F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition License

BIG-IP Virtual Editions

f5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition License

F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition License



Software-based application delivery services are critical to maintaining the adaptable and secure application infrastructure demanded by enterprises undergoing a digital transformation. F5 can help your transition to cloud and software-defined architectures with virtual application delivery platforms that provide an agile, flexible, and efficient way to deploy advanced application and security services. In addition, many enterprises have or are planning to deploy applications in multiple clouds, both public and private. Standardizing on F5 app services results in faster cloud deployments, architectural flexibility, and effective, consistent security across application workload environments. F5 BIG-IP virtual editions (VEs) are virtual application delivery controllers (vADCs) that can be deployed on all leading hypervisors and cloud platforms running on commodity servers. BIG-IP VEs deliver all the same market-leading application delivery services including advanced traffic management, acceleration, DNS, firewall, and access management that run on F5 purpose-built hardware. VE software images are downloadable and portable between on-premises virtualized data center, public cloud, and private cloud environments. With BIG-IP virtual editions and F5 BIG-IQ Centralized Management solutions, you can rapidly provision consistent application services across the data center and into the cloud.

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Key Benefits

  • Deploy with increased agility

Quickly and easily spin up, spin down, or migrate application delivery services in and across the data center and public cloud, using instant deployment options as needed.

  • Achieve automation and orchestration in cloud architectures

Automate deployment and configuration or integrate with leading orchestration frameworks in cloud or software-defined networking (SDN) environments through cloud solution templates, REST APIs, and granular programmability.

  • Optimize application and security services

Rapidly provision and consolidate application services on your existing servers, unlocking the broadest feature density through flexible licensing models that align to your business needs.

  • Provide the ultimate in flexibility

Get the most flexible deployment options in the industry, with support across all major virtualization and container platforms for both  private and public cloud environments

Primary Cloud Scenarios

BIG-IP virtual editions (VEs) can be used to deliver a consistent set of advanced application services in all three primary cloud scenarios: private cloud/software-defined data center (SDDC), public cloud, and multi/hybrid cloud as described below.

Private Cloud Using Software-Defined Architectures

Enterprises are migrating to private cloud/SDDCs to achieve agility, application time to market, and to provide control to application owners and developers via a self-service portal or catalog. A private cloud or SDDC using F5 application services is ideal for speeding application deployments, enabling dynamic changes in the data center, and matching infrastructure services to workloads using a per-app model. F5 products and solutions integrate with the leading private cloud technology platforms, including OpenStack, VMware, Cisco, and Microsoft Azure Stack. F5 provides cloud solution templates and supports open source tools, such as Heat, Ansible, and open-vm-tools to orchestrate and automate the deployment of app delivery and security services.

F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition License


BIG-IP Virtual Edition Order Pricing

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BIG-IP Virtual Edition License

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