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Imagicle Hotel Services (Hotel Pack) License

Imagicle Hotel Services (Hotel Pack)

Hotel Pack License

All the services you need for your hotel.

Taking advantage of a Cisco UC platform for your hotel has never been easier. And affordable.

The Imagicle Hotel Pack License for Cisco UC provides all the hospitality features natively missing from any Cisco platform. Based on a huge experience in the hospitality market and on the reliable services of the Imagicle ApplicationSuite (of which includes 4 applications), the Hotel Pack grants you a complete integration with hundreds of PMS’s (i.e. Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management, Oracle Hospitality Cruise SPM, Infor, Protel, Galaxy, etc.) managing guest calls billing, check-in/check-out, wake-up calls and more. Plus, adding extra-value services for your staff, like professional customer service and call handling, or virtual fax are just a click away, as they are included in the same suite.

Easy, reliableand affordable.

Add a star.

The Imagicle Hotel Pack lets you adopt the ultimate Cisco UC platforms in your hotel adding all the services you need in a single suite, on a single server.

From check-in to check-out.

All included: it enables IP-Phone and sets guest name at check-in, executes wake-up calls, manages voicemail, provides call billing, sets room status and lock the phones at check-out.

Integrated with your PMS.

You can now integrate your Cisco UC with more than 100 popular PMS in the market, based on FIAS (i.e. Oracle Hospitality OPERA-Suite 8), Mitel emulation or UHLL protocol.

More for your staff.

The Hotel Pack includes call accounting and voice mail for your staff, but you can also add IP fax server, advanced ACD/IVR, attendant console and directory-caller ID for impressive customer service.

For hotels and chains.

From a few dozen to thousands of rooms are eligible for the cost/value combination, while hotel chains are a perfect fit for centralizing the telephony environment and simplifying operations/reducing costs

Choose your phones.

The Hotel Pack can provide hotel services to CUCM, BE6K-BE7K for on-premise deployments and HCS for cloud deployments. It lets you choose from any Cisco IP-Phone but even supports analog ones.

Can’t do without.

Choose Cisco and add all of the hotel features, easily and conveniently.

If you want to have a Cisco UC platform in your hotel to enhance yuor guests’ experience, while simplifying operations and reducing costs, you need the Imagicle Hotel Pack.It doesn’t matter if you have few rooms or thousands in your hotel, the Imagicle Hotel Pack provides the hotel services that are missing in the Cisco platformand integrates it with your PMS.

For more information, Imagicle License

The services you need.

The Hotel Pack represents the ideal solution where basic hotel features are needed:

  • Enable the room IP Phone and set extension name at guest Check In
  • Make Wake up calls set by PMS by ringing the IP Phone and playing audio files
  • Manage voice mail for room phones and housekeeping at guestcheck-out
  • Provide call bills during the stay or at guest check-out
  • Allow housekeeping to set room status via the IP Phone in the room
  • Lock the room IP Phone for external calls, clean call history/DND at guest Check Out

The services you need

Choose your Cisco solution, choose your phones.

The Imagicle Hotel Pack let you choose the right platform supporting and integrating the latest Cisco UC platforms with on-premise or cloud deployments. Cisco BE6000 can be the right fit for your single hotel, while CUCM or HCS – public or private cloud – might be the right choice if your hotel chain needs to go for a multi-site multi-tenant scenario.You don’t need any extra server. It can leverage the platform resources as the Imagicle ApplicationSuite can run in a single VM in full-coresidency on your UCS-BE6K-7k platform. Last, but not least, you can choose from among the entire Cisco IP-Phones portfolio, from the affordable 3900 series to the high-end 9900 or the new DX series. But if you need to keep your analog phones, you can do that, too.

Choose your Cisco solution, choose your phones.


PMS integration makes the perfect service.

It’s a matter of offering your guests the best services. That’s why we also include our ultimate Hotel Link that provides hotel services plus complete integration with more than 100 PMS: e.g. Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management, Galaxy Lightspeed, Protel, Infor/Amadeus, Brilliant, SilverByte, Roomaster, Agilysys, INNkeeper, Booking Center, Hyatt Vacation Ownership.Moreover, thanks to the possibility of emulating PMS, dramatically simplifies the hotel pack delivery.


PMS integration makes the perfect service.

Easier and betterfor your staff.

With all the services integrated with the PMS, everything will be easier. Even better thanks to the Imagicle apps included in the Hotel pack, such as Accounting & Billing and Voice Mail, that are also available for your staff. They help improve team productivity, cut costs by monitoring phone usage and preventing fraud.

Easier and betterfor your staff

Imagicle Hotel Pack License

Even more!

You can add extra services on the same suite, like the Imagicle Attendant Console and Advanced ACD – IVR for concierge and staff, IP FaxServer for a virtual fax service, Advanced directory services with Caller ID fora personalized call handling.On the same server, just a click away.

Even more!

Imagicle Hotel Pack Order Pricing

Customers can order various Imagicle software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

Imagicle Hotel Pack License

Customers are able to get more information about different Imagicle licenses from our sales specialists.

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