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LiveAction LiveNX License

LiveAction LiveNX License

The licensed LiveNX from LiveAction is a real game changer. By creating a comprehensive picture of network performance and proactively identifying network issues, network departments regain control with an integrated platform for monitoring and diagnosing network performance.


LiveAction LiveNX License


LiveNX key features

Capacity planning

Find the resources that are most used and changed. Such as bandwidth, CPU, main memory, etc., as well as a detailed review of information, including statistics and interface errors. In addition, it can be combined with other reports collected from other parts and finally give the network administrator an overview of the resources that are used the most.

SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) management

This licensed platform has the ability to effectively investigate the performance of WAN networks including MPLS, hybrid, SD-WAN to obtain the return on investment (ROI). When a device in the network decides to change the route for a specific destination, this program renders and graphically displays the change on the network topology.

Service quality management and control

Today, in networks with the presence of multimedia programs, integrated communications and many services used by organizations, we need a better user experience for end users more than ever. The LiveNX platform provides full QoS management to the network administrator.

This means that the network manager can add, remove or change the service quality assurance policies in real time. Also, by having a suitable graphic wizard and having a number of pre-embedded sample policies that consist of the best solutions and items proposed by Cisco, you can be sure that the selected items are in accordance with the world’s standards.

Another very important thing is to generate reports of performance, configuration and errors of QoS policies, which is also done by this platform.

Transparency of programs and debugging

The ability to see all protocols, all kinds of applications, including video, audio, communication programs, file sharing programs, etc. In this platform, managers have a deep view of the data flow in their network.

Troubleshooting applications implemented in the data center, public cloud spaces or platforms such as services, leads to greater transparency in network performance. This transparency ultimately leads to understanding which applications are using network resources and how. This issue can be effective in deciding to have optimal mechanisms and policies.

LiveNX License

Unparalleled network transparency and service guarantee

The interactive map of the network provided by this platform displays the flow of network traffic in real time. On this map, you can see the data flow path and the network devices in the path. Also, this topology allows network administrators to analyze and check more details of the network. In this way, they can finally apply the necessary items in their policies and the organization. In addition, with the Flow Playback feature, you can check past data flows based on date or time.

SD-WAN visual analysis and management

The licensed LiveNX (LiveAction LiveNX License) provides visual analytics and management for Cisco-specific REST APIs (such as DNA Center and vManage), as well as other vendor networking elements, to verify and optimize application performance.

Web-based application monitoring

The licensed LiveNX User Experience module monitors the end user experience to understand the availability and performance of web-based applications, such as Salesforce or Microsoft 360 or other applications.

QoS monitoring, alerts and management

Monitor QoS performance by class; set severity-based alerts for proactive application problem notifications; and edit, create and apply QoS policies for Cisco routers and Layer 3 switches.

Proactive alerting and anomaly detection

LiveNX provides aggregated criteria-specific alerts from multiple events, displaying only those alerts that require immediate attention. Additionally, the LiveNX Insight module uses machine learning for proactive anomaly detection and path change notifications.

For more information, LiveAction License

Customizable dashboards and advanced reports

Simplify dashboards and reports with preconfigured standard reports and customizable report templates for network operations, executives, and capacity planning. These reports can be scheduled or run ad hoc.

Built-in analysis at stream and packet level

With the licensed LiveWire, you can quickly move from stream analysis to packet analysis for forensic-grade troubleshooting using both real-time and historical replay data. LiveWire is designed for use in remote offices, branch offices, edge WANs, public clouds, and data centers

Visual analysis for application troubleshooting

LiveNX network visualization and analysis can quickly identify network optimization issues and improve the performance of voice, video and instant messaging applications, to name a few.

Unified data on one platform

View the entire network by unifying data from virtually anywhere – WAN, SD-WAN, WLAN, remote offices, data centers and multi-cloud including AWS and Azure.

This licensed solution is the only network performance management platform with the scale and power to optimize your entire network.

Optimize network performance

Proactively identify, troubleshoot and resolve network and application performance issues quickly, no matter where they occur.


Gain visibility at the network level

Gain complete visibility into network applications in multivendor, multi domain and multi cloud network environments.

Merge network data

Merge data on your domains – stream, packet, SNMP, WiFi and API – on one platform.

LiveAction LiveNX License

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