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ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus License

ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus License

ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus is an helpful solution that monitors the transmission and use of sensitive data across the enterprise IT network. The solution supports advanced data discovery and classification techniques such as fingerprinting, RegEx, and keyword lookup that identify and protect sensitive data across multiple endpoints in your organization.

ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus License

The licensed ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus comes with predefined templates that can be used to match and find common forms of sensitive data across the organization. Administrators can create customizable templates for sensitive content specific to your organization.

Endpoint DLP Plus can implement application security by trusting selected applications that are allowed for office-related tasks, so that all data originating from or contained in trusted applications is automatically marked as confidential and users transmitting data is prohibited from trusted apps to unverified apps.

This licensed solution also helps admins limit data uploads to cloud applications. Administrators can allow the use of selected browsers and block all others to implement effective browser security and prevent unauthorized processing and data leakage by browsers. Cloud domains like those associated with drives and other third-party storage services may also be restricted.

Cloud Upload Protection

Endpoint DLP Plus monitors the file content and the upload destination and restricts the upload if necessary. Each time a new file is created or modified, Endpoint DLP Plus scans the file for sensitive data. If the file contains sensitive data, the appropriate policy will be associated with it. The file is then synced and uploaded to the cloud if the policy allows it.

This gives the organization control over what data is uploaded to the cloud. When end-users upload corporate data to their private cloud storage, accidental or intentional data leakage can result. While completely blocking file uploads can mitigate this risk, it’s not an efficient solution, especially in bring-your-own-device environments where employees use the same devices for personal and work use.

The licensed Endpoint DLP Plus aims to solve this dilemma by only allowing corporate data to be uploaded to corporate-approved cloud applications. All major cloud storage services are supported including GoogleDrive, DropBox, Box and iCloud.

Data Security Enforcement on Cloud Platforms

Cloud storage is proving to be a convenient method of data backup for individuals or organizations. The data stored in the cloud can be easily accessed anytime and from any device, which facilitates collaboration, especially in remote working conditions. There is no doubt that cloud storage has fundamentally changed the way files are stored and retrieved in an organization. However, with easier access to data comes greater security threats. Although cloud storage services employ best practices such as data encryption and authentication, sometimes they fall short due to the sheer volume of data that resides in the cloud.

A significant amount of sensitive information belonging to individuals and businesses is stored in the cloud and when security is compromised it can lead to data breaches, malware attacks and more. For this reason, it is important to ensure that files containing sensitive information are not exposed to data leakage. With just a few clicks, admins can manage all cloud uploads with Endpoint DLP Plus.

ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus

ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus


E-mail transfers data across your organization

ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus is powerful software that uses email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities to prevent sensitive data from leaving your organization through unauthorized electronic mail. It helps you prevent email data leaks and strengthen email security in your organization. All elements of an email are monitored for sensitive data and policies can be applied to restrict its transmission.

How does email DLP work?

This licensed solution prevents your data from falling into the wrong hands by securing email communications. Email DLP feature regulates unauthorized access to emails and achieves email security for Outlook.

Filtering emails containing sensitive data

Email DLP uses predefined templates and data classification techniques such as fingerprinting, keyword search, and RegEx to identify emails that contain PII or other restricted industry-specific data. The various fields of an email such as sender, subject, BCC, CC, attachments and more are scanned and filtered for sensitive data.

Defining Policies to Regulate Data Transfer

Once sensitive email has been identified, you can use the Email DLP feature to configure policies to monitor and control the transport of that email. Create policies to block transmission of these emails by default and override the decision after email verification. These policies can be created in accordance with your organization’s security standards and can significantly reduce the risk of accidental data loss by employees.

Whitelist trusted domains to ensure secure communication.

To ensure that confidential data stays within your company, you can whitelist all company-specific domains. This provides a safe place for authorized employees within the organization to communicate freely. Company-approved email domains can be whitelisted so that data leaving the company is only received from a list of approved senders belonging to trusted users or organizations.

Compliance with Security Standards

Implementing DLP for email in your organization helps comply with security standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR by identifying and regulating the transmission of sensitive information.

Why Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Matters

300 billion is the average number of emails sent and received worldwide in a single day. This number shows how widespread and indispensable e-mails are in everyday communication. It goes without saying that a significant amount of information is sent via email every day. Although email makes communication very convenient, sending data via email comes with a significant risk as unknown parties can interfere and steal that data.

Email Data Loss Prevention

This is why email security continues to be a challenge for IT administrators around the world. When exchanged via email between sources, personally identifiable information (PII), including bank details, legal documents, medical records, and other critical organizational information, poses a high risk of data leakage. Email encryption alone is not enough as human error is not taken into account. With Endpoint DLP Plus, administrators can proactively stop data loss by identifying all sensitive data and ensuring only trusted personnel are sharing it over legitimate email domains.

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