Imagicle Billy Blues License

Imagicle Billy Blues

Imagicle Billy Blues License

Imagicle Billy Blues License


Billy Blue’s 4 is the most advanced solution for analyzing and monitoring telephone traffic for Cisco UCM, BE6000-7000 and HCS. Complete, scalable and ready to use, Billy Blue’s meets the needs of single- and multi-site clients, from a few to 50,000 extensions.


Billy Blue’s 4 analyses outgoing, incoming and internal calls, thanks to preconfigured and ready to use reports and dashboards that can be further customized using filters and groupings. It calculates costs of outgoing calls, for accounting purposes, based on the site the call is generated and where it access to PSTN.

Billy Blue’s 4 is extremely easy to use: not only it displays real time web based reports, but it also offers export to PDF or Excel and scheduling of automatic reports to be sent via email at the desired interval. It integrates also with any application running in the company. Thanks to its web services allowing to get data in XML format, users can access monitors and statistics of company telephone traffic directly via the Web, Intranet, CRM or any other familiar application.

Multiple filters can be applied to any report and the filter saved to be executed any time through a single click. Thanks to the included Alarm module, it can also send e-mail as soon as an unwanted event occurs (i.e. unanswered calls, budget exceeding, calls to premium numbers and much more). Multi-carrier, multi-site, multi-country, multi-currency and multi-time zone, Billy Blue’s 4 can cope with any need and also supports a network of telephone systems, offering a centralized monitoring.

Billy Blue’s 4 is the best solution for single office and for enterprises from just a few extensions to an unlimited number of extensions and branches.

Imagicle Billy Blues License


  • Deployment: This product is included in the Imagicle License ApplicationSuite with all the other apps of the suite, available as a setup package for installation on any virtual machine/physical server or through a ready-t Virtual Appliance
  • Scalability: Up to 25,000 extensions per instance (physical or virtual). More available as special project.
  • Provisioning: Manual or automatic from CuCM via AXL or Microsoft AD, LDAP/OpenLDAP systems and CSV files.
  • High Availability: Active Hot Standby, either on same DC or different DC (Disaster Recovery)
  • System alarms: Yes, via e-mail and SNMP
  • Types of report: Extensions, departments, cost centers, costs, destinations, trends, client matter codes, costs, trunk and device usage, congestion and Erlang. Each report can be customized with specific filters to show the needed data and info, and exported to pdf and csv. Personal and public reports available, new reports can be loaded. Reports can be customized with company logo.
  • Report scheduling options: Each report can be configured to be sent automatically by e-mail to one or more recipients (e.g.: all users or a specific department) at a specific frequency.
  • Alarms for specific events: You can define alarm notifications to be sent by e-mail to specified addresses based on calls outside business hours, calls to specific numbers (“emergency notification”), most expensive extensions, missed calls and international calls.
  • Budget management: Yes, requires optional Budget Control app and StoneLock app for phone locking after budget is reached.
  • Tariff management: Already includes up-to-date rates of major telcos in Western Europe and Middle East.
  • Multilevel access: Yes, single user, cost center supervisor, administrator
  • Gadget for Cisco Jabber Desktop: Access from Jabber client to personal unified call registry and remaining personal budget for phone calls.
  • Advanced functions: CDR re-processing for a specific period if changes are needed to calculated calls. API for custom integration in company intranet/CRM.
  • Hybrid scenario support: Yes, network of several different PBX models (through Blue’s Enterprise 4)
  • Globalized Dialing Plan (E.164) support: Yes
  • Protocols and codecs: HTTP(s) for access to web interface FTP(s) to receive CDR from Cisco UCM
  • Multi-tenant / shared instance support: Yes, by partitioning visibility to reports per tenant
  • Multi cluster support: Yes, with non-overlapping dialing plan and same UC System version across the clusters

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Imagicle Billy Blues License

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