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ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer License

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer License

Your company’s IT infrastructure generates a huge amount of log data every day. These machine-generated logs contain vital information that provides insights and network security insights into user behavior, network anomalies, system downtime, policy violations, insider threats, compliance regulations, etc. The task of manually analyzing these event logs and syslogs is not automated, however, the log analysis tool can be time consuming. The licensed ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer is the most affordable security information and event management (SIEM) software on the market.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer License

With this licensed solution, you can automate the entire process of managing terabytes of machine-generated logs by collecting, analyzing, correlating, searching, reporting, and archiving from a central console. This software helps monitor file integrity, conduct log forensics, monitor privileged users, and comply with various compliance regulatory bodies. It does this by analyzing logs. This helpful software can instantly generate a variety of reports like user activity reports, historical trend reports, and more.

Server log management

Servers are the crux of the IT infrastructure and are often exposed to great risks, in fact it is often thought that servers are covered by the firewall layer. But the truth is, they are vulnerable and require security measures. The main concern is the source of the threat, whether it is a hacker disguised as an insider who committed the security breaches. One disgruntled employee can wreck the entire network in one fell swoop and quickly deplete your economy. With the widespread use of remote connectivity technologies, businesses are adopting more teleworkers, global offices, as well as business entities and competitors. Remote workers can create the same threats as in-house workers. The causes could be insufficient security and a lack of monitoring measures for their remote network devices. It is important to keep an eye out for bad guys, data thieves and their working habits. The worst cases of such thefts include: stealing or manipulation of specific, confidential files or harmful confidential data, mismanagement of the password, defining websites and ultimately disturbing. Affects the income, the prestige of the company and the legal punishments.

The safety violations of the server, the employee and information channeled, require a continuous, reliable surveillance solution. Investments in Eventlog Analyzer and the avoidance of security problems of the servers are better than repairing the destruction and expenses for data recovery methods.

ManageEngine License

EventLog Analyzer – Server Monitoring and Management Software

EventLog Analyzer role in your industry:

    • Monitors server performance 24/7
    • Helps to plan for server capacity expansion
    • Records server logs and reports for easy troubleshooting
    • This licensed solution continuously monitors and detects server activity
    • Performs log analysis on various operating systems: Windows, Linux, Solaris and other UNIX systems
    • Investigates and alerts administrator about potential threats and issues for troubleshooting, before a server crash happens
For more information, ManageEngine License

VMware Log Management with EventLog Analyzer

As organizations virtualize their computing space, monitoring the logs of virtual environments takes up a big chunk of the log management pie. Apart from ensuring network security, monitoring VM logs also helps in managing virtualized tools, which is considered to be one of the most complex tasks. Besides protecting against security threats by collecting, analyzing, reviewing, and archiving VM logs, managing VM logs also helps

  • Track VM resource usage and health
  • Troubleshoot resource allocation issues
  • VM Resource Planning and Management
  • Identify the root cause of virtual machine unavailability

Monitoring virtual environment logs has many benefits, as well as challenges. The heterogeneity of resources in the virtual infrastructure complicates the collection and review of logs.

The licensed EventLog Analyzer simplifies virtual infrastructure log monitoring by centrally collecting, normalizing, analyzing, monitoring, and archiving virtual machine logs, generating out-of-the-box reports, and alerting on suspicious activity.

Comprehensive virtual environment monitoring with EventLog Analyzer

The most popular virtual platform preferred by businesses today is VMware. EventLog Analyzer monitors every component of VMware, from individual ESXi devices to vCenter servers.

ESXi device monitoring

This licensed solution automatically receives ESXi device logs through its syslog server without any settings to configure. The solution then generates out-of-the-box reports and alerts on guest logins, VM creations, deletions, and status changes, providing insight into user activity and management resources.

Monitoring vCenter Server

Although monitoring ESXi devices provides status information for individual virtual machines, you should monitor vCenter Server to get a complete view of all actions taking place in the virtual environment. vCenter Server monitoring alone allows you to monitor activities on the database virtual storage and deployed server agents. EventLog Analyzer collects, analyzes, monitors vCenter server logs and creates intuitive, out-of-the-box reports that provide information on overall resource usage, access control to and from each virtual machine, configuration of virtual machine and permission changes.

Windows event log auditing software

Most articles on IT security best practices have one recommendation in common: organizations should check their log data periodically. This is especially true for Windows audit logs because of the valuable security information they contain. In addition to strengthening security, periodic log checking is an essential part of meeting compliance requirements.

EventLog Analyzer

Numerous organizations have had the advantage of detecting network anomalies in time by using Windows audit logs. This is generally done by collecting, parsing and auditing the event logs collected in the network. A common complaint, however, is that the whole process is cumbersome, which is why companies have started adopting log management tools that can automate event log inspection. One such versatile log management tool is EventLog Analyzer, which has all the features needed to meet the auditing needs of organizations. EventLog Analyzer’s report, alert, and search modules provide powerful event log inspection and compliance management.

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