Imagicle Queue Manager License

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  • Last updated on: 18 Jan 2020

Queue Manager

The most powerful solution your Customer Service needs

Imagicle Queue Manager is the solution that lets you manage auto-attendant menu with advanced queuing, sending calls to different operators based on their status, letting you analyze queues in detail thanks to advanced statistics.

Works with or without Imagicle Attendant Console (client PC) for help desk and operator desk services.

Receiving incoming calls simply and professionally


Complete and advanced

Supports multiple queues for auto-attendant and advanced distribution algorithms, calendar management and camp-on.


Messages for everyone

Different, customizable welcome messages. Preconfigured in six languages.


Offer the best service

Hold & Wrap-Up and Pull distribution algorithm to autonomously decide when the next call should be taken.


Complete control

With historical statistics via web and real-time Supervisor on a Windows or iPad client.


With Attendant Console…

Fully integrated with the Imagicle Attendant Console.


… alone as well

Independently of the Attendant Console, it shows queued calls even from the telephone.


All clients get the answers they expect

Thanks to the auto-attendant capabilities (optional module) and the waiting queues supporting different distribution algorithms, calls are sent to specific queues where the most appropriate operator (skills, importance of the client, availability and other criteria) answers the client’s request as quickly as possible.

Personalized welcome messages in different languages depending on the time of day

The application includes professional messages in six languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Arabic) plus hold music.

Can be configured according to time of day or holidays, with specific treatment for when offices are closed (e.g. transfer to voice mail). Each queue can have its own language and the messages can be easily customized with a new audio file.

Empower your customer service with auto attendant features integrated with QME


IVR - Auto Attenant ACD


Auto Attendant Module is natively designed to work with the Imagicle Queue Manager Enterprise to provide a complete Customer Service solution.

The Auto Attendant Module allows to associate the selection made by the customer to a specific queue set up in the Queue Manager Enterprise, where, according to different distribution algorithms, the most appropriate operator will answer in the shortest time possible.

You can also trigger the Auto Attendant service only in the case when no operator is available on the queue, in order not to let the customer waiting too long without an answer.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

Measuring performance has never been simpler: pre-configured reports let you analyze volumes per queue, hold times, distribution per result (dropped, outside business hours, served, etc.), average call management times, distribution of calls per operator, and much more.

You can also schedule reports to receive them regularly directly in your e-mail.

Monitor service levels in real time

Using the Imagicle Supervisor mobile app or directly from the dashboard in Blue’s Attendant Console, you have complete and up-to-date control of queues and operators so that you can intervene in the event of a disruption.

You know exactly how many operators are available for each queue, how many are taking calls, average response times, how long they stay logged on, how long they are on the line, and much more.

 Always under control

Imagicle Supervisor is the free mobile client solution of Queue Manager Enterprise and together they can take your Customer Service to the next level.

Ideal for any operators

Ideal with Blue’s Attendant Console to interact with queued calls, selectively log on or off queues, automatically or manually put calls on hold, display the call list per queue with hold times and much more.

Plus, thanks to integration with Speedy Enterprise, you see the caller’s name and number and can give preferential treatment to certain clients (VIP).