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Hyper-V License

Hyper-V license

Licensed Hyper-V is one of the solutions offered by Microsoft. This platform allows network administrators to create their own virtual environments. These virtual environments can then be used to install, run, and manage multiple operating systems on a single physical system. To better understand this technology, it is better to talk more about virtualization first. The main use and task of virtualization is to allow us to create and run a software version called a virtual machine. Each virtual machine acts completely like a standalone computer. That is, it has an operating system and is able to run additional programs installed on it. One of the advantages of virtual machines is that they have a high degree of flexibility when they need computing resources. This saves time and money and helps to use physical hardware more efficiently.

Hyper-V License

How does Hyper-V work?

Hyper-V license is a virtualization solution based on hypervisor technology. This solution requires a physical processor with special features. The hypervisor monitors and manages all communications between hardware and virtual machines in the best possible way. This controlled hypervisor access provides a separate environment for virtual machine hardware to perform activities. In some configurations, the virtual machine or operating system that is running also has direct access to the graphics, network, or storage hardware.

Hyper-V helps network administrators by creating a private cloud environment. Hyper-V uses its licenses to assist in the transfer or expansion of shared resources, IT services and applications. This platform allows us to manage the use of resources with changes in demand and to use the available hardware as efficiently and effectively as possible. Using Hyper-V, we can integrate servers into more powerful computers to use less energy and physical space. Hyper-V licenses create ongoing business operations and also help IT managers in companies and organizations reduce workload by setting up scheduled tasks.

It can also provide virtual desktop (VDI) infrastructure. Using a centralized desktop with VDI can help organizations discuss the speed and security of storing and transferring data, enforcing regulations, and managing desktop operating systems and applications. We can create a virtualization host and Remote Desktop on the same server and make virtual desktops available to users. Hyper-V license makes network development and use more efficient while maintaining the required hardware.

What are the components of Hyper-V?

Hyper-V consists of components that align and work together to create and operate virtual machines. The sum of these components is called the virtualization framework, which is installed as a set at the time of installation. The components needed to set up a virtual machine include a Windows hypervisor, a virtual machine management service, a WMI virtualization provider, a virtual machine bus (VMbus), a virtualization service provider (VSP), and a virtual infrastructure driver (VID). It should be noted that tools are also needed for management and connection, which you can install on the same computer that plays the role of Hyper-V. These tools include:

  • Manager Hyper-V
  • Hyper-V module for Windows PowerShell
  • Virtual Machine Connection (VMConnect) Windows PowerShell Direct

Virtual Machine Connection (VMConnect) Windows PowerShell Direct

Technologies related to Hyper-V license

Some of the Microsoft technologies that are often used in conjunction with the Hyper-V license:

  • Failover clustering
  • Remote desktop control services
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Supported operating systems

Many operating systems can be installed and used on virtual machines. In general, any operating system that uses the x86 architecture can run on a Hyper-V virtual machine. But before installing operating systems, you should note that you are using an operating system that is supported by Microsoft. You need to know that Linux and FreeBSD virtual machines are supported in Windows as well as Windows guest operating systems in Windows Server.

Hyper-V license features

The Hyper-V virtual machine computing environment includes all the major components of a typical computer, such as memory, processor, storage, and network. All these components have different features to meet the different needs of this virtual platform. Here are some of the features of the Hyper-V license.


Having a secure boot increases the protection of virtual machines and their data against malware, hackers and other unauthorized access.

Risk recovery and backup

To recover risks, the Hyper-V Replica section creates copies of virtual machines intended for storage in another physical location. In this way, network administrators in organizations can recover the virtual machine from its original version. There are two ways to backup Hyper-V. The first method is from the saved mode and the second method is from the Volume Shadow Copy Service or VSS method. This way, we can back up applications that support VSS.


Remote access

Unlike Remote Desktop, Hyper-V includes virtual machine connections, a remote connection tool for use on Windows and Linux operating systems. This tool allows network administrators to access consoles. Therefore, all the activities of the party machine on which Hyper-V is installed can be monitored.


The use of Hyper-V license provides features such as the ability to move efficiently, the ability to move storage space, and the ability to move or distribute virtual machines to managers and users of organizations.


Every operating system supported by Hyper-V has a set of custom services and drivers called integration services. These services make it easy for the user to use the operating system in the virtual machine.

Hyper-V Order Pricing

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Hyper-V License

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