HP SAN Switch License

HP SAN Switch License

HP SAN Switch License

HP History

HPE has introduced its storage sensors with the aim of increasing server performance and reliability, and at the request of applications tailored to the workload.

  • Optimize data center storage with maximum performance adjustment solutions on Proliant servers.
  • By providing server drives, HPE has maximized the UP-Time of tools such as HPE Secure Encryption and integrated data protection operating systems.
  • Manage data center costs with the lowest TOC with the best choices including the lowest cost per gigabyte with the best amount of IOPS to save power with HPE Power Advisor standard

It should be noted that the amount of information that organizations need to store today is growing rapidly and the cost of storing information is growing rapidly. The growth of information is fast and the business of organizations depends on this information because information and information processing ultimately make the organization profitable. However, the costs of maintaining and owning this information, including the cost of an expert and the complexity of equipment management and maintenance, are also high. In addition to reducing the above costs, the SAN Switch HP 8/24 also meets all the technological needs.

HPE SAN Switch Models

You can check the HPE SAN switch series in the following:

  • HPE 8/8 Base (0) e-port SAN Switch AM866C
  • HPE 8/8 (8) Full Fabric Ports Enabled SAN Switch AM867C
  • HPE 8/8 and 8/24 SAN Switch 8Gb 8-port Upgrade LTU T5518A
  • HPE 8/8 SAN Full Fabric Upgrade License T4261A
  • HPE B-series Entry Switch Power Pack+ E-LTU T5521AAE
  • (Physical License- T5521A)

HPE 8/8 Base SAN Switch

The 8/8 Base SAN Switch and 8/8 SAN Switch are targeted for small to medium sized enterprises and are ideal for entry-level SANs, and as an edge switch for core-to-edge SAN environments. The 8/8 Base SAN Switch and 8/8 SAN Switch provide SAN connectivity that simplifies IT management infrastructures, improves system performance, maximizes the value of virtual server deployments, and reduces overall storage costs. The 8/8 SAN Switch integrates innovative hardware and software features that make it easy to deploy, manage, and integrate into a wide range of IT environments. The 8 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel 8/8 Base SAN Switch provides a simple, affordable, single-switch solution for a new, small SAN installation and connects to storage and servers only. An optional Full Fabric SAN scaling license provides connectivity to other switches. The 8/8 SAN Switch has 8 active ports and can be connected to multiple switches and scale to full fabric limits as defined in the SAN Design Guide. Both new 8 port switches provide growth options with Ports On Demand, the ability to activate additional ports in 8 port increments to a maximum of 24 ports. This provides the flexibility to start small and grow storage networks in a non-disruptive manner. In addition, organizations can choose to initially deploy 4 Gbit/sec SFPs and upgrade to 8 Gbit/sec SFP+ at a later date when necessary. The 8/8 SAN Switch significantly increases performance and functionality for SANs at an entry-level price. The 8/8 SAN Switch provides auto-sensing 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gbit/sec full duplex performance to enable up to 128 Gbit/sec of uncongested throughput. Auto-sensing and speed-matching of data traffic provides interoperability with previous 1, 2, and 4 Gbit/sec devices. To provide more targeted performance, enhanced Inter-Switch Link (ISL) Trunking combines up to eight ISLs between a pair of switches into a single, logical high-speed trunk capable of up to 64 Gbit/sec of throughput. The evolutionary design provides these capabilities while consuming less than 2.5 watts of power per port for exceptional power and cooling efficiency. An optional enhanced Power Pack+ software bundle can be purchased separately and includes Fabric Vision, Fabric Watch, ISL Trunking, Extended Fabric and Advanced Performance Monitor. The software bundle provides the SAN administrator with the necessary tools to proactively monitor the health and performance thresholds of the network, while also ensuring the highest levels of security, scalability and manageability. Power Pack+ software enables infrastructure management through a single-pane-ofglass .

HP SAN Switch 8/24

HP AM868A SAN SWITCH The HP 8/24 SAN Switch provides your needs at the level of SMB organizations as well as large high-performance companies as a stand-alone switch or as a low-cost switch in large multilayer storage networks. Slowly These switches (SAN Switch), which are mostly used as interfaces between servers and storage devices, have 24 ports, of which 16 ports are enabled by default and the other 8 ports are enabled by special license. Sen Switch The HP Switch 24/8 provides all the needs of small to large organizations with a stand-alone switch core. HP 24/8 Sun Switch has unprecedented investment support on its agenda. This switch has sensitive and automatic ports that are compatible with systems with speeds of 1, 2, 4 and 8 GB per second in a special way and have fully declared their support and complete the complexity and cost for you in the network. Reduced. Organizations that do not require 8GB interfaces can store new switches with 4GB / s SFPs, while Which will easily upgrade them to SFP eight gigabytes per second in the future. This device with 24 active ports may be used as a full switch or in gateway access mode, which provides a connection to any SAN (default switch mode). Gateway access mode uses NPIV switch standards to provide fiber channel connections as logical devices to the SAN.


HP SAN Switch License

Differences between Generation A and Generation B in SAN Switch HP 8/24

  • Improving the quality level of the environment and using less harmful substances for the environment
  • Noted HP License lack of support for upgrading hardware internal software to match newer versions of OS.

HP SAN Switch Features and Benefits

HP SAN switches benefit from following features:

  • Superior Performance

– 8Gb/s full duplex performance to enable up to 128 Gbit/s of uncongested throughput

– Optional enhanced ISL Trunking combines up to eight ISLs between a pair of switches into a single, logical highspeed trunk capable of up to 64 Gbit/s of throughput

  • Superior Scalability

– Eight 8Gb/s ports expandable to 16 or 24 ports with the purchase of optional 8 port upgrade license

– “pay as you grow” scalability from single-switch to full fabric connectivity

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership for SAN Infrastructure

– Enables storage consolidation, simplified management of data center SAN environment

  • Broadest range of compatibility with SAN products

– Multi-vendor server and storage environment

– Widest range of HPE SAN solutions

– nteroperability with the more than 3.0 Million port HPE SAN Switch installed base

  • HPE Power Pack+ Software Bundle (Optional) – Rich, feature packed software that provides the highest supported

modular functionality. It includes

– Fabric Vision

– Trunking – highest throughput between switches

– Proactive threshold monitor (Fabric Watch)

– Advanced Performance Monitor

– Extended Fabric

  • Broadest Range of HPE Packaged SAN Services

– Mission critical SAN Services SAN-ES

– Assessment and installation services for security

  • Flexible storage connectivity

The only SAN solutions providing the complete HPE SAN Switch functionality from Embedded to Enterprise. The HP SAN Switch License value line products allows the capability to apply the complete SAN Switch functionality to an affordable entry level SAN deployment and then to grow that deployment to the largest SAN fabric solutions supported by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

HP SAN Switch Order Pricing

Customers can order various HP software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at Golicense.net.

HP SAN Switch License

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