetScaler can share its workload with multiple copies of an application, ensuring that none of the servers operate as a single point of failure. A good example of this would be having multiple email servers to process email or multiple SQL database servers to respond to data requests.

Special features of Citrix NetScaler

The licensed Citrix NetScaler acts as a secure gateway for all communications through Citrix License proprietary protocol, namely ICA and fully secure SSLs. Employees can use their applications by installing Citrix Receiver on any type of device, including laptops, users’ local systems, or even smartphones. This is how this software connects to NetScaler through SSL Tunnel. The only entry point for users will be created through Store Front, which will be connected to all enterprise applications very quickly and efficiently. The important point of this connection is the removal of additional components and software, which will be destroyed through the activation of SSL connection, and this means a safe and secure connection.

NetScaler provides full monitoring and analysis for XenApp and XenDesktop users for applications through HDX Insight. It also allows you to quickly and easily get answers to your operational and strategic questions. This software also has flexibility for web applications and XenApp and XenDesktop. Real-time and historical reporting, end-to-end monitoring for HDX traffic, is another HDX Insight service. Gateway Insight will give you the ability to view user logs as well as reasons for not logging into the NetScaler Gateway.

The Netscaler monitor part for Store Front is deployed completely separately as an application on an external server and will be able to monitor XenApp and XenDesktop applications. Citrix NetScaler for Citrix solutions will help you step by step to properly install and configure NetScaler in your network.

Netscaler provides support for Micro-VPN and mobile applications for users. This use of VPN is an iOS feature that allows designated applications to access a single tunnel. Micro VPN is required in NetScaler to protect the data of mobile applications and Android, IOS, Windows Phone operating systems, providing an individual tunnel with different endpoints for each managed application.

citrix netscaler

NetScaler is one of the Citrix products and an application switch that intelligently manages the traffic analysis of enterprise applications. Distributing, optimizing and securing network traffic (layer 4 and 7) for web applications is a feature of the licensed Citrix NetScaler. For example, Load Balancing of communication databases in HTTP Requests instead of long-term TCP disconnection increases the speed of the server with less disturbances, a set of extensive features of NetScaler classification.

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