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Citrix SD-WAN License

Citrix SD-WAN

Citrix SD-WAN License

Citrix SD-WAN can be run virtually for all critical services of organizations. Using this software, due to flexible, secure and automated connection and operation, digital transformation in financial institutions can be accelerated. With this software, you can receive very useful services in the field of network monitoring, and the important point is that you can also greatly customize these services.

To maintain stronger relationships between organizations and companies with users, organizations must allow users to perform their transactions using the communication channels they want. Channels such as office branches and other ways that should act as an extension of the company brand. This requires an integrated approach that ensures the uptime and reliability of critical applications for the business. Organizational applications must remain secure on the network, even in challenging situations. This increases employee productivity and improves the quality of service to users.

Citrix SD-WAN features for organizations

Citrix SD-WAN License software has many benefits for financial services organizations. Through this platform, these organizations can optimize and secure applications and desktops through any network connection, to any device, and improve the quality of service provided to the user. Here are some of the features that Citrix SD-WAN and its licenses give to IT teams responsible for managing the financial services environment.

  • High security.
  • By replacing expensive hardware with smart software, you will save money.
  • Ability to provide software services, monitoring and troubleshooting in branches without wasting time.
  • Prioritize and allocate traffic to the network in relation to the importance and configurations performed by network administrators, which improve software performance, increase user satisfaction and reduce employee performance delays.
  • They greatly enhance the security of applications and data over the WAN and the Internet.
  • Ensure reliable uptime and high quality services for data and applications without having to spend a lot of money on the network and its infrastructure.
  • With this software and its license, you can ensure that the self-repair feature with Failover in less than a second is available for critical applications, including VoIP and Unified-Communications-a-Service or UCaaS.
  • By focusing on network management and security, it grows the organization and due to the many capabilities that this software has, it can reduce the need for employees to be physically present in the local network.

In general, with centralized management, Citrix SD-WAN licenses help companies improve network performance and provide better services by using simplicity in network performance and better management of applications.

In-person and face-to-face services by Citrix SD-WAN

Although digital channels have revolutionized financial transactions, they have not eliminated the need for face-to-face services. Usually, when clients have complex and sensitive financial or insurance tasks that require them to provide their sensitive data, they prefer to work face-to-face and ensure that the steps are done correctly.

To grow the business, differentiate the brand and deepen the loyalty of the users, it is very important to provide face-to-face and personalized services. For this reason, many organizations and companies providing financial and insurance services, etc., have considered several branches to provide services to clients in person. With the use of Citrix SD-WAN license, there is no need to install expensive equipment for each branch, and by using this software, these activities can be expanded as much as possible.

SD-WAN license

To provide services to users in an integrated and efficient manner, employees in designated branches to handle face-to-face referrals must have secure access to data and applications critical to each device and network for the business. IT teams must also quickly develop relevant applications such as payment processing platforms, business platforms, and financial messaging systems.

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Ability to manage data from any place and time

First and foremost, these are the applications that empower organizations and companies. Enterprise applications are implemented in the datacenter and run in the cloud, so that these applications are virtualized or provided as a service.

With this increasing complexity, secure delivery of applications has become more critical and challenging than ever before. Organizational traffic may pass through a central hub, whether applications are hosted in a private datacenter or on cloud drives. This approach can drastically reduce the performance of applications and lead to results such as reduced call quality to the interruption of virtual sessions.

For IT teams, lack of a centralized management console means user dissatisfaction and wasted time investigating the root causes of system problems. With the introduction of new applications, the need for more bandwidth also increases. Preparing and implementing older WAN technologies, such as Multiprotocol Label Switching or MPLS, is difficult, costly, inflexible, and time consuming.

The complexity of these technologies can make them unpredictable for employees and customers and, as a result, cause customer dissatisfaction. This is where having a management software that provides visibility to the WAN and virtual meetings can be very important and vital, and in addition to meeting the needs of the organization, also reduce costs.

Maintain adaptability and security

Because the financial services industry deals with a lot of data, sensitive data belonging to companies and users is recorded, processed, transmitted and stored in ways that are more common than ever before. The very existence of fragmented data makes security and adaptability a top priority for the IT team and network administrators. With the growth of any organization and the transfer of applications to drive clouds, controlling and protecting sensitive data locally becomes increasingly critical.

Citrix license

In addition, encryption and decryption tools used to secure the organization’s existing data transmissions put more strain on servers and WANs. New user access points that have been created on the network, such as mobile applications and virtual answering machines, also require an Internet access point, application prioritization, and the ability to exchange sensitive files with users securely. To manage risk, specific policies must be set for the system. Policies such as:

  • Encrypt data on the WAN and the Internet
  • Separate sensitive and important data from the rest of the network
  • Simply send traffic to web gateways or next-generation firewalls for review

Citrix SD-WAN Order Pricing

Customers can order various Citrix software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

Citrix SD-WAN License

Customers are able to get more information about different Citrix licenses from our sales specialists.

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