LiveAction Live Wire License

LiveAction LiveWire 

LiveAction Live Wire License
LiveAction Live Wire License


With deep LiveNX integrations, LiveWire makes it easily to transition from flow-level to packet-level analysis and back again.

The Challenge

There’s more data than ever on business networks as these networks expand to remote sites, WAN edge and data centers. Getting visibility across the entire network and troubleshooting networked applications fast is difficult. Most organizations use a host of network monitoring tools for analyze of flow and packet data. Using multiple tools makes solving issues time-consuming, impacting mean time to resolution (MTTR).

The Solution

LiveWire high-performance packet capture appliances integrates seamlessly with LiveNX to extend network monitoring and application troubleshooting to remote sites and branches, WAN edge, and data centers. LiveWire enables real-time and post-event analytics up to 100G and is perfect for capturing packets from virtually anywhere in the network. LiveWire has deep integrations into LiveNX so you can now easily transition from flow-level to forensic-level analysis and back – in a single software solution. LiveWire uses LiveFlow to convert packet data into rich flow-based data using IPFIX and automatically exports this data into LiveNX. LiveNX then makes it easy to quickly identify and resolve application issues, such as VoIP and video performance problems, without the need for deep forensic analysis.

But should you need to dive deep into packet analysis, you can easily transition from flow to deep packet inspections as LiveWire captures real-time packet data for deep forensic analysis using LiveAction’s renowned Omnipeek software.

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LiveWire Overview

LiveWire high-performance appliances are designed for a variety of use cases at remote sites, branches, data centers, LAN, and WAN edge. All LiveWire appliances are designed to work seamlessly with LiveNX, making it easy to transition from flow-level to packet-level analysis, and back, in a single user interface. Place LiveWire inline to automatically begin collecting network statistics and trend data for immediate display and long-term reporting. Users can instantly access in-depth analytics on network activity such as bandwidth utilization, application response times, flow volume, packet types, expert events, security events, and VoIP calls.

LiveAction Live Wire License

LiveWire Benefits

Customers can benefit from the following features:

  • Optimize application performance at remote sites, WAN edge, & data centers
  • Enable real-time and post-event analytics up to 100G
  • Solve issues faster using both with flow and packet-level analysis
  • 24x 7 remote troubleshooting and reporting
  • Easily troubleshooting of VoIP and video performance issues
  • Easy configuration and management of numerous LiveWire devices when devices are connected to the internet

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