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  • Last updated on: 19 Jan 2020

Billy Blues

Complete call monitoring

Billy Blue’s 4 is the most advanced solution for analyzing and monitoring telephone traffic for Cisco UCM, BE6000-7000 and HCS.

Complete, scalable and ready to use, Billy Blue’s meets the needs of single- and multi-site clients, from a few to 50,000 extensions.

It is certified Cisco Compatible and has been chosen by Cisco as its official solution worldwide. As of February 2012, Billy Blue’s 4 is available for purchase directly on Cisco GPL through the Solutions+ program.

Powerful and flexible. The ideal solution for monitoring telephone traffic in Cisco UC platforms

Cisco UC

Complete and proactive

Dashboard, alarms and dozens of easy and ready-to-use reports with e-mail scheduling with the frequency you want.

Cisco UC

Everything under control

Complete control of outgoing, incoming and internal traffic, analyses along with all the pertinent details: cost centers,
departments, etc.

Cisco UC

Integrated and personal

Integrated with the company directory to correctly assign calls and provide
multi-level access.

Cisco UC

Powerful and flexible

Multi site-country-timezone-currency-cluster-platform-carrier. Also ready for telephone system networks.

Cisco UC

Fast and reliable

Based on Microsoft SQL server to guarantee ultimate security and top performance even for archives with millions of calls.

Cisco UC

In Jabber

Jabber gadget to view telephone costs and a single call list per telephone, Jabber desktop and cell phone.

Everything under control via Web and E-mail

Billy Blue’s 4 lets you perform any kind of analysis on outgoing, incoming and internal calls, through pre-set and ready-to-use reports and dashboards, that can be customized with filters and groupings.

All anyone needs is a browser to access their own or the organizations’ calls, depending on their profile. You can also receive statistics via e-mail in PDF or MS Excel format, at the desired frequency.

Avoid nasty phone bill surprises

With the additional Budget Control module, you can decide in advance how much you want to spend, monitor your budgets in real time and automatically lock your company’s phones to avoid nasty surprises when the phone bill arrives.

Call Analytics

Your unified call list (all calls placed with Jabber desktop/mobile and desk phone) and dashboard are available at a glance for total control of calls and expenses inside Cisco Jabber desktop.

Free mobile Imagicle Accounting & Billing for CiscoJabber Gadget.

Calculate costs with any Telecom operator

You can correctly calculate the cost of calls using several carriers at once.
You can easily manage and customize any per usage or connection-fee price list, and calculate the cost of your LCR based on complex routing according to time/line/number/operator code.

Uncover abuses and telephone fraud

Billy Blue’s 4 keeps close watch so you can get your work done. With alarm scheduling, any undesired event automatically results in an alarm being sent to your e-mail.

So, for example, you will be notified in real time if a call is made outside of business hours, if a cost budget is exceeded, and so on.