ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus: Data security refers to the process of protecting data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle. Data security includes data encryption, hashing, tokenization, and key management practices that protect data across all applications and platforms.

Take charge of your sensitive data with DataSecurity Plus. Get a snapshot of recent user activity, file activity, and access trends. Know the essential four Ws for every access: Who accessed what, when, and from where. Focus on events that matter most, such as sudden permission changes, file deletions, and renaming events.

Identify the most active users, most accessed files, and most modified files within your file server. rigger instant alerts whenever there’s sudden spikes in file or folder access or modification events. Get real-time notifications whenever there’s multiple failed access attempts to critical files. Monitor changes made to sensitive files after business hours. Selectively monitor critical files, folders, shares, and user activities. Get real-time alerts whenever unauthorized modifications are made to critical files. Spot privilege misuse and unusual activity by configuring threshold-based alerts to monitor user-generated events.

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

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DataSecurity Plus Product Features

Computer Security

  • Audit Trail
  • Compliance Management
  • File Access Control
  • Real Time Monitoring

Data Discovery

  • Contextual Search
  • False Positives Reduction
  • Sensitive Data Identification

Data Management 

  • Access Control
  • Data Mapping
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Sensitive Data Identification


  • Compliance Management
  • Document Indexing
  • Keyword Search
  • Metadata Extraction

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Malware/Anomaly Detection
  • Remediation Management
  • Root Cause Analysis

GDPR Compliance

  • Access Control
  • Data Mapping
  • Sensitive Data Identification


Risk Management

  • Auditing
  • Compliance Management
  • Dashboard
  • Risk Assessment

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

Product Details

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