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ManageEngine AssetExplorer License

ManageEngine AssetExplorer License

ManageEngine AssetExplorer is a web-based solution designed to help small and large businesses manage and track all company assets. Features include IT asset inventory management, software license management, compliance checking, customizable reports, and more.

The licensed ManageEngine AssetExplorer’s ITAM module allows organizations to streamline the entire lifecycle of an asset by managing vendor details, warranty periods, pricing, and more. It comes with an order management module that allows users to create and manage contracts and receive regular notifications about expiration dates and renewals.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer License

Additionally, it provides a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) tool that helps users maintain connectivity between continuous integrations (CIs) in the network, like Facilities, IT Services and More. ManageEngine AssetExplorer supports integration with ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus, which allows users to track information on all software and hardware assets in one central location. Pricing is available upon request and support is extended via email, phone and documentation.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer key features

Group assets and manage them easily

Grouping your assets allows you to manage assets and easily understand the context. Static grouping allows you to add resources by selecting them at will. Dynamic grouping allows you to create criteria for adding resources to this group. In the latter case, when a new resource with these criteria is added to your network, this resource will automatically be included in the appropriate group.

Visualize software compliance with Flash charts

Software Asset Management helps you keep track of all your software assets and licenses. You can group software into different categories such as software type, license type, vendor name, etc. Flash charts provide an easy-to-understand overview of software compliance on your network.

For more information, ManageEngine License

IT Asset Inventory Management

The first and most important part of IT Asset Management (ITAM) is being able to scan/discover all the assets in your network. Only when you have discovered all the assets can you monitor and manage them effectively. AssetExplorer gives you a wide range of asset scanning methods to make sure you get them all.

Resource management

All assets in the network are broadly classified in AssetExplorer as IT assets, non-IT assets, asset components, software and groups.

Product and supplier details

AssetExplorer Asset Management helps you create product types and organize different products. You can fill in several fields for easy identification when adding a product. You can also add vendor information for a particular product, such as vendor name, warranty period, price, and more.

Relationship between your mission-critical assets

The configuration management database (CMDB) allows you to configure and monitor the various relationships of each mission-critical resource on the network. This helps with a change in network infrastructure or with analyzing the root cause of a problem.

Discover powerful asset discovery capabilities with AssetExplorer

Are you facing bottlenecks in discovering and mapping your IT asset landscape? The unified agent for asset discovery and its licenses helps IT administrators easily discover, track, and manage distributed IT assets across their organization.

The unified agent scans Windows, Linux, and macOS devices and ensures the consistency of data extracted from these devices. The unified agent installed on the workstation (on the same network or at a remote location) provides information to the Acronis AssetExplorer database during the first scan. During subsequent scans, the agent updates changes to asset data in the AssetExplorer database.

Network and network range scans

This resource scanning method is used to discover and track IP devices such as routers, switches, and printers. Enter the network name or network range and AssetExplorer will round the assets to your dashboard.

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