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Due to the increasing threats to data and resources, security and protection of network information is important for companies. By using the available licenses, more facilities can be used to upgrade the security system and other applications.

Cyber-attacks, virus creation and distribution, the use of web-based attacks, etc. are all events that may threaten your important and security information. The licenses that HP (HPE: Hewlett Packard Enterprise) offers to the market at different intervals and with the introduction of new devices, protect your company against all risks.

HP offers licenses at three different levels to make it easier for users to categorize and manage their network needs. These three levels all have the same basis and the only difference is in the more advanced features and access they provide to users. HP industry standard servers can be optimized for the business environment using a variety of licenses provided by HP.

This company has extensive activities in the field of production of servers and network equipment. In fact, it can be said that the HPE brand is known as the largest manufacturer in the world and its products can be seen in many data centers in the world. HPE servers and systems can be considered among the best-selling network products that have a very high reputation. So far, this brand has had many activities in the field of producing blade servers, standing servers, scalable servers and compressible servers, each of which has its own unique applications and capabilities for commercial companies.

Three different levels of HPE Licenses

The three mentioned levels of HP licenses are as follows:

  1. iLO standard
  2. iLO advanced
  3. iLO advanced premium security edition

The iLO advanced premium security edition license is not available on the previous generation servers that were previously released and we do not have the ability to run this license on them. It should be noted that this license was introduced along with the 10th generation servers of HP Company.

What is the difference between HPE Licenses?

As mentioned, there are three different license levels for HP products that users can take advantage of depending on their needs and security level. Note that in the company’s servers, iLO standard license is the default license, and if you want to use more services and features, you must apply for iLO advanced and iLO advanced premium security edition licenses.

HPE Licenses

iLO Advanced License Features

In iLO advanced, there are many capabilities for network users to use. Among the features and capabilities that this license provides for its users, the following can be mentioned:

  1. iLO amplifier
  2. Virtual media
  3. iLO federation
  4. Remote console
  5. Directory services
  6. Remote system logs
  7. Arcsight unique connector
  8. CAC 2-factor Authentication
  9. Kerberos 2_factor Authentication

In line with the unique features mentioned, HP has also introduced an application called “HPE one view” (we will talk more about this software in a separate article) that allows you to easily manage and monitor your

 servers. Access and use of this application will be possible on your computer system and even mobile phone, but you should know that to use this feature, you need to have an iLO advanced license.

Remote Console Feature

Using this feature, you can connect to the server remotely. Of course, the iLO standard also has the Remote console feature, with the difference that it gives you remote access until the operating system has started, and after the operating system starts, your connection to the server Will be cut off. Therefore, using iLO advanced, you will be able to use the console remotely whenever you want.

Remote System Logs Feature

Using this feature, activities within the network can be stored remotely elsewhere.

Directory Services Feature

Another of the many iLO advanced license features that can be mentioned is the Directory services feature, which can be integrated with the active directory and define users who enter ilo as user credentials in the active directory.

Virtual Media Feature

This feature allows you to mount your desired media, such as; (DVD, USB) to your server. Normally when you want to install your operating system on the server, you insert a DVD or USB on which the operating system is stored and then boot the server.

The virtual media feature allows you to avoid these exhausting steps when installing the operating system or any required application. This means you can remotely mount the DVD or USB connected to your laptop to the server.

iLO Amplifier Feature

This feature is used to update server firmware remotely.

iLO Federation Feature

It is another feature that we can use only with an iLO advanced license. In general, the iLO federation feature allows you to manage the rest of the servers in the data center through one of the servers.

iLO Federation Feature

iLO advanced premium security edition license capabilities

Capabilities of this license include the highest level of encryption, continuous and uninterrupted execution of commands, operating system authentication, secure memory clearing and secure data recovery.

Also, other features and capabilities that HP License provides us can include the following:

Secure Data erase

If you want to transfer your server to another unit, person or company, you can use this feature to delete all the data and settings you had on your server and make sure that they can no longer be recovered.

Automatic secure recovery

This very important feature allows you to have the server automatically recover and restart if your server firmware is attacked by viruses, etc. and disrupts network and server activity.

Run time FW validation

This feature is available in the iLO advanced premium security edition license. Using it, it automatically validates all firmwares and checks the firmware version to make sure that no cyber-attacks occur.

As it is clear from the mentioned features, using HPE License strengthens your system’s ability to deal with off-network risks and can in addition to increasing the maneuverability of network administrators and users, provide a strong barrier against possible risks.

HP Order Pricing

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HP License

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