Imagicle License

Imagicle License

The Imagicle License ApplicationSuite provides you the most complete set of UC apps all in one suite, simplifying deployment, administration and use. Affordable, usable, likeable it has everything you need to empower your customer service, integrate your apps via CTI, control and analize your calls, virtualize your fax service, grant access and profiling your corporate directories and open your company video boundaries.

It’s built for your team. All users can have an awesome, unified, easy experience, from their deskphones, communication clients, browsers and mobile devices. It values your choices, granting native integration with the leading UC platforms, like Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft and others.It runs on-premises or on the Cloud.It gets the job done. It’s Imagicle License.

Imagicle License is born thanks to Telcen and Stonevoice merging their experience with the aim to of becoming the reference partner. Imagicle License is ready to help you, thanks to a unique software solution portfolio that enables Unified Communications: Attendant Console and CTI, ACD, IVR, Accounting & Billing, Hospitality Services, IP Fax Server, audio and video Skype gateway, Conference Bridge audio-video, XML services, etc.

Imagicle License is Cisco Preferred Solution Developer, the highest qualification level for technology partners. The StoneSuite 2011 is a suite of applications dedicated to Cisco Unified Communications that improves the way people collaborate, manage their communications and control their work.

StoneSuite will allow you to optimize your UC investment thanks to easy to use solutions that enriches your business in terms of control, collaboration and convergence. Integrated in a unique suite, you will be offered with all the services you require: from the console for normally sighted, partially sighted and blind operators to an advanced queue management, telephone traffic documentation, directory services, fax server, CTI, up to crossing the boundaries of video communication, connecting your Cisco UC system audio and video capabilities to Skype™!

Solutions for:

Small Business

To collect the opportunities arising from the new Unified Communication systems, is essential to rely on a partner that provides effective solutions, easy to use and integrated, and on which you can count in time for continued growth.


Large companies that want to continue to succeed in this new decade, are seeking new ways of communication that permit them to be in contact with their customers in an increasingly efficient and innovative way.
Today is no longer enough to replace the communication system but it is necessary to integrate it with business processes to optimize, improve efficiency and increase collaboration between all parts of the company (even if distributed over many different locations).
Fundamental issue to hold a competitive advantage is being able to measure and monitor all processes to reduce waste, costs, and free useful resources to be vehicle of this growth.

Public Sector

Public companies need new and innovative communication systems to improve the way they communicate with users and gain immediate benefits in terms of satisfaction and service quality levels offered.
Improve every employee’s efficiency and cost thanks to the IP Fax Server. You will forget the toners, paper archiving and everybody will have more time for working, also manage every cost center budget for call costs in a clever and faster way.

How can you spand your business?

Imagicle offers 3 solutions for expanding your business:

  • StoneSuite for Cisco UC
  • Cross Platforms Solutions
  • EnterpriseSuite for Microsoft Lync


Imagicle solutions are divided in 3 main categories to address your business needs. Start exploring to see wich solution adpats your business.


Analyse to improve. The efficiency of your company strictly depends on the possibility to control constantly your goals with respects to achievements and possibly propose changes to the way people work. Imagine being able to monitor easily and in real time your communications to increase security and savings through a careful and precise cost control; imagine being able to improve the quality of service and the customer satisfaction by measuring your employee performance and increasing their productivity.
You will be able to increase the company communication efficiency through “active” tools, easy to use: solutions that are not time consuming, not requiring technical skills, but that provide an active system check and notify you about anomalies, with ready-to-use information embedded in the applications you use on a daily basis.

Control Offers you the following products:

Account & Billing
Hospitality Integration
Phone Lock

For more information, Imagicle License



  • Collaboration impacts your daily life, the way you work, communicate and team up with customers, colleagues and business partners.
  • Imagine to collaborate in a simpler way with anybody, communicating seamlessly with the company processes and your applications, transforming the way you work and communicate, accelerating processes and optimizing time and resources.
    With Imagicle you have full range of complete solution at your disposal, horizontal and integrated, that allows you transforming your business through Collaboration.

Collaboration Offers you the following products:

  • IP Fax Server
  • IP Fax Driver
  • Attendant Console
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • Call Recording
  • Directory management and caller ID
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • IVR Auto Attendant
  • IVR Script Designer
  • VoiceMail and Unified Messaging



Today the way you connect with friends, colleagues, clients, suppliers is growing more and more and despite of the many communication ways, paradoxically you are often not able to talk to whom you wish.
Different technologies, programs and standards are competing on the same market, but how do we get in touch with one another? Which tools can we be using? Many tools are available but at the same time you feel frustrated because of too many overlapping methods, ending up in a delay in your communications.
Imagine simple, transversal, integrated solutions. In a single word convergent with all tools and networks you normally use, thus allowing a unified experience, transversal to the several existing technologies.

Convergence Offers you the following products:

  • Audio Skype Gateway
  • Video Skype Gateway
  • Software Audio Conference Bridge
  • Software Video Conference Bridge
  • GSM-VoIP-PSTN-ISDN gateways
  • GSM/UMTS-PSTN-ISDN gateways
  • GSM/UMTS-PSTN-ISDN gateways

Imagicle License

Imagicle SpA

Imagicle (formerly Stonevoice) is the first Cisco Technology Developer Partner who can offer a complete suite of applications designed for the Small & Medium Business and Enterprise, integrated and certified with the Cisco Unified Communication portfolio (Communication Manager and Communication Manager Express). The Stonevoice Application Voice and Video Suite is a set of integrated applications that add unique value and features to Cisco UC implementations.


Skystone Video – Audio-Video Skype Gateway

SkyStone Video is the first and unique Skype™ Video Gateway available on the market easily enabling to connect the Skype™ users to your video phones, to communication clients, video conferencing or telepresence environments.

With SkyStone Video all your Customers, Partners and colleagues can easily call you via Skype™ (and also you can call them). You can finally have a meeting with one or more Skype™ users connected to your conference room system, opening your videoconference boundaries to leverage your investement.

Exactly what was missing.

SSAM – Voice Mail

SSAM is a Unified Messaging system designed to be integrated in your Cisco UC platform and extend its functions.

It collects your phone messages when you can’t answer the phone, and notifies you via e-mail and with the MWI on your IP-Phone. It lets you add personal welcome messages and forward messages to other voice mail boxes.

It’s ideal when you want to use more applications but your resources are limited, because it uses the same Virtual Machine dedicated to Imagicle ApplicationSuite along with all the other applications.

IVR Manager Enterprise – Auto Attendant

IVR Manager Enterprise is the phone answering solution that includes automatically selected answers, such as courtesy messages, day/night messages and multi-level selection.

Based on TCL script technology, it makes best use of Cisco Voice Gateways, and represents the best solution in terms of simplified management and reliability, especially in distributed environments with dozens or hundreds of subsidiaries. It lets you centrally manage configuration, to then distribute them locally to individual voice gateways, ensuring they work even if the link between sites is down (survival mode), and easing network traffic significantly.

It can be monitored from the Application Suite web interface or via telephone, to change behaviors, register messages, granting different authorization levels, for ultimate simplicity.

Blues One CTI Enterprise – Desktop solution CTI

Blue’s One CTI Enterprise is the client-server software by CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) that simplifies your work every day.

It gives you complete control over your phone for all outgoing and incoming calls with notification pop-up messages that can be integrated with your CRM, lets you make calls from any application with a click, search all company and personal directories at once, and much, much more. Once you try it, you won’t be able to work without it.

Blue’s Attendant – Operator Console

Blue’s Attendant simplifies the job of your Company telephone operators, providing them an interface on their PC to manage, transfer and park inbound calls in an easier way and always be able to monitor the telephone status of their colleagues or search a contact from all the Company phonebooks. Combined with Queue Manager Enterprise, it provides a fully-featured operator console solution, including queuing, ACD and advanced features.

Queue Manager Enterprise – ACD

Queue Manager is an advanced ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) software that manages multiple queues, forwarding calls to different phones according to their status and analyzing queues in details, thanks to a number of advanced statistics.

StoneFax – IP Fax Server

StoneFax is a native IP fax server application, specifically designed for Cisco UC. It is perfectly integrated into a Cisco solution as it has been built from scratch on top of a Cisco UC architecture made of a Call control platforms plus remote gateways. (NO adaptation of a pre- existing fax server running in combination with dial cards)

Billy Blue’s 4 – Call Accounting and Billing

Billy Blue’s 4 is the most advanced solution for analyzing and monitoring telephone traffic for Cisco UCM, BE6000-7000 and HCS.

Complete, scalable and ready to use, Billy Blue’s meets the needs of single- and multi-site clients, from a few to 50,000 extensions.

Speedy Enterprise – Directory Services

Speedy Enterprise is the solution that centralizes and synchronizes company directories, providing fast searches, click to call and caller ID on phone, web, mobile and Cisco Jabber.

It is Cisco Compatible certified and has been chosen by Cisco as its official solution worldwide. As of February 2012, Imagicle Speedy Enterprise is available for purchase directly on Cisco GPL through the Solutions+ program.

StoneLock – Phone Lock – XML Services

Imagicle Phone Lock is the software solution that lets you lock company phones directly from the phone, via web interface and directly from Cisco Jabber.

Security, privacy and savings are guaranteed thanks to an intuitive and irreplaceable service.

Imagicle Hotel Pack for Cisco UC

The Imagicle Hotel Pack for Cisco UC provides all the hospitality features natively missing from any Cisco platform.

Based on a huge experience in the hospitality market and on the reliable services of the Imagicle ApplicationSuite (of which includes 4 applications), the Hotel Pack grants you a complete integration with hundreds of PMS’s (i.e. Micros Fidelio-Opera, Fidelio Cruise, Infor, Protel, Galaxy, etc.) managing guest calls billing, check-in/check-out, wake-up calls and more.

Plus, adding extra-value services for your staff, like professional customer service and call handling, or virtual fax are just a click away, as they are included in the same suite.

Imagicle Call Recording

Imagicle Call Recording

Imagicle Call Recording is Imagicle solution for centralized call recording for Cisco UC platforms. It’s easy to use, reliable, flexible and at the right price, dedicated to any company that needs to record calls either for critical services with legal requirements, for operator training or just to keep track of important calls. It offers two recording modes: Always On, where every single call is automatically recorded with no user intervention, and On Demand, for only those conversations that need to be recorded.

Imagicle Call Recording can be integrated with Cisco platforms in three ways, making it perfect for e-cloud hosted environments as well.

For more information, Imagicle License

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