Juniper Networks License

Juniper License

Juniper Networks designs, manufactures, and supplies innovative products and services that provide customers with high-performance network infrastructure. The licensed products of this brand create responsive and reliable environments to accelerate the deployment of services and applications through a single network. The company offers a broad product portfolio that includes routing, switching, security, application acceleration, and policy identification and control.

Project management and risk reduction

Support for planning and construction capabilities is actually Juniper’s approach to project management and risk reduction process. Network management or security enforcement requires careful planning capabilities and the application of the best solutions offered in the IT industry to ensure that projects proceed smoothly and with minimal risk. Juniper Project Management Methodology, or JPMM for short, provides a foundation and basis for managing and controlling projects and the process of identifying and reducing risks.

Juniper Project Management Methodology or JPMM, while using standardized and scalable processes, also benefits from the knowledge gained around the world and the experiences gained from hundreds of projects. This approach provides the following capabilities:

  • Flexible decision points
  • More accurate budgeting and forecasting
  • Review the progress of the program continuously
  • Ensuring timely and accurate completion of deliverables
  • Timely participation of managers and stakeholders in all phases of the project
  • Starting, continuing and finishing the project in a controlled and organized manner

Juniper Networks License

This system operates through two parts; software platform systems and software solutions.

The Platform Systems provides scalable routing and switching products that are used in service provider, enterprise and public sector networks to control and direct network traffic between data centers, cores, campuses, wide area networks, branch offices and devices. Consumer and commercial use.

The Software Solutions also provides software solutions focused on network security and network service applications for service providers and enterprise customers.

Juniper Networks focuses primarily on core routers, which are used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to perform IP address lookups and direct Internet traffic.

Juniper Networks designs and markets IT networking products such as routers, switches and IT security products. Juniper is the third largest market share holder for routers and switches used by ISPs. Also, with a 24.8% share of the firewall market, it is the second largest shareholder of the firewall products market. In data center security equipment, Juniper is the second largest market share holder after Cisco.

For more information, Security License

History of Juniper Networks

In 1995, due to the explosive growth of the Internet and the importance of connecting computers, the founder of this company was impressed by the enormous potential of the router. He returned from vacation with the idea of ​​starting a company to provide high-performance routers to support the rapidly emerging Internet. After some disappointing responses from venture capitalists, the company managed to secure funding and Juniper Networks was incorporated and started operating on February 6, 1996 in California.

Instead of starting small like many startups, Juniper Network decided to take an approach to tackle the toughest problems and solve them.

The company’s first product, the revolutionary M40 router, launched in September 1998, did just that. The M40 far surpassed other routers on the market and cemented Juniper’s position as an innovative and serious player in the hardware market. The development of the M40 was a major undertaking that required two years of research and work. During that time, to keep venture capitalists and customers happy, Juniper Networks created what would later become its core differentiator and the foundation for all future innovation.

Juniper Networks had $3.8 million in revenue in 1998. By the following year, its single product, the M40 router, was being used by 50 telecommunications companies. Juniper Net has signed agreements with Alcatel and Ericsson to distribute the M40 internationally. The European headquarters was established in England and the Asia Pacific headquarters was established in Hong Kong. A subsidiary was established in Japan and its offices in Korea were established in 1999. Juniper Networks’ market share of core routers increased from 6 percent in 1998 to 17.5 percent a year later and 20 percent by April 2000.

In late 2000, Juniper formed a joint venture with Ericsson to develop and market network switches for Internet traffic on mobile devices. In 2001, Juniper introduced a technical certification program and built the first optical Internet network in China. Juniper’s growth slowed in 2001, as the corporate telecommunications division slumped and revenue from dot-com sales fell by two-thirds.

Juniper Networks rebounded by 2004, surpassing $1 billion in revenue for the first time that year and reaching $2 billion in revenue in 2005. Since 2004, with the acquisition of NetScreen, Juniper Networks has started manufacturing and marketing products for the enterprise sector. By 2005, enterprise customers accounted for one-third of the company’s revenue, but had spent $5 billion on acquisitions and research and development to market the company.

Juniper Products

The products of this company are divided into the following three categories:

  1. Network Managements
  2. Switching
  3. Security

Juniper Networks License

Juniper Network Managements

Integrated management of network equipment based on Juniper network management solutions supports not only Juniper company equipment, but also many network equipment. This licensed equipment and solutions based on it make the management of logs and other network events very easy for network administrators and allow the preparation of various reports. Junos space is a product for the integrated management of Juniper equipment.

Juniper Switching

Juniper’s Ethernet switches are economical for the network and reduce the capital and operational costs of the network for installing data center offices. These switches have high performance, speed, security and reliability and low latency.

Juniper Security

Juniper provides high-performance, scalable, and integrated solutions for network security, applications, and access across an organization’s network. Juniper’s solutions and products include an integrated ecosystem where the network, applications and data access are strictly controlled and protected and are responsive to new business needs.

Juniper License

Juniper Security key features

  • Management and intelligence: Integrated policy management across the network, including log management and analysis.
  • Securing networks: high-performance and scalable perimeter defense capabilities that protect physical and virtual networks.
  • Access security: Unified and systematic policy management for network applications and data access, including policy controls for all smart devices in an organization. Application security: advanced protection against vulnerabilities and exploits related to applications, including a system to prevent intrusion into web servers.

Juniper Srx series powerful firewalls with high performance are suitable for small networks to large organizations and service providers. They also have full utm–Ips–AppSec capabilities.

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