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ManageEngine(Endpoint Central) Desktop Central License

ManageEngine Endpoint Central License

ManageEngine Desktop Central License is a unified endpoint management solution that helps manage servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location. Using an on-premises or cloud-based UEM, you can perform endpoint management routines such as patching, software deployment, operating system imaging and deployment, device management mobile and BYOD, remote troubleshooting, modern management automation and more! It also has a mobile app so you can manage terminals anywhere, anytime!

ManageEngine(Endpoint Central) Desktop Central License

Effective Workstation Power Management Techniques

Desktop Power Management is a process that effectively manages and optimizes the power consumption of computer hardware, thereby saving money and energy. Businesses that work with hardware such as laptops, computers, printers, and other peripherals need to turn off the power when not in use or put them into sleep mode when idle. With the licensed Endpoint Central, you can apply power schemes, disable screen savers, shut down idle computers, and lower your energy bills.

ManageEngine Endpoint Central key features

Apply Power Schemes

Define and apply appropriate power schemes to reduce power consumption when the system is idle

Disable screen saver

Screensavers consume up to 25% more power than regular screens. Save energy by disabling the screen saver

Shut down inactive computers

Schedule computer shutdowns after hours. This alone saves you up to 76% of your energy costs.

Power management reports

Get the System Readiness Report to review your Go Green initiative

For more information, ManageEngine License

What is Power Management?

Power management is an approach that encompasses a set of practices that help optimize an organization’s net power consumption by its devices and terminals such as computers, laptops, servers, etc. Some common practices include automatically shutting down inactive computers, applying power schemes, and disabling screen savers, etc. The end goal of desktop power management is to reduce costs and minimize the company’s digital carbon footprint.

USB Device Security Management

The usage of portable storage devices is a growing reality and it poses two main concerns for an organization: data theft and malware injection. In the absence of a comprehensive USB device management software, it is extremely easy for a disgruntled employee to inject malware or steal business-critical information using a USB device. To prevent such things from happening, IT teams need to enforce strong device restrictions with an apt USB security management in place to enforce USB device control.

ManageEngine Endpoint Central License

ManageEngine(Endpoint Central) Desktop Central License


Implementing USB Device Management within your network

Endpoint Central’s secure USB management features help administrators limit the scope of USB device usage, selectively based on the various roles and departments. This aspect of USB device control enables administrators to centrally control the usage of various USB devices in the network by blocking or disabling them. It prevents unauthorized download and upload activities as well as the possibility to inject harmful malware into the network. Using the USB security management software the restriction can be set not just on the computer and user level but also on the manufacturer type, providing more accessibility.

What is USB Device Management and Control?

USB device management and control is the process of monitoring and limiting the use of USB devices within a network to protect against insider threats. USB device management is critical to endpoint and data security, and good USB security management software keeps threats at bay.

Benefits of USB Device Manager

Securing and managing USB devices on the corporate network using corporate USB device management software can offer many benefits. Some of them are as below:

  • With this licensed solution you can minimize threats from malicious programs or code and strengthen business security.
  • Prevent theft and loss of data that can result from employee use of personal USB sticks.
  • Prevent booby-trapped USB devices (devices infected with a worm or virus) from damaging corporate devices.
  • Professional USB management software prevents unidentified and unauthorized devices from connecting to your business.

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