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M365 Manager Plus is a licensed and comprehensive Microsoft 365 tool for reporting, managing, monitoring, auditing and alerting on critical activities of the network. With its user-friendly interface, IT managers can easily manage Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 services from one place.

M365 Manager Plus provides comprehensive out-of-the-box reports on Microsoft 365 and helps you perform complex tasks like bulk user management, bulk mailbox management, secure delegation and more. Monitor Microsoft 365 services 24/7 and receive instant email notifications of service outages. M365 Manager Plus makes compliance management easier with built-in compliance reports and offers advanced monitoring and alerting capabilities to keep your Microsoft 365 setup secure.

Microsoft 365 Reporting Tool

Imagining the future and anticipating the consequences of your current actions is never easy. To ensure a smooth working environment, it is necessary to keep an eye on user activities. As most businesses migrate to cloud deployments, Microsoft 365 is becoming their most viable solution.

As you invest resources in implementing Microsoft 365, you should have access to enough information to stay informed about how Microsoft 365 is being used in your organization and how to ensure its safe use.

If you have been given the responsibility of ensuring the security of critical assets, you may feel that native Microsoft 365 reporting does not meet your needs.

M365 Manager Plus Reports

The Microsoft 365 Reports provided by M365 Manager Plus are classified into the following categories:

  • Yammer reports
  • Azure AD reports
  • Exchange Online reports
  • Skype for Business reports
  • Microsoft Teams Reporting
  • SharePoint Online reporting
  • OneDrive for Business reports
  • Security and Compliance reports

We will review some of these reports below

Exchange Online Reports

With the help of M365 Manager Plus and its licenses, Exchange Online reports, you can maintain a strong state of mind for your Exchange Online environment. Know which inactive mailboxes are consuming licenses and get insights into email traffic, top email senders and recipients, shared mailboxes, public folders, and more.

User Mailbox Security Reports and Shared Mailbox Security Reports provide details about which mailboxes or shared mailboxes users can access. The Non-Owner Mailbox Access report provides details about mailboxes accessed by non-owners so you can identify security breaches. This report provides details about who accessed which mailbox and when.

The licensed M365 Manager Plus provides the OWA Logon by User report to help you find out which users have accessed Exchange Online through Outlook Web Access. You can also see which users accessed Exchange through OWA based on the browsers and operating systems used with the OWA Login by Browser and OWA Login by Operating System reports. You can also use the Mobile Devices report and the Mobile Devices by Operating System report to identify the devices used for sign-in. M365 Manager Plus offers the Top Senders Report, Top Recipients Report, Top Malware Recipients Report and Top Spam Recipients Report, all collecting data with a single click.

With these reports, you can keep your Exchange Online setup looking flawless. The mailbox size report gives you details about the available mailboxes in your organization and their sizes. You can use the Mailbox Size Limits report to view the sending and receiving quotas for each mailbox. The Mailbox Size allows you to compare the maximum size and quota assigned to each mailbox.

ManageEngine M365 Security Plus License

Here’s a list of other Microsoft 365 Exchange Online reports:

  • Mail Traffic reports
  • Public Folders report
  • Calendar Events report
  • Mailbox On-Hold report
  • Mailbox Auditing report
  • Mailbox Features report
  • Shared Mailboxes report
  • Messages by Subject report
  • Mail Traffic Summary report
  • Litigation Hold Activity report
  • Soft Deleted Mailboxes report
  • Inactive Exchange Users report
  • Exchange Admin Activity report
  • Exchange Disabled Users report
  • Mailbox Retention Policy report
  • Recently Created Mailboxes report
  • Never Logged on Exchange Users report
  • Exchange Online Mailbox Content report

Azure AD reporting

Gain visibility and insight into Azure AD users, distribution lists, security groups, and licenses with Azure AD reporting. You can also generate reports on users’ password status.

With the Users Expiring Passwords and Passwords Expiring Soon reports, you can find out which users need immediate attention to ensure a smooth work environment. You can also get users whose passwords never expire by using the Passwords That Never Expire report.

Efficient license management is a must, because more licenses mean more costs for the company. Use the License by Service report to find out which users have been assigned which Microsoft 365 licenses. By examining user attributes, you can also decide whether to assign or revoke a license for that particular user.

Skype for Business Reports

M365 Manager Plus provides comprehensive preconfigured reports to effectively manage your Skype for Business configuration. You can see details about active Skype for Business users, the features they use, the conferences and peer-to-peer sessions they hosted and participated in, the devices they use to access Skype for Business have used and retrieve more.

M365 Manager Plus

 The reports are very detailed, making it easy to spot unwanted access and activity in Skype for Business. The Skype for Business Active Users report can help you with this. The report includes the number of daily active users. It also includes a breakdown of active users based on the Skype for Business features they use. These details can help you understand the usage pattern of Skype for Business in your organization.

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