Citrix SD-WAN License

Citrix Workspace License
Citrix SD-WAN License

Citrix SD-WAN

Solution overview Citrix SD-WAN delivers the reliable, highperformance user experience to your distributed workforce needs to do their best work anywhere. With Citrix SD-WAN, you can simplify your hybrid multicloud initiatives by optimizing applications and automating connectivity. Easily deploy robust security capabilities where you need them. And choose from the broadest choice in security with a unified security service and integration with third-party best-of-breed firewalls.

A single cloud-based user interface makes it simple to manage your WAN, configure security policies, and monitor and prioritize applications. Citrix SD-WAN gives you the most flexibility with a range of physical and virtual form factors, you can deploy SD-WAN in public clouds, data centers, branches and home offices. Citrix SD-WAN is a core capability of the Citrix unified approach to SASE (secure access service edge) along with zero-trust network access and cloud-delivered security for secure, reliable access to all applications anywhere from any device

Citrix SD-WAN components

The Citrix SD-WAN solution consists of three main components:

  • Cloud-hosted (or on-premises) orchestrator for centralized policy management and visibility
  • Physical, virtual, branch, home and data center appliances
  • Three software editions
Citrix SD-WAN License

Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator

Citrix SD-WAN License Orchestrator is a cloud-hosted (or on-premises), multi-tenant management service available to Do-It-Yourself enterprises and Citrix partners. The Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator Network dashboard (Figure 1) provides a bird’s-eye view of an organization’s SD-WAN network in terms of health and usage across all the sites. The dashboard captures a summary of the network-wide alerts, uptime of the overlay and underlay paths, highlights usage trends, and provides a global view of the network. Application-centric policies: Application based traffic steering, Quality of Service (QoS), and Firewall policies, configurable globally or per site.

Physical and virtual form factors

The Citrix SD-WAN hardware appliances support the different Citrix SD-WAN editions, common hardware components, and virtual appliance information. The various Citrix SD-WAN hardware platforms offer a wide range of features, virtual paths, and throughput. Citrix SD-WAN software supports all Citrix SD-WAN hardware platforms. Citrix SD-WAN VPX (virtual form factor) is available as a virtual instance in major cloud market places (Azure, AWS, GCP) and as BYOL.

Citrix SD-WAN License

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Subscription*Available for Standard, Advanced and Premium Editions.

  • Zero-capacity hardware
  • Software subscription
  • One or three-year terms
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Cloud Direct optional add-on license
  • Orchestrator entitlement included and available
  • for Standard, Advanced, and Premium editions
  • CSS Select-level support included

Why Citrix SD-WAN

  • Gartner #1 for Application Experience Optimization
  • Rock-Solid Experience for Citrix Apps and Desktops
  • Comprehensive Security
  • All Gartner ‘Core’ & ‘Recommended’ SASE Capabilities
  • Unified Cloud-Hosted Management
  • Cloud-hosted single-pane-of-glass networking & security
  • Reliable, Resilient Connectivity
  • Over any type of connectivity to cloud, SaaS and virtual apps
  • Consistent Hybrid Work Models
  • For execs, heavy-data users, call center reps, ad-hoc workspaces

Enhance workforce experience

Citrix SD-WAN helps connect a hybrid workforce to business applications. Home workers can leverage additional bandwidth and IT gains visibility into the entire network. Critical workers such as power users, execs and call center reps have redundancy and resiliency. Adding network redundancy greatly reduces the risk of outages as a single link, even with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), can still experience congestion and outages. Improve real-time traffic performance for voice and video that is sensitive to congested networks, latency and jitter can stop robotic voice, audio dropouts, poor video and dropped calls. End-to-end network policy control, management and visibility reduces downtime. Citrix SD-WAN License ensures your hybrid workforce is always secure, connected, and engaged

Simplify transition to multicloud

Citrix SD-WAN extends the network into IaaS/PaaS clouds where traditional WAN architectures were not designed for the cloud and assumed applications lived in the data center protected by a security perimeter.

Routing cloud-destined traffic through the data center’s security stack increases latency and network hops and the requires more costly bandwidth to handle this additional traffic. Citrix SD-WAN provides consistent WAN administration across major clouds and speeds up site rollouts while lowering transport costs.

Accelerate journey to SASE

The shift to SaaS and cloud necessitates direct internet access as backhauling is inefficient and results in a degraded user experience. Network and security integration at the edge protects the user experience while preventing threats from entering through the network. Citrix SD-WAN along with Citrix Secure Internet Access secures direct internet access at the branch and remote user to threats from an increased attack surface. Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator integrates management of Citrix SD-WAN and security as a cloud-delivered service allowing users to truly work from anywhere. The unified approach is built on a global cloud architecture.

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