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ManageEngine ADAudit Plus License

Manageengine AdAudit Plus

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus License

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus License


The ManageEngine ADAudit Plus software is an excellent and complete software set and the best solution for auditing and tracking all changes that have occurred in Microsoft active directory.

This software is a web base as well as real time software with more than 200 practical and complete reports for the following important and evaluable components.

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus License key features

Verify changes in Group Policy object settings

  • Control the end-user experience by monitoring changes to Windows settings in real time.
  • Immediately send notifications of unwarranted changes to Group Policy settings that could be the prelude to further attacks.
  • Provide clear and concise information about recently created, deleted, and modified GPOs. Get the complete history of changes to the GPO if needed.
  • Pay particular attention to sudden changes to high-level GPO settings such as user configuration, account lockout, and password policies, along with their old and new values.
  • Schedule periodic reports on who has associated GPOs at different levels, including at the domain and OU level, to meet the required compliance standards. Enable forensic analysis with a complete audit trail of any changes to Group Policy settings in your domain.

Analyze and resolve account suspensions

  • Analyze and resolve account hangs faster by checking for outdated credentials or incorrect network drive mappings.
  • Audit and report on each individual account lockout, along with critical details such as lockout time, user computer, and login history.
  • Reduce crippling user downtime by quickly alerting system administrators when critical administrative user accounts are locked out.
    For more information, ManageEngine License
  • Quickly diagnose and resolve repeated account lockouts by analyzing multiple Windows components, including services, applications, and scheduled tasks.
  • Accelerate brute force attack detection and use automated threat response to log out the user session or shut down the infected system. Track frequently blocked user accounts over time to identify the most affected employees and see details on the cause of their blocking for further analysis.

Monitor user login behavior

  • Monitor and analyze your employees’ productivity every day by closely monitoring logon time, downtime and more.
  • Use our comprehensive reports to track computer startup time, shutdown time, active hours, shutdown type, and more.
  • Get a complete access audit trail for each user, along with instant details on who logged in, from where, since when, and more.
  • Gain insights into security by monitoring all types of user login behavior, including interactive, remote, local, and network logins.
  • Alerts administrators of sudden and atypical user logon behaviors, such as unusual logon times, by monitoring deviations from the baseline created using machine learning. Track and analyze failed login attempts based on username, IP address, login time, and other factors to identify and mitigate potential signs of indiscretion.

Track AD changes in real time

  • Track when users are added and removed from security and distribution groups to ensure users have the absolute minimum permissions.
  • Monitor user management actions, including creation, deletion, password reset, and permission changes, along with details of who did what, when, and from where.
  • Audit all changes to Group Policy settings, including changes to domain-level policies such as account lockout and password policy, as well as old and new policy values.
  • Get detailed information about everything residing in AD, including objects such as users, computers, groups, OUs, GPOs, schemas, and sites, along with their attributes .
  • Be notified of permission changes at different levels in AD, including domain, OU, group, container, and user to limit unnecessary access. Quickly discover unjustified configuration changes, such as custom attributes added to the schema, FSMO role changes, and site changes.

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