Imagicle Speedy Enterprise License

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  • Last updated on: 19 Jan 2020

Speedy Enterprise

Advanced directories, Caller ID and Click to Call

Speedy Enterprise is the solution that centralizes and synchronizes company directories, providing fast searches, click to call and caller ID on phone, web, mobile and Cisco Jabber.

It is Cisco Compatible certified and has been chosen by Cisco as its official solution worldwide. As of February 2012, Imagicle Speedy Enterprise is available for purchase directly on Cisco GPL through the Solutions+ program.

The most powerful and integrated directory management service for your company

Directory Cisco

Everything within reach

Complete internal and external, personal, group and company contact management. From phone, smartphone, web and Cisco Jabber.

Cisco Directory

Know who’s calling

Caller/called party recognition on the phone display, in Cisco Jabber and Imagicle Attendant Console.

Cisco Directory

Click to Call

From phone, web, mobile app, Cisco Jabber, search and click on your contact to call directly from your phone.

Cisco Directory

Import and synchronize

Directly from any external source such as, Dynamics, ODBC, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Excel, LDAP, etc.

Cisco Directory

Take directories with you

Mobile app to quickly find your personal and company contracts, also in LinkedIn. Integrated with Cisco Jabber Mobile.

Cisco Directory

In Jabber

Gadget for Jabber Desktop to access all internal/external contact with clip & call and Caller ID for your calls.

Find a contact in a flash

With a single search, Imagicle Directory finds the right contact with up-to-date info in company, public and personal directories.

Know who’s calling

Thanks to the immediate pairing of the calling number with the contact in your directories, you get all the info you need right away on your phone’s display, in Cisco Jabber and in Imagicle Attendant.

Personal and public contacts You decide what you want to share. 

You can create and manage public directories, or directories reserved for individual groups/departments, or directories with private contacts that only you can see on your IP phone. Each user can be assigned to a group and see directories assigned to that group in addition to their own and public directories.

Speed dial numbers: hard to forget

Is it hard for you to remember colleagues’ cell phone numbers? It just got easier: just add a prefix to their extension and it’s done.

Also ideal for companies where you want to allow calls to certain numbers without revealing them (e.g. a manager’s cell phone).