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Imagicle License

Imagicle License

Imagicle Software is a set of software and modules for accurate and complete management of the communication system, including calls, telephones and emails. This software is fully compatible with Cisco equipment and is also approved by the company. This collection is designed for managers of companies and managers of organizations in order to fully analyze the contact information and related expenses. The managers of the organization are set up in order to plan and implement the new policies of the organization in the field of reducing call costs, improving the process of responding to customers and also faster communication of employees with each other, regardless of their location.

First of all, it should be noted that Cisco has acquired Imagicle Application Suite to provide better services to its users. But what was the reason for Cisco buying the company?

Imagicle License

Why is Imagicle Application Suite a crucial software for network management?

Cisco decided to buy Imagicle Application Suite for the following reasons:

Easier configuration of telephone network services

The telephone networking platforms developed by Cisco did not have any panels to display the capabilities to the relevant managers, making it very difficult and impossible to monitor the telephone network in organizations. The management and user panel of the Imagicle Application Suite makes this very easy. Managers and users of the telephone network can easily use the user panel of this collection by spending the least amount of training time.

Service with better user experience and user friendly user interface

Configuring many of the telephone network services on the platforms provided by Cisco is very difficult due to the abundant documentation that the company’s software considers. But the Imagicle license service set makes it very easy to configure these services as easily as possible, given the variety of services provided.

This simplification can make the choice of this platform a priority for businesses that are not able to attract telephone network expertise. This issue makes more companies welcome this platform. Because it saves on the cost of employing manpower. In the Imagicle Application Suite, with a few simple clicks, the initial configuration of many services can be done.

Lack of an integrated platform to manage and monitor telephone network

All Cisco telephone network experts are aware of the modular structure of this telephone network. For example, to set up a voice messaging service on an enterprise network, you needed to launch the Cisco Unity Connection platform. You also need to set up Cisco Unified Contact Center Express to set up a call center service with the capabilities of a full call center. Or to launch a data reporting service in the telephone system, it is necessary to launch a completely different platform.

But the lack of a comprehensive platform causes problems in providing and expanding telephone network services in small business-sized companies. Many small and medium size companies needed to set up a comprehensive platform to use lower-cost telephone network License services. But it was not possible to provide many services in this size of business. But today, with the use of Imagicle Application Suite license, this possibility has been provided for network managers and businesses.

Lack of some services in Cisco telephone network

The absence of some important services in Cisco software or the lack of some services such as the quality telephone network provided by the Imagicle license software suite led Cisco to purchase and add this service package to its telephone network architecture.

Cisco telephone network

Imagicle License features

By ordering and purchasing licensed Imagicle Application Suite software, you can add very efficient features to your organization network. We will talk more about some of these features in the following.

For more information, Security License

Imagicle SSAM

Voice messaging service is one of the most important services in the telephone network. With this service, if users are not present to answer incoming calls, this call will be sent to a predetermined destination. The user can then notify their request to the relevant person by voice message.

The advantages of using this service include the following:

  • Ability to send voice messages as an attachment to users’ addresses
  • Ability to integrate with Jabber software to view various voice messages
  • Ability to view voice messages stored in the web panel, specific to each user

Imagicle Queue Manager

This service is a kind of call center. The advantages of this service include the following:

  • Possibility of integration with CME router, in order to provide IVR and call center services in integrated mode
  • Ability to define queues and policies related to call distribution and call reporting in a fully personalized way
  • Ability to use the web panel to define all the flow charts required by the Goya system and change and modify the flowchart order

Imagicle CTI-Attendant

This item is a user software that can be installed on personal computers. With this software, calls and communications related to the telephone network can be managed.

The advantages of this service include the following:

  • Manage call center queues
  • Manage incoming and outgoing calls through software
  • Monitor call center queues and report call center agents’ response status
  • Ability to manage other telephone communication channels (SMS, email, fax, etc.)

Imagicle Call Recording

Call recording service is one of the best services provided by Imagicle Application Suite software suite.

One of the reasons for the superiority of the call recording service of this software is the ability to search for recorded conversations in the simplest possible way. With this licensed software, it is possible to track the path of transferred contacts between different extensions while searching.

Imagicle Call Recording

Imagicle Speedy

This item is related to identifying the audience in the organization’s incoming calls. In this way, it is possible to improve the customer experience of the company in answering customers and prioritizing their calls and routing to the department or person in charge.

Imagicle Order Pricing

Customers can order various Imagicle software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

Imagicle License

Customers are able to get more information about different Imagicle licenses from our sales specialists.
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Imagicle Digital Fax

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Imagicle Speedy Enterprise

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Imagicle Blues Attendant

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Imagicle Call Analytics

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Imagicle Budget Control

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Imagicle Queue Manager Enterprise

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Imagicle Billy Blues

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Imagicle Call Recording

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Imagicle Hotel Pack

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Imagicle Auto Attendant

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