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ManageEngine File Analysis


ManageEngine File Analysis License helps organizations address their increasing data volumes by mapping the locations of their data and identifying who has access to what data (including file shares, email databases, enterprise file sync and share, records management, enterprise content management, Microsoft SharePoint, and data archives).

File analysis solutions analyze, index, search, track, and report on file metadata and content. This enables organizations to view and organize detailed metadata and contextual information, improve PII oversight and information governance, and manage unstructured data more efficiently.

File analysis solutions also protect and secure unstructured data. Organizations can make better decisions about content analysis, while mitigating risk and reducing costs associated with data. These solutions help to ensure data security, lifecycle management, data access governance, mapping, and classification while enabling key data insights and analysis that drive and protect the business. These key capabilities help organizations address digital transformation use cases for risk mitigation, governance and compliance, efficiency and optimization, and data insight.

Highlights of FileAnalysis

  • ROT analysis
  • Disk space analyzer
  • Permission analyzer
  • Data risk scanner
ManageEngine File Analysis License
ManageEngine File Analysis License

ROT analysis

Reclaim storage capacity by locating and purging redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data from your IT ecosystem.

Disk space analyzer

Track your disk usage pattern and consumption rate to generate instant alerts when free space falls below a preconfigured limit.

Permission analyzer

Analyze and report on users’ effective access permissions across all files and folders to prevent privilege abuse.

Data risk scanner

Identify and manage data most vulnerable to security threats, and improve your organization’s security posture.

File analysis features

  • File storage analysis

    • Know when to free up space by monitoring storage space in every server and triggering low storage space alerts.
    • Sort enterprise files based on their types and categories to understand your file storage status.
    • View details on the size, location, owner, and other important attributes for every file in your storage environment.
    • Track the annual growth of file volume with information on the volume of junk files created each year.
  • Disk usage reporting

    • Easily locate old, stale, unmodified, hidden, and other nonessential files in enterprise storage.
    • Enable granular analysis with instant reports on all file shares, active sessions, open files, junction points, and more.
    • Monitor employees’ storage patterns, and know who owns which files along with whose files take up what volume of organizational storage.
    • Spot storage policy violations such as employees storing large media files, stale files, or other trivial data with email notifications.
  • Duplicate file management

  • Reduce storage redundancy, improve performance, and declutter disk space with the duplicate file finder.
  • Compare file names, sizes, and last modified times to precisely identify duplicated files.
  • List all copies of duplicated files along with information on their locations.
  • Select and remove multiple duplicates at once right from FileAnalysis’ user interface.

File Analysis License

  • ROT data analysis

    • Reduce unnecessary storage expenses by managing redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) files.
    • Locate unnecessary data like media files, orphaned files, empty folders, and more using FileAnalysis.
    • Get a consolidated view of all hidden files in Windows file servers, failover clusters, and workgroup servers.
    • Reclaim primary storage by locating and removing junk files from enterprise storage devices.

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