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ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus License

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus License

As you know, Exchange Reporter Plus is one of the most used Manage Engine software services that are being used in large and small companies and organizations. ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is a powerful web-based product for monitoring and analyzing the current situation and creating various reports from Microsoft Exchange servers. This licensed software basically inspects the Exchange server. Providing reports of changes in access permissions, unauthorized login attempts, and recording any user activity on the Exchange server, and it has the ability to record all changes related to the database and provide reports.

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus License

Exchange Server Mailbox Report Tool

As an Exchange administrator, you should be knowledgeable about all the factors that govern Exchange mailboxes. However, the huge volume of mailbox information makes it difficult to track mailbox sizes, inactive mailboxes, and other attributes.

Relying on native tools or PowerShell to get these stats can be complex and time-consuming. Exchange Reporter Plus, with its comprehensive reports on mailbox properties on Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 servers, simplifies your task.

Mailbox Size Reports:

Size is a crucial aspect of mailboxes as it is directly related to resource management on the server. With Exchange Reporter Plus in the licensed ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus you can:

  • Analyze the mailbox statistics of all users
  • Monitor both the size and growth of mailboxes.
  • Compare the current mailbox size to the allocated quota.
  • Displays the growth rate of Exchange mailboxes for all servers and databases.

Mailbox status reports:

Exchange mailboxes, like all other corporate resources, require periodic cleaning. It’s easy to remove unwanted components, but isolating them is tedious. Perform this task with Exchange Reporter Plus.

Exchange Reporter Plus gives you detailed information about the account status of your organization’s mailboxes. View in-depth information about inactive mailboxes (based on the last login time and the times a last email was sent or received), disabled and disconnected mailboxes, expired mailboxes and more.

Archive mailbox size reports:

Archiving is a good practice because it saves disk space and provides access to historical mailbox content. With this licensed solution, you can view archive name, mailbox size, allocated quota, archive alert quota, etc. You can also check the archive location (local/cloud-based) and the status of the archive process (pending/completed).

General mailbox settings:

Exchange Reporter Plus general reports provide you with the basic information you need about your Exchange servers. With these reports, you can:

    • Show all mailbox-enabled users.
    • View mailbox email delivery settings.
    • Show hidden mailboxes from Exchange address lists.
    • Find mailboxes that have forward-to and redirect-to-inbox rules enabled.
    • Review general mailbox properties, including log status, retention policies, and litigation holds.
For more information, ManageEngine License

The licensed ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus provides actionable insights into all aspects of your Exchange environment to keep it running smoothly. All mailbox reports can be exported to a specific target folder or sent to any format by email, including PDF (Adobe Acrobat), CSV, XLS (Excel) and HTML.

Monitor user connections to Exchange mailboxes

Detailed reports on users’ connections to the Exchange mailbox are essential for successful IT compliance audits. These reports are also very useful when you need to investigate a security incident in your Exchange environment. Additionally, connection reports provide information about user connection patterns, peak connection times, and which servers are handling the most loads. With this information, you can optimize your Exchange infrastructure to avoid connection delays and performance issues.

Exchange Reporter Plus

Monitoring and reporting on connections to user mailboxes that occur through Outlook or the web (Outlook Web Access) is complex and time-consuming. Exchange admin and management consoles can’t help you retrieve user login information, and PowerShell scripts only make extracting that information even more complex and arduous.

Mailbox connection reports with Exchange Reporter Plus

The licensed Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based Exchange Server reporting tool that offers pre configured reports that make it easy to get all the information you need from your Exchange environment. It includes a few different reports regarding crucial connection-specific data.

User login activity report

This report lists all successful logins from user mailboxes in the Exchange organization over a period of time. It displays all details like user email addresses, login times, mailbox names, server names, and login type (in this case, automatic login, as this report only focuses on users accessing their mailbox).

View detailed information about each login or an overview of the number of successful logins for each mailbox. The summary view also shows a graph of the top ten mailboxes based on the number of successful logins.

ManageEngine License

User Access Report for Outlook Web Access

This report lists all web-based mailbox logons by users who have enabled the Outlook Web Access (OWA) option. Displays the username and number of logins for all users in your Exchange environment, along with a graph of the top ten users with the most successful logins.

Get user mailbox access statistics for different time periods, such as today, yesterday, this week, last week, last seven days, last 30 days, or a custom time period. These reports are also loaded with a filter and search option to narrow the report results or view the login information of a specific user.

In addition to user login-based reports, Exchange Reporter Plus also offers a prepackaged report package to make compliance audits for regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI and GLBA a breeze.

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