HP Configuration Management

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  • Last updated on: 16 Mar 2018

Configuration Management

This comprehensive set of CMDB tools collects, stores, manages, updates, and presents data about software and infrastructure services configuration so you can lower costs and mitigate risk.

Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB)

Use Automated Service Modeling—based on an entry point such as a URL—to invoke top down discovery of your service models. Store, control, and manage software and infrastructure components to simplify change control and avoid costly service disruptions.


Real-Time Event Discovery

Ensure you are accurately mapping changes in cloud environments with real-time discovery of events with Universal Discovery. Learn More.

Automated Discovery

More than 180 out-of-the-box discovery patterns to offer reduced time to value and increased efficiency for your IT processes.

Single Point of Entry

Analyze data on all core IT processes through a single interface. The Universal CMDB Browser provides an easily accessible and high quality experience on tablets and all web browsers.

Configuration Management

See what’s going on with your system configuration. HPE Universal CMDB Configuration Manager (UCMDB CM) makes it easy for you to find out if change requests were accurately carried out and identify IT waste or standards drift.

Automated Service Modeling

Bring together all the data you need to support your CMS initiative. More than 30 out-of-the-box integrations can pull data from a variety of vendors to help you create a comprehensive solution.

Integrated CMS Solution

Increase service quality across your entire service management lifecycle with this integrated HPE portfolio of CMS software plus worldwide services, enablement, and support.



Understanding Configuration Management System

CMS brings together these key capabilities—Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB—to provide a comprehensive configuration management solution.


Get timely and up-to-date data about software, infrastructure, and applications configuration and their relationships across your systems.

Automate discovery and dependency mapping to simplify and accelerate impact analysis, reduce business downtime, improve visibility, and cut operational expenses.


Integrate all elements of your system using a wide choice of out-of-the-box integrations for a comprehensive configuration management environment.

Make More Effective Decisions and Control Changes

Leverage a comprehensive set of tools to collect, store, manage, update, and present data about IT services configuration items and their relationships. It includes Universal Discovery (UD) and a federated configuration management database (CMDB)

CMS Components

Reconcile data from multiple discovered and federated sources into one data set, and transform data into actionable information by using UCMDB Configuration Manager. Acquire and maintain application and IT infrastructure data for UCMDB by using Universal Discovery (UD) software and its rich, constantly updated content.


Create Service Models Faster

Save time by automating service modeling. Watch this feature demo to see how it makes creating business models easier and faster, helps minimize the learning curve, offloads administrator workload, and models accurately using discovery framework.


Service Orientation Across All IT Divisions

To move quickly on new opportunities, Germany’s Continental AG needed to encourage collaboration, share information, and roll-out process best practices. It got it all from a new CMS solution that gives it a single source of data for the entire business.