FindFace License


FindFace License
FindFace License


FindFace is a face recognition technology developed by the Russian company NtechLab that specializes in neural network tools. The company provides a line of services for the state and various business sectors based on FindFace algorithm. Previously, the technology was used as a web service that helped to find people on the VK social network using their photos. 

 Our solutions see people. They are imperceptible, fast, and accurate, capable of identifying a person in a crowd in a fraction of a second. They know your customers before they enter the store, or ensure a safe, document-free airplane boarding. We treat biometric data carefully without storing or transferring it, and work exclusively on our client’s premises. 

When it comes to facial recognition technology and security license, being average doesn’t cut it. NtechLab is constantly hard at work honing the speed and accuracy of its face recognition software and delivering high-end products that have already surpassed the creations of many major developers. FindFace has been acknowledged as the top-performing facial recognition software by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the United States Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA). NtechLab has also proven its silhouette tracking expertise taking the 3rd place in the Wider Pedestrian Challenge, sponsored by Amazon and SenseTime. 

FindFace License


FindFace Security detects faces in a video stream in real time, accurately counts people, checks faces against monitoring lists, sends notifications when matches are detected and provides informative statistical reports. A sophisticated algorithm, wide range of applications, user-friendly interface and fast implementation make the product ideal for government and enterprise security tasks. 


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