ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer License

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer License

Firewall Analyzer – Analyze your firewall policy and secure your network.

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer License is a policy analysis and configuration reporting software. It offers CLI-based configuration monitoring and it supports Telnet, SSH, and SCP protocol for security and traffic analysis. It also helps security admins track policy changes, optimize firewall performance and maintain compliance standards.

Firewall Analyzer at a glance

  • Provides analysis of firewall policies and rules
  • Suggests firewall rule optimization
  • Maintains a log of configuration changes
  • Performs periodic security audits
  • Monitors employee internet usage
  • Alerts security events in real-time
  • Displays the current security status of firewalls
  • Performs regular audit compliance checks
  • Monitors and alerts when bandwidth is exceeded
  • Collects, consolidates, and analyzes firewall logs

Firewall Analyzer at a glance

Feature Highlights

Firewall policy analysis

Analyze the efficiency of your firewall rules. Get a detailed report on all denied, allowed, inbound, outbound, and inactive rules. Detect and record redundancy, generalization, correlation, shadow, and grouping anomalies in your firewall. Determine if a new rule can impact the existing rule set negatively. Gain insight on how to improve performance by changing the rule order.

Firewall compliance and auditing

Automate firewall audit reports and ensure continuous compliance. Get out-of-the-box reports on regulatory mandates such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, NIST, SANS, and NERC-CIP. Analyze the impact and severity of vulnerabilities with security audit reports.

Out-of-the-box reports

Firewall Analyzer generates detailed reports on traffic, protocol usage, web usage, mail usage, FTP usage, Telnet usage, streaming & chat, event summary, VPN, firewall rules, change management, intranet, internet, security, attack, spam, protocol trend, traffic trend, event trend, VPN trend, inbound & outbound traffic.

Configuration monitoring

View the complete trail of all changes applied to your firewall configurations. Find out who made what changes, when, and why. Get real-time alerts on your mobile phone when changes happen. Ensure that all the configurations and subsequent changes made in your firewall device are captured periodically and stored in the database.

Security analysis

Identify security attacks, viruses, and other anomalies in your network. Perform forensic analysis to pinpoint threats. Know which viruses are active on your network, including the hosts that are affected. Use the advanced search capabilities to effortlessly mine for security incidents in the raw firewall logs.

User activity and bandwidth monitoring

Keep track of internal threats by analyzing and identifying the users responsible, the websites visited, and the websites which exposed the network to attacks.

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Why Analyze Firewall Logs?

just deploying the Firewall in itself will not secure your network, but the log data from your firewall needs to be continuously monitored and analyzed. There is a wealth of vital information in your firewall logs. With these logs you can detect network intrusion, virus attacks, denial of service attacks, anomalous behaviors, employee web activities, web traffic analysis and much more. These logs also allow you to plan your bandwidth requirement based on the bandwidth usage across the firewalls. But manually monitoring and analyzing these logs is a time consuming task, complex, and is always prone to human error.So how do you manage this complexity? ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is the solution for analyzing your firewall logs automatically.

Firewall Analyzer analyzes logs from firewalls and generates real time alert notifications, security and band-width reports. It also empowers administrators by providing comprehensive reports about the security events and in turn they can take steps to mitigate the security.Also, Firewall Analyzer alerts you in real-time when any configuration changes are made on your firewall and tells you ‘who’ made ‘what’ changes, ‘when’ and ‘why’.

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