HP Performance Manager

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  • Last updated on: 16 Mar 2018

Performance Manager

HP Performance Management Software products deliver a powerful system resource and performance management solution. HP system performance tools have led the industry for years, providing 24×7 monitoring, consistent cross-platform metrics, bottleneck analysis, and drill-down capability for heterogeneous server environments.

Meet your performance management challenges

Today’s computing environments can be not only large and complex but also difficult and costly to administer. What system resources are needed by an application? Where is the performance bottleneck? Are your end-user response times acceptable? Are service levels being met? Can you view baselines and forecast for growth? The HP Performance products provide answers to these questions. These complementary software products help you achieve end-to-end resource management by providing a single interface for centrally monitoring, analyzing, and forecasting resource utilization for distributed multi-vendor environments.

With HP Performance products you can:

• Help optimize your investment in infrastructure.

• Resolve problems proactively and increase performance.

The HP Performance Agent collects and logs performance metrics for historical analysis and uses this measurement data to detect exception conditions. Exception conditions (alarms) can be based on individual metrics or combinations of metrics and can be defined using both thresholds and duration, allowing proactive detection of problems. For example, an exception condition could be defined as occurring when a client/server application’s response time exceeds a predefined threshold or when CPU usage remains over 75% and wait queue length is greater than three for more than five minutes. The HP Performance Agent detects and alarms on any exception conditions, including by default major system performance bottleneck areas. Alarms are forwarded automatically to the HP Operations message console if an Operations Agent is present on the system. Alarms also can be forwarded via SNMP traps.


Help enhance your investment in infrastructure

HP Performance Manager Software connects to Performance and Operations Agents running on your monitored systems to provide the information you need to determine how system resources are being used or misused by applications. Providing visualization of near-real-time and historical performance data is key to managing the end-user experience and planning for change. The HP Performance Agent, with its patented intelligent collection technology, provides 24×7 low-overhead monitoring of all servers in your distributed environment. It collects, summarizes, and logs resource and performance measurement data from applications, databases, networks, and operating systems. It also provides integration interfaces that allow you to input key performance indicators unique to your systems or instrument your applications to monitor response time.

Using this historical data, HP Performance Manager enables in-depth examination of resource utilization and performance trends. With this information, you uncover bottlenecks, which if unchecked result in poor service levels. By comparing activity levels, you can balance workloads, allowing you to allocate resources and deliver a quality of service that parallels the business needs. Lastly, HP Performance Manager data can be exported in various formats, for use in capacity planning, statistical analysis, and spreadsheet applications. HP partners such as SAS, HyPerformix, and OPNET use the metrics from the HP system performance tools to enable their analysis and modeling products.


Key features and benefits

HP Performance Manager Software

HP Performance Manager Software is a web-based analysis and visualization tool designed to analyze performance trends of applications, systems, and services. It uses data collected from HP Performance Agents and several other sources to isolate performance bottlenecks and increase resource uptime. HP Performance Manager also has a Diagnostic View with a highly interactive UI where you can monitor and analyze real-time and historical performance data collected by various data sources. It lets you easily create graphs on the fly to compare metrics across various systems, instances, and data sources. You can quickly navigate to any timeframe in the agent, drag and drop metrics across graphs, correlate between various metrics, and easily switch between realtime and historical data.

HP Performance Manager also provides the following features and functionality:

• The ability to zoom in/zoom out and drill-down on graphs for detailed analysis

• The ability to segment and view graphs by customer

• Out-of-the-box graphs and tables for common use cases, such as health monitoring and bottleneck detection

• Ability to include metrics and data around multiple virtualization platforms from vendors like Microsoft®, VMware, and Citrix

• Customized graph templates for specific needs using Design Wizard

• Horizontal and vertical scrolling through graphs

• Flexible, ad hoc performance graphing for multiple data sources such as HP Operations Agent, Performance Agent, SiteScope, and Reporter

• Forecasting and trending capabilities via forecast and baseline graphs

• Exporting of data to common formats, such as Excel, TSV, XML and CSV, for further analysis and post-processing

HP Performance Agent Software

HP Performance Agent is the collection, logging and alarming component of the HP Performance software family. With its powerful end-to-end application response measurement capabilities, the HP Performance Agent is the core enabling technology in any service management strategy. The agent is installed on each system to be monitored. It provides:

• Low overhead, continuous collection, and logging of more than 300 global process application and system metrics

• Sophisticated alarming—on combinations of metrics, user-definable symptoms and/or by the length of time a threshold value has been exceeded

• Built-in Data Source Integration (DSI) technology, enabling easy integration of data from any external source

• Configurable data logging intervals: – Process metrics can be logged at intervals from 5–60 seconds – Non-process metrics can be logged at intervals from 15–300 seconds

• Support for multiple virtualization platforms

• Log file roll-over based on size and number of days of data

• The ability to export data in several standard formats

• The ability to generate and send SNMP-based alarms

• The ability to generate local actions triggered by alarms

• Support for multiple platforms including HP-UX, HP OpenVMS, SunOS/Solaris, IBM AIX, Tru64 UNIX®, Linux, and Microsoft Windows®

Integration with other HP Software solutions

While HP Performance products provide a solid standalone solution, they also integrate with other HP Operations Center products such as HP Operations Manager, SiteScope, and Reporter. HP Performance Agents can be deployed, configured, and controlled from the HP Operations Manager software. Once deployed, alarms are forwarded to Operations Manager, allowing the combination of operations and performance data in the same interface. In addition, you can launch HP Performance Manager from Operations Manager to view context-sensitive graphs for any managed node.