FindFace License

FindFace License


Creating a comfortable and safe urban environment is of utmost importance. FindFace License facial biometrics plays a vital role in solving this task. On the one hand, FindFace allows city authorities to collect big data essential for city planning. On the other hand, it ensures the city safety, assisting law enforcement agencies in identifying offenders, locating criminals at large, and spotting missing people.

FindFace provides safety in megapolices of Russia, CIS, Asia, Latin America, and Middle East.

< 1 second

face identification speed in video

unlimited number of cameras


video face detection rate

FindFace License

Smart City with FindFace

The Smart City concept, with intelligent video analytics as one of its essentials, has become the basis of public security around the world.

Feel safe with FindFace


The identity of the offender may be unknown but the police may have his/her image at its disposal. A photo or video, taken from the crime scence, ATM camera, or video surveillance system, is enough to productively experdite the investigration. Instantly spot the offender`s location, track their everyday routes and social relations, and detect alleged accomplices.


Every year all over the world , millions of people go missing, and most of them do in an urban environment. In the search for missing, every minute counts. In a fraction of a second, FindFace determines the last known places of stay and movement route of the wanted person, identifies their companions, and narrow the search area.


When holding mass events,nothing can be more important than the task of early detection of individuals posing a threat to public security. FindFace Video Analytics in a fraction second recognizes and identifies wanted criminals in the crowd and notifying police officers, allowing them to take preventive measures on time.


Railways, airports,sea and river ports, subway, train stations, and public ground transport are not only means of transportation for intruders and terrorists but are also likely targets for their attacks. In this regard, the task of ensuring the safety of transport infrastructure facilities is of critical importance. Discover how FindFace Video Analytics helps solve transport security problems.


The FindFace intellectual video analytics system plays a key role when it comes to the “ city big data “ , recording information about the crowded places passability and the audience`s socio-demographic characteristics. This data is essential in terms of city plannig, sustainability, organizing the work of police and public services, strategic management of the urban public transport network,effective spending, and soving other daily task of the urban community.

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