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ManageEngine Device Control License

ManageEngine Device Control License


The licensed ManageEngine Device Control Plus is an enterprise solution by ManageEngine that monitors and controls the various peripherals connected to endpoints over an enterprise IT network. You can extend control over a variety of external devices such as USB memories, CD-ROMs, printers, modems, network adapters and more.

Device Control License

Device Control Plus license is specifically designed to prevent data leakage through removable drives and eliminate malware intrusion from insecure devices. In doing so, it helps improve the overall safety of the. The product blocks all ports on systems and gives IT administrators complete control over access to external devices. With this helpful solution, IT administrators can use the trusted devices list to monitor external devices in real time and receive notifications when end users connect unauthorized devices.

Device Control Plus also allows users to grant access permissions based on the user’s role within the organization. In addition, administrators can grant users temporary access for a specified period of time.

The licensed, web-based administrative console ManageEngine Device Control Plus enables IT administrators and operators to control, block, and monitor all USB and peripheral devices from a single console. Additionally, it gives the administrator the ability to set strict file access and transfer rules that stop unauthorized devices from accessing or transferring files without a need.

The licensed ManageEngine Device Control server is situated at the client’s location. This server helps with a number of tasks within the company, including:

  • Setting up policies
  • Granting a temporary access
  • Upkeep of reports and audits
  • Setting up the file access and transfer permissions

A policy that the server has assigned to a computer is still applied even if the system is offline. The web-based administrative console for Device Control Plus can be used to complete all device control tasks, including controlling, blocking, and monitoring devices.

This licensed agent is a small piece of software that is installed on computers under Device Control Plus management. The computers in a LAN automatically install it. It aids in completing a number of tasks started by the Device Control Plus server. You can configure the Device Control Plus server to perform the necessary tasks, such as blocking a device from connecting to a computer on your network. The agent duplicates these conditions and makes sure the task is carried out successfully.

Get detailed information about all device and file actions on your network.

Identify signs of policy violations or hacking activity on your network with Device Control Plus by instantly identifying suspicious devices and users attempting to extract their data via removable media.

Device and file audits at your fingertips.

What device tried to connect to your terminals? Who tried to connect it? When did you connect? Device Control Plus’ clear audit reports allow you to track all device, user and file activity from a single console.

Schedule and receive reports at your convenience.

Schedule daily, monthly or weekly reports as you wish and receive them by email. You may want to use these reports for further analysis, e.g. B. to examine user and device behavior patterns.

Detailed reports for the latest information.

You don’t need to search the entire audit report to find recent activity on the device. Use the Device Summary section to quickly analyze recent device activity. Get detailed information about the last connected device, user, computer, actions taken, and more with simplified reports.

Continuously monitor file movements.

With the file tracking feature, you don’t need separate software to track which files leave your company, which ones arrive, where they go, etc. Detailed reports of all file actions are provided instantly, on a whim. The data contains important information such as devices, users, computers and files involved in each operation.

For more information, ManageEngine License

Keep shadow copies of transferred files for better recovery protection.

File shadow reports will include mirror copies of all files that were transferred via removable media. In the event of a data emergency, file shadow audits can be used to identify the exact contents of potentially compromised files and can help formulate effective corrective measures.

View reports and audits intelligently.

Application filters are based on device type, user, file event type and more to enable smart view. This can help you efficiently find the specific information you are looking for, making it easier to inspect network trends and activities.

Archive audit data for effective report management.

Each type of report can be kept for a period specified by the administrator, depending on the data analysis requirements of the organization. There are also more detailed report retention settings, such as choosing to keep file tracking reports only based on certain types of file actions, and with device audit reports, you can access these details even when a locked device attempts to log in via email to quickly alert personal safety.

ManageEngine Device Control License

In addition, the types of reports (device logs, file trace, and shadow file audit) can be: stored for a longer period of time specified by the user in addition to the retention period configured for them individually. For effective storage management, a shared location with “Everyone” access must be configured for uninterrupted data recovery and playback.

Comprehensive device management designed for your organization’s evolving needs.

Your employees may need to use a myriad of wearables alongside your endpoints to do their business. However, connecting an unauthenticated device to the endpoint could create a vulnerability. This acts as a backdoor for attackers to exfiltrate all your sensitive information like financial records, passwords, etc. Not only can this lead to potentially fatal data loss, but your endpoint could also be on the verge of destroying hardware. Therefore, a robust device monitoring solution is required to thoroughly monitor and manage all incoming or already active peripherals on the network.

Why DeviceControl Plus?

As the traditional network security perimeter becomes less effective in the wake of advanced cyber threats, Device Control Plus is a robust agent-server solution offering device intrusion prevention, a Zero Trust security model, device classification, action management on files and privileged access assignment – all in one DLP device management solution to protect your businesses from cyber threats.

Device control plus features

Device Intrusion Prevention.

You don’t have to waste time manually controlling devices. Control of the device more with strict guidelines helps to eliminate a toxic access combination. As soon as the directives are used, the application is automated and continues even when the system is offline. You can also grant temporary access to third party devices.

Device control plus

Identity and management of the access of the device.

Develop your visibility in device and user activities and observe user behavior models to catch the warning signs of a potential initiate attack or an external threat.

Trust-based security model.

With Device Control Plus, you don’t have to spend time and effort keeping track of potential threats. Device Control Plus is based on a zero-trust model where only when the admin grants access only to verified devices, will the devices be allowed within the network.

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