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Citrix Workspace License

Citrix WorkSpace

Citrix is a multinational software company headquartered in the United States. The company operates in the field of virtualization of servers, software, networks and cloud computing technologies.

Citrix was founded in 1989 in Texas by Ed Lacobucci. Citrix first started with the development of remote access software for Microsoft operating systems, and then it became more important with thin client technology. Between 2005 and 2012, with the expansion of desktop and server virtualization, with the development of cloud computing, more revenue was generated by this company.

Citrix produces software that allows the user to cooperate remotely with companies and organizations without the need for a network of special equipment.

Citrix WorkSpace

Citrix Productions

Some of the company’s products are about desktops and software. These tools allow you to access Windows desktops and software independently, regardless of equipment. Citrix XenApp, software virtualization operations, and Citrix XenDesktop, VDI-in-a-box, and XenClient all perform desktop virtualization operations.

DesktopPlayer for Mac allows you to access Windows desktops online and offline from a Mac.

Citrix products in the field of network and cloud include very good software, which we will mention in the following:

  • GW
  • ADC
  • Citrix Xen
  • Server Server
  • Virtualization Netscaler
  • Software-Defined WAN
  • AppFirewall web application

Another product made by this company is Citrix WorkSpace software.

Benefits of implementing Citrix WorkSpace in organizations

As mentioned, Citrix is an American software company operating in the field of servers and computer networks, remote control systems and cloud computing. The company also provides unique identification software, application servers, computer terminals, proprietary software, virtualization and network virtualization software.

    • It is possible to provide access to software for remote users
    • It is possible to access Windows software in various operating systems such as Linux, Apple Macintosh, Android, BlackBerry etc., in this program
    • It is possible to access the system software, from anywhere and anytime with the help of Citrix Workspace License.
    • Using this software is very simple and easy, and it is also possible to print and use printers or other computer peripherals such as scanners or barcode readers on the network.
    • Since Citrix does all the work, users of this software do not need to install applications and configure them. This means that with the help of Citrix, data security is increased and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.
    • Online or offline applications such as financial and accounting applications are possible.
    • Avoid buying multiple software licenses and buying servers and hardware for each branch of the organization (this is the main reason for buying a Citrix license).
For more information, Citrix License

Citrix Workspace License

  • Strong management capabilities to control access levels and users’ use of software to reduce security risks.
  • Due to the optimality of this software, it is possible to use software on computers with poor hardware specifications.
  • It is possible to make several remote applications available to users with the help of Citrix. In this case, authorized users will have access to their applications through only one console.
  • Very good quality and connection speed, in the remote use of software and network equipment
  • It is possible to use applications on computers where it is not possible to install the application software directly due to incompatibility with the operating system or hardware, with the help of Citrix.
  • There are various ways to access user software through various Citrix plugins.
  • Ability to compress data packets and avoid sending and receiving unnecessary data, which in turn leads to the use of the least bandwidth.
  • To update the software, you no longer need to refer to each client, but only the Citrix server update is enough.
  • Increase the level of cooperation and work routines if you buy and use Citrix
  • Obvious reduction of network, server and client support load for network administrators and network experts
  • Economic efficiency and added value for the organization if you use Citrix XenApp

How to use Citrix WorkSpace?

In the Citrix-based networks, users can use system web browser software to connect and run all web-based software without different locational restrictions. Various softwares are available using these Citrix-licensed networks. Of course, for using Citrix WorkSpace License on mobile, tablet and various computer operating systems, various tools have been considered. So using a web browser is just one of them.

Citrix products

After some time of activity, Citrix launched its first product called Citrix MultiUser. But unfortunately, due to the lack of support from Microsoft, it could not be successful and was not welcomed by the public. For this reason, Citrix could not make significant profit and income until around 1995. But soon after, with the support of several investors and companies such as Microsoft and Intel in Citrix, this company was able to continue its work.

Citrix Workspace License

Netware Access Server

In 1993, Citrix purchased a product called Netware Access Server (which ran under DOS) from a company called Novell. Novell is currently a subsidiary of Micro Focus. This product had the same functionality as Microsoft’s Terminal Service or Remote Desktop. In fact, in Netware, users were allowed to access their software and desktop remotely.


By working on this product and making changes to it, Citrix launched a new product called WinView. WinView software is actually known as the first successful product of Citrix. In less than 30 years, Citrix has perfected its activities and introduced various products in all fields of virtualization and cloud computing to the market. Without a doubt, XenApp is one of the most successful licensed products of Citrix.

How Citrix Workspace functions.

Citrix Workspace gathers and unifies Citrix Cloud services, giving your end users (subscribers) unified access to all of the resources available to them in a single resource location. Because you “subscribe” employees to the services you make available to them through their workspaces, end users of Citrix Workspace are known as subscribers.

The Citrix Workspace user interface (UI) provides subscribers with a comprehensive, unified view of every resource you make available to them through these services.

Through the Citrix Workspace app, which takes the place of Citrix Receiver, subscribers can access the services that you configure and enable in the workspace configuration.

The primary identity provider that you set up in Identity and Access Management and then enable in Workspace Configuration is used by subscribers to log into their workspaces. When a cloud-hosted service is purchased for Citrix Workspace, the subscriber is then automatically authenticated. This helps to improve security and lessen usability issues.

Citrix Workspace Order Pricing

Customers can order various Citrix software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

Citrix Workspace License

Customers are able to get more information about different Citrix licenses from our sales specialists.

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