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HP DataProtector License

HP Data Protector Software 

HP DataProtector License

HP DataProtector License

Distributed big data has become such a strong force that it is causing IT to transform how they operate. Unique to data protection is that in most environments it is the only solution that spans across all data types, applications, locations and organizational departments.

Managing the rapidly growing data and applications across a range of deployments requires you to consider a number of challenges. For instance, how do you protect critical information on remote locations across the globe without deploying multiple point solutions? How do you ensure compliance with laws and regulations while keeping your cost under control? How do you meet stringent SLAs and eliminate backup windows while keeping backup and recovery process simple and straightforward? How do you protect mission critical applications in virtual environments while keeping your virtual servers operating at their full potential? 

How you manage these challenges, could have a significant impact on the strategic and tactical performance of your organization. With HP DataProtector License , you can seamlessly protect and harness data wherever it resides—from the edge of the network to the datacenter to the disaster recovery site, and across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. 

HP Data Protector is helping more than 45,000 customers worldwide, including nearly half the Global 500, safeguard the information driving their businesses. From a single pane of glass, HP Data Protector License allows you to efficiently protect your distributed big data, instantly recover your mission-critical applications, and turn your backup data repository into an information advantage. 

Designed to support the world’s largest and heterogeneous enterprise environments, a single Data Protector instance can protect thousands of clients, 100s of billions of files, and run 100 thousand sessions per day. Its high-performing backup capabilities can scale to deliver 140 TB/HR of throughput in a single session. 

Breakthrough Scalability to meet Big Data Backup Demands 

HP Autonomy is excited to announce the latest release of HP Data Protector License, taking the scalability and performance of backup and recovery to a completely new level. 

HP Data Protector 8 delivers: 

  • Breakthrough scalability and performance to meet the distributed big data backup needs 
  • Support for new HP  storage products with integration across a continuum of protection options 
  • StoreOnce deduplication enhancements with new capabilities and additional platform support 
  • Enhanced Snapshot Integration for 3PAR StoreServ 
  • Advanced VMware recovery options including new features and enhancements to simplify the protection of a large VMware environment 
  • Extended platform coverage 
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HP Data Protector Features  

Standardized protection: Unified, scalable architecture for centralized management across physical and virtual environments, multiple operating systems  and varied business applications. 

Application-consistent recovery: Powerful business application integrations extend backup, automated point-in-time recovery, and granular restores, enabling self-service for application owners. 

Advanced virtual server protection: Comprehensive hypervisor integrations and support deliver strong VM protection inheritance, tiered recovery, process automation, analytics and visualization of virtual environments. 

Storage efficiency: Built-in-compression, federated deduplication, storage management and analytics, combine to give organizations increased scalability, cost-efficiency and IT utilization. 

Cloud as storage tier: Native and gateway integrations offer scalable, cost-efficient capacity expansion for greater IT agility with reduced admin costs. 

Automated DR: Data Protector delivers: centralized bare-metal recovery from physical to physical, physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, and virtual to physical, from any backup set at no additional cost. 

Information retention: Simplify compliance and data retention via automated retention and replication management across different backup media, storage tiers, and locations. 


HP Data Protector Managers 

For multi-site operations, the Data Protector Manager-of-Managers (MoM) allows distribution of control to local administrators while maintaining the ability to set overall policies and monitoring the entire enterprise backup environment from a central point. As a result, corporate policies can be implemented without diminishing local control and responsibility, while data protection and storage management costs do not change.The figure above shows multiple Data Protector “Cells,” which are also referred to as domains.

Each Cell has one Cell Manager system where the essential Data Protector software is installed and from which all backup and restore activities are managed. Several Data Protector Cells can be grouped together, configured and managed from a central Cell. The Cell Manager of this central Cell is the MoM.Using the MoM interface allows customers to scale a Data Protector backup environment to include hundreds of Disk Agents and Media Agents.

In this way, the Cell Manager of the central Cell becomes the MoM, and the Data Protector Cells become the MoM clients.Available as an optional extension to HP DataProtector License, MoM enables virtually unlimited growth of the backup environment. New cells can be added or existing ones split. A MoM environment does not require a reliable network connection from Data Protector Cells to the central MoM Cell, because only controls are sent over the long distance connections, and backups are performed locally within each Data Protector Cell.Customers may decide to split large environments into multiple Cells for a number of reasons: 

  • Geographical grouping of systems 
  • Logical grouping of systems; for example, departments 
  • Slow network connection between some systems 
  • Performance considerations 
  • Separate administrative control 
HP DataProtector License

HP DataProtector Order Pricing

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HP DataProtector License

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