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ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

DataSecurity Plus is a unique solution for data visibility and security. In the following we provide a brief overview of the licensed DataSecurity Plus, its features and capabilities.

What is DataSecurity Plus?

DataSecurity Plus is a real-time file server auditing, data risk assessment, and data leak prevention solution. It audits file changes and policy violations, identifies non-compliance issues, alerts administrators, and responds to incidents to mitigate potential damage to data storage.

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

Cloud protection

DataSecurity Plus Cloud Protection helps track an organization’s web traffic and enforce strict controls on cloud application usage. This help document is intended to help users install and configure the module and manage cloud app usage on endpoint devices.

With DataSecurity Plus Cloud Protection you can:

Monitor cloud app usage

Analyze cloud application usage across all endpoint devices in your organization along with details like app category, reputation score, and so on.

Assess the risks to cloud apps

With this licensed solution you can calculate the risk score of all cloud apps used in your organization by considering various factors such as age, underlying URLs, threat history, and so on.

Check the use of shadow apps

Discover shadow applications used in your organization and block their use depending on the security threat they pose.

Block unapproved applications

Stop using cloud apps not intended for organizational use, such as shopping and gaming sites, by limiting access.

Endpoint DLP

The licensed DataSecurity Plus’ DLP endpoint solution protects sensitive data from disclosure or theft on traditional and virtual endpoints.

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Check terminal usage

Check and monitor printer, fax, clipboard and USB usage with real-time monitoring.

Prevent data leaks

Prevent sensitive personal information such as PII and ePHI from being shared via USB drives or emails.

Respond to Incidents

Set up alerts for unauthorized USB use, block data leaks via email (Outlook), and resolve issues instantly.

For more information, ManageEngine License

Supported Platforms

DataSecurity Plus helps prevent data leaks between workgroups and domain-based workstations. Endpoint DLP can be deployed on the following Windows operating system versions:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • windows 10
  • Windows11

The DataSecurity Plus agent can only run on a computer running .NET Framework version 4 or later in addition to one of the above operating systems.

DataSecurity Plus

Source-based reporting

  • In the software dashboard to view source-based reports,
  • Click the Endpoints tab. Go to Reports> Origin-Based Reports.
  • Choose an endpoint name to view audit data for that specific endpoint.
  • Select the desired time interval using the Period drop-down list.
  • You can view the following reports:
  • FIM report
  • Report on local file system changes with real-time endpoint monitoring. Report file copied
  • List of all files copied during local or remote access.
  • Audit report by email
  • Lists Outlook email usage on selected devices.
  • Printer test report
  • Report on printer usage in selected endpoints.
  • Web audit report
  • Lists file upload and download activities.
  • File Share Report
  • Lists accesses and modifications to shared files. Removable storage file activity
  • File activity report on USB devices.

Data Risk Assessment

DataSecurity Plus Data Risk Assessment examines file contents to discover critical data and classifies them based on their sensitivity and vulnerability.

fundamental skills

Discover sensitive data

Find, analyze and track sensitive personally identifiable information (aka PII or ePHI) stored on Windows file servers and failover clusters.

Classify your riskiest data

Identify the most vulnerable data based on content and context parameters.

Report confidential files

Use both automatic and manual file tagging to categorize files faster and reduce the burden on IT admins.

Scan different file types

Scan sensitive content from over 50 file types, including emails, text files, and compressed files.

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