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ManageEngine Access Manager Plus License

ManageEngine Access Manager Plus


ManageEngine Access Manager Plus License


ManageEngine Access Manager Plus is a secure remote access solution that enables granular, role-based privileged access to critical systems, monitors and records all privileged sessions; and provides real-time control over every rem  ote session.


ManageEngine Access Manager Plus License is a constructive platform to achieve secure remote access management and session governance. It allows you to establish privileged sessions to underlying systems (Windows and Linux) via a centralized console; monitor, join, record or terminate sessions effectively.

It allows you to define roles for users and grant required privileges or access rights for those roles. It also allows you to distribute the user information and access grants to all devices and systems that enforce access rights in the organization. Furthermore, it lets you monitor and assess the privileged users’ activities to detect anomalies.

On the whole, Access Manager Plus provides real-time monitoring and control of access and sessions of all privileged users, to counteract malicious activities.

Benefits of Access Manager Plus

The ManageEngine Access Manager Plus provides the  following benefits for the customers:

  • Centralized console to monitor, record and control concurrent remote sessions, thereby enhancing the overall usability.
  • Ability to toggle between multiple active connections from a central console, thus improving workflow and productivity.
  • Proficiency to join live sessions to watch user activity, collaborate, assist with troubleshooting, or simply monitor usage to ensure compliance and security standards.
  • Capability to record and playback privileged sessions and create a full audit trail of events, thus conforming to regulatory compliance.
  • Ability to terminate active sessions and curb further proceedings, when a foul activity is suspected.
  • Eliminates the need for password vaulting, or new software or agents on servers or clients, thus facilitating speed deployment and reducing overhead.


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Typical remote access use cases addressed by Access Manager Plus:

Data center access for server, network, application, database, and security administrators requiring Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), VNC, SQL, and Secure Shell (SSH) connections to data center resources across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments from a  cisco single console.

Remote work facilities for the entire workforce by enabling privileged access to sensitive corporate systems through secure RDP and SSH sessions. Granular access controls for enterprise system administrators to provide users with just enough privileges to access the required folders and applications.

Remote access to industrial control systems (ICS) for technicians, maintenance engineers, and plant operators to connect to critical servers located in various automation systems, like PLCs, SCADA, DCS, HMIs, etc. through RDP and SSH jump servers, enabling them to conduct tasks such as troubleshooting or software patching.

Temporary, role-based access for third parties, like contractors, vendors, and outsourced employees, to access specific enterprise systems or applications without the need for privileged credentials. Create custom roles for them with just the right access to conduct their tasks, while recording, logging, and monitoring their activities.

Collaborative session settings for administrators to join an ongoing remote session with a single click for brainstorming, and also offer assistance to users while monitoring their activities during troubleshooting sessions.

Privileged session monitoring to promote organizational transparency and provide IT administrators with the ability to view and, if necessary, interrupt and terminate an active privileged session. Record every user session with playback capabilities for forensic audits.

Secure file transfer capabilities during a remote session that enables privileged users to transfer files between a remote system and the local host or between two remote systems, as well as upload or download files on the remote device based on their preset role permissions.

Streamlined RDP sessions that allow users to connect to specific Windows applications configured as RemoteApps in the target systems, instead of the entire remote desktop.

Privileged access to operational technology (OT) endpoints in the manufacturing process from any remote device or location, including production sites, for security experts to monitor and control geographically distributed assets.

Secure remote access for medical professionals to healthcare systems, like hospital information systems (HIS), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), imaging systems, radiation therapy systems, and patient monitoring systems, for remote diagnostics and maintenance services.

ManageEngine Access Manager Plu Order Pricing

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ManageEngine Access Manager Plu License

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