Citrix Workspace License

 Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace License

Citrix Workspace is the future of work it’s a single, secure intelligent work platform that organizes, guides, and automates the most important information that people need. This speeds decision-making and collaboration in the context of work.


Employees navigate too much complexity—too many apps across different devices and platforms, too many passwords, and content in multiple locations. All of this can negatively impact the employee experience.

  • Citrix Workspace streamlines workflows, serving as an interface between information in legacy systems, on-premises systems, and SaaS systems.
  • Search capabilities allow users to to search for relevant information across all files and apps


Today’s work environment is full of irrelevant notifications, sequentially sorted emails in overflowing inboxes, and numerous applications that require context switching.

  • Citrix Workspace presents content seamlessly in an intelligent feed that enables employees to become more engaged with their work and less frustrated by complexity.
  • Event-driven and user-initiated tasks that are personalized and relevant are delivered to users.
  • Employees can collaborate anywhere, on any device, with tools such as Microsoft Teams.

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Complex workflows between apps cause employees to spend too much time doing work that has little business value.

  • Reducing the number of logins, clicks, and swipes simplifies workflows and leads to fewer support tickets for forgotten passwords.
  • Citrix Workspace uses machine learning to streamline routine tasks and help users find the right information from their connected systems of record.
  • Virtual assistance automates repetitive tasks for queries such as, “How many PTO days do I have?” or “What is the status of my PO?”

Citrix Workspace securely delivers at every layer of the workspace technology stack, including industry-leading solutions for endpoint management, content collaboration, access control, virtual apps and desktops, workspace intelligence, and analytics. This gives IT end-to-end visibility and control.



Citrix Workspace License

Citrix Workspace License

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