Imagicle Contact Manager (Speedy Enterprise) License

Imagicle Contact Manager (Speedy Enterprise)

Speedy Enterprise Licensing

Imagicle Contact Manager (Speedy Enterprise) License


Speedy- User Guide

included in the Imagicle ApplicationSuite for Cisco UC

1 . Introduction

1.1 Purpose of this document

This guide has been created to allow Imagicle Speedy users to access to company directories, browse contacts and make calls from different users’ interfaces.
Imagicle Speedy allows users to create directories with contacts, manually or by importing from files or from external sources and provides access to its directories through:

  • Web interface
  • Selected Cisco IP Phones
  • Jabber for Desktop
  • Blue’s Attendant CTI client (not treated in this guide)

The access is fully managed by an intuitive and easy to use interface, available in six different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic and Italian.

1.2 Imagicle ApplicationSuite overview

Speedy Enterprise is included in the ApplicationSuite, which provides a set of best in class applications empowering and simplifying existing collaboration offering.

The Imagicle ApplicationSuite addresses the needs of organizations from any vertical, providing an awesome experience to all users, from their Jabber desktop and mobile clients, their IP Phones, browsers, and mobile devices (iOS-Android Smartphones & tablets).

All the applications can be accessed through an easy to use Web Interface: IP Fax Server, Accounting & Billing, Advanced Directory Services-CallerID-ClickToCall, Attendant Console-CTI-Advanced Queueing, PhoneLock, Call Recording and more.

The web interface provides a single integrated environment to get access to all functionalities by logging in once.

In an international multi-site environment, each user has a localized access to Imagicle server with own language.


2 .Speedy – User Web Interface

Speedy provides its own web portal, that you can access with your own credentials. Just open a supported web browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, and enter the name or IP address of Imagicle server. This will bring the Imagicle Suite login page:


Imagicle Queue Manager is the automatic call distribution software that lets you manage auto-attendant menu and advanced queuing, sending calls to different operators based on their status, letting you analyze queues in detail thanks to advanced statistics.

Through the web portal it is possible to define different queues, each made up by a number of operators, easy customization of audio messages for welcome day, night and hold messages. Professional messages are already built in and available in 6 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Arabic). Each queue can have is language and messages can be also easily customized by loading new .wav files through the web interface.


On the go: Imagicle Supervisor mobile app

Queue Manager Enterprise gives out its best in combination with the free iPad App directly downloaded from the AppStore: the Imagicle Supervisor.

This application provides the best features for the control and management of your incoming calls, from your mobile device, allowing you to monitor and take immediate action on the queue statuses and the performances of your operators, i.e. opening and closing queues or logging in/out operators and more, it’s what you need for your peace of mind.



  • Main Features: Imagicle Queue Manager Enterprise
  • Deployment: This product is included in the Imagicle ApplicationSuite with all the other apps of the suite, available as a setup package for installation on any virtual machine/physical server or through a ready-to-deploy Virtual Appliance
  • Scalability: 100 operators and 120 channels for queued calls per instance (physical or virtual), maximum 100 queues. Multiple instances supported.
  • Provisioning: Manual or automatic from CuCM via AXL or Microsoft AD, LDAP/OpenLDAP systems and CSV files.
  • High Availability: Active Hot Standby, either on same DC or different DC (Disaster Recovery)
  • System alarms: Yes, via e-mail and SNMP
  • Queuing and messaging: Flexible and powerful queue configuration with audio messages and distribution algorithm through web interface based on day/night/holiday schedules
  • Caller based routing: Dedicated script to allow caller’s language-based routing to different queues
  • Camp on: Yes, can transfer calls to busy extensions with automatic queuing until available or return to the operator after timeout
  • Auto-attendant: Optional Auto Attendant Module including a simple web wizard to create auto-attendant services 
  • User experience: Paired with Blue’s Attendant PC client, it guarantees a complete attendant console solution, with advanced queuing and statistics functions. Without Blue’s Attendant for advanced queueing functions with operators who can log on or off directly from their telephone.
  • Report: Yes, complete pre-set reports per queue and agent via web interface, with email scheduling.
  • Supervisor: Yes, via PC (Blue’s Attendant dashboard) and free iPad app
  • Hybrid scenario support: Available on a project base
  • Globalized Dialing Plan (E.164) support: Yes
  • Protocols and codecs: Based on the SIP protocol, supports both G.711 and G.729
  • Multi-tenant / shared instance support: Yes, by partitioning visibility to queues and related reports
  • Multi cluster support: Yes, with non-overlapping dialing plan and same UC System version across the clusters


Imagicle Contact Manager (Speedy Enterprise) License

Imagicle Contact Manager (Speedy Enterprise) License


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Imagicle Contact Manager License

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