Imagicle Budget Control License

Budget Control Licensing

Imagicle Budget Control

At last, you determine your phone spending.

The smart and simple way to define your phone budget.

With Imagicle Budget Control, you can intelligently assign a budget for the calls of each user,department and cost center. You can receive notices when the spending budget is exceeded and lock the phone, to prevent unauthorized calls.
This is the ideal complement to Imagicle’s billing solutions.

Complete telephone budget management per user,cost center or department.

Personal budget for everyone.

With a click, assigna weekly or monthlybudget to an individual user,cost center or department.

Alert via e-mail.

When the budget or pre-set threshold is reached. You can also receive regular budget use summaries.

Telephone locking.

Automatic thanks to Phone Lock to prevent any more telephone calls from being made once the budget has been reached.

Budget analysis.

With pre-set reports to best plan future budgets and improve your company’s telephone use.

Residual credit.

Visible in real time in the web area or in Cisco Jabber, providing an immediateview of consumption.

In Jabber Desktop.

View telephone expensesand residualcredit in real timein Jabber Desktop.

Another huge phone bill?

Determine your phone spending in advance.

Phone bills can come with unpleasant and unexpected surprises.Imagicle’s billing solutions help you precisely monitor your company’s telephone spending, but, as the saying goes: “Prevention is better than a cure”.With Imagicle Budget Control, you can decide in advance how much you want to spend, monitor your budgets in real time and automatically lock your company’s phones to avoid nasty surprises when the phone bill arrives.

Easily assign a budget for your employees.

Assign a weekly or monthly budget to each user, cost center (e.g. a specific subsidiary) or department, based on analyses of previous periods.The budget is automatically renewed for the next period, and if you wish, you can also decide to assign any savings from the previous period as a credit to the next one.

Easily assign a budget for your employees.

Real-time noticesof cost overruns.

When the budget is reached, or a certain threshold exceeded, Imagicle Budget Control immediately sends an alarm e-mail. You can also automatically receive an e-mail with a practical summary of budget use at the end of the period and be notified if, for whatever reason, a phone is not locked properly.

Real-time noticesof cost overruns

Analyze past budgets to optimize future ones

Thanks to pre-set, ready-to-use reports, you get a complete view of budgets assigned, cost overruns and savings, evaluating changes over time, both at a company level and department, cost center or user level.Exported in PDF or MS Excel format.

Analyze past budgets to optimize future ones

Automatically lock phones when the budget has been reached.

Thanks to its integration with Imagicle Phone Lock and Billy Blue’s 4, you can automatically lock phones when the budget is reached, avoiding uncontrolled increases in telephone spending. This prevents users from making outgoing calls except to numbers defined by the administrator (e.g. emergency numbers).

Automatically lock phones when the budget has been reached.

Your Apps in Cisco Jabber,free.

Your Apps in Cisco Jabber,free.

Expense Management

Monitor your telephone expenses, keep tabs on telephone use and keep everything under control. Plus, thanks to Imagicle Budget Control you can also check your available credit in real time.

Budget Control

Budget Control

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