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ManageEngine FileAudit Plus License

ManageEngine FileAudit Plus

ManageEngine FileAudit Plus License

ManageEngine FileAudit Plus License

ManageEngine FileAudit Plus is agent-based file auditing and reporting software. With FileAudit Plus you can monitor all changes in the file system in real time, along with comprehensive reports on every activity in the network. Track changes to files, file objects in folders or subfolders, and shared folders. Be wary of changes to a specific file type or exclude servers and file types.

Everything you need for data visibility

  • Data discovery
  • Flag PII/ePHI present in unintended locations.
  • Identify the types of personal data your company holds.
  • Comply with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and other external regulations.
  • File server auditing
  • Track accesses and modifications to files and folders.
  • Monitor file integrity.
  • Gain visibility into share and NTFS permissions.
  • Storage analysis
  • Track accesses and modifications to files and folders.
  • Monitor file integrity.
  • Gain visibility into share and NTFS permissions.
ManageEngine FileAudit Plus License


Let’s first look at what capabilities should be a part of file auditing that can apply to both native Windows tools, as well as 3rd-party solutions.

  • Logging – all access and changes to files and folders, including data and permissions should be logged.
  • Visibility – all audit log data should be easily accessible to be reviewed, filtered, searched, etc.
  • Alerting – notifications should be sent based on matching criteria to actions deemed suspect.
  • Reporting – this gets a bit tricky, but even native tools have the ability to export log data. So, even if it’s not pretty, the ability to generate sharable “reports” should be a part of file auditing.
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ManageEngine FileAudit Plus License

In many cases, compliance requirements establish the security objective, and then provide detail on how to test that the objective is being met. File Auditing is your testing method to ensure the security you think you have around your protected data is actually doing its job.

ManageEngine FileAudit Plus License

Key Features and their Associated Benefits

  • Real-time- Stay ‘in the loop’ always with respect to any file/folder related events, for a more proactive approach towards file server auditing.
  • Access Audit and Access Analysis reports- Keep track of all file/folder change as well as access events.
  • Storage Analysis reports- Isolate files based on file attributes and get graphical insights into how disk space is being utilized.
  • Pre-configured reports with schedules that can be set up, to run as well as e-mail selected reports automatically at specified time intervals- Get detailed forensics in intuitively understandable formats automatically.
  • Threshold based alerts, on-screen and through instant emails- Reduce incident response times while dealing with critical cases.
  • Web-based access- Access even while you’re not on site, using a web browser.
  • Ease of use – Make it easier for your IT admins as well as non-admin users to put the tool to its complete usage.
  • Discover personal data (PII/ePHI) stored in files, folders, and shares.
  • Identify types of personal data your company holds (e.g., names, ages, SSNs, and more).
  • Track who accesses or modifies personal data, including when, where, and how.
  • Secure personal data from potential ransomware attacks.
  • Comply with regulatory mandates such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more.

ManageEngine FileAudit Plus License


Nothing is more confusing than trying to meet compliance objectives. They are generally written in order to be applicable to any operating system, any network, and any infrastructure. While it makes sense that it’s impractical to write standards that apply specifically to the way your organization operates, authors have had to be more technically specific in recent years to hone in on what’s required of regulated businesses.

Most compliance standards revolve around a particular protected data set – health records, credit card details, personal information, and more – providing guidance around both optional and mandatory controls used to ensure proper access to, and usage of, that data.

Some standards remain “ancient” by IT standards, being even a few years old. With controls as unhelpful as “establish and maintain levels of security”, it’s no wonder IT organizations are left wondering if they’re meeting the requirement or not. The best examples of compliance mandates with easily applicable standards are the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) v3.0 and the European Union’s forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

But even with well-written standards, there’s still cisco no way for the author to know exactly where each organization is storing its protected data. Thus, the standards, while written with technical specifications around the use of encryption, authentication methods, levels of access, and more, still require IT to determine the best way to ensure the intent of the standard is met.

FileAudit Plus License

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ManageEngine FileAudit Plus License

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