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ManageEngine NCM License

In today’s digital age, network infrastructure is the lifeblood of organizations. Managing this infrastructure effectively is paramount. The licensed ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager (NCM) is a robust solution designed to streamline network configuration management. This article takes you on a journey through the essential aspects of ManageEngine NCM, including its key features, benefits, use cases, and licensing.

ManageEngine NCM License

Key Features of ManageEngine NCM

Network Discovery and Inventory Management

The licensed ManageEngine NCM starts by providing a comprehensive view of your network. It automatically discovers devices, maps network topology, and maintains an up-to-date inventory. This feature eliminates manual inventory tracking, ensuring accurate and real-time network documentation.

Configuration Backup and Version Control

One of the most critical aspects of network management is configuration backup. NCM automatically backs up configurations of network devices, ensuring you have a historical record of changes. You can easily compare versions and roll back to previous configurations, reducing the risk of network downtime due to misconfigurations.

Automated Configuration Change Management

NCM offers powerful automation capabilities. It allows you to define and enforce configuration change policies. When deviations occur, the system can automatically roll back to a known good configuration or alert administrators. This minimizes the chances of unauthorized or accidental configuration changes.

Compliance and Security Auditing

Maintaining network compliance is a major challenge, especially for organizations subject to regulatory requirements. NCM simplifies compliance management by offering predefined compliance policies and audit reports. It checks configurations against standards like CIS, NIST, and more, helping organizations meet their security and compliance goals.

Real-time Network Monitoring

NCM’s real-time monitoring capabilities keep a watchful eye on your network. It offers real-time alerts for network issues and configuration changes. This proactive approach enables quicker issue resolution and minimizes network disruptions.

Integration with Other ManageEngine Products

The licensed ManageEngine NCM is designed to work seamlessly with other ManageEngine solutions. Integration with tools like ServiceDesk Plus and OpManager further enhances network management, providing end-to-end visibility and control.

Benefits of Using ManageEngine NCM

Improved Network Reliability and Uptime

By automating configuration backup, change management, and real-time monitoring, NCM reduces the likelihood of network outages. It ensures that your network remains stable and available, boosting reliability and uptime.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

With NCM, you can enforce security policies and track compliance more effectively. This helps in safeguarding your network against security breaches and meeting industry-specific compliance requirements.

Time and Cost Savings

Automation in network configuration management saves time and reduces operational costs. Instead of manual configuration changes and audits, you can rely on NCM to do the heavy lifting, allowing IT staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

Streamlined Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution

Real-time monitoring and alerts mean faster detection and resolution of network issues. NCM helps in pinpointing the root cause of problems, making troubleshooting more efficient.

Simplified Network Documentation and Reporting

The licensed ManageEngine NCM automatically creates and updates network documentation, including configuration files. This ensures that network administrators always have accurate and up-to-date information, reducing errors and misconfigurations.

Use Cases for ManageEngine NCM

Network Configuration Backup and Recovery

One of the most common use cases for NCM is configuration backup and recovery. Organizations can quickly recover from network disasters or roll back to a known good state, minimizing downtime.

Compliance Management for Regulatory Requirements

Industries like healthcare, finance, and government have stringent compliance requirements. NCM simplifies the process of adhering to these standards by providing predefined compliance checks and reports.

Automation of Routine Network Tasks

Automation of configuration changes and tasks like password updates saves time and reduces human error. NCM allows IT teams to focus on strategic projects rather than routine maintenance.

Real-time Network Monitoring and Alerts

For organizations that require real-time awareness of their network status, NCM offers continuous monitoring and immediate alerts for critical changes or incidents. This is crucial for businesses where downtime can result in significant financial losses.

Multi-Vendor Network Support

NCM isn’t limited to specific vendors. It supports a wide range of network devices, making it a versatile solution for organizations with diverse network environments.

ManageEngine NCM License

How to Get Started with ManageEngine NCM

Installation and Setup

Getting started with ManageEngine NCM is straightforward. After installation, you need to configure basic settings, including network discovery and credentials for device access.

Initial Configuration and Network Discovery

NCM begins with network discovery, identifying devices and mapping the network topology. This initial configuration ensures you have a comprehensive view of your network.

Creating Device Templates and Policies

To fully leverage NCM’s automation capabilities, you can create device templates and policies. These templates define how configurations should look and policies determine what is considered acceptable in your network.

Customizing Reports and Alerts

You can tailor reports and alerts to meet your organization’s specific needs. Define the criteria for alerts and choose the format and frequency of reports.

Licensing Options for ManageEngine NCM

Overview of Licensing Tiers

The licensed ManageEngine NCM offers different licensing options based on the number of devices or interfaces you need to manage. Understand the options available to determine which one suits your organization’s requirements.

Pricing Model and Scalability

The pricing model for NCM can vary based on your organization’s size and network complexity. Ensure you choose a scalable option that can accommodate your future growth.

Comparing Licensing Options

Consider the pros and cons of each licensing tier to make an informed decision. Evaluate the number of devices, interfaces, and features included in each option.

Choosing the Right License for Your Organization

Ultimately, choosing the right license is crucial. Consider factors like the size of your network, the level of automation required, and your budget constraints when making your decision.

Best Practices for Using ManageEngine NCM

Regular Configuration Backups

Frequent configuration backups are key to ensuring the availability of historical data. Set up automated backups to protect your network.

Compliance Policy Creation and Enforcement

Take advantage of the predefined compliance policies and tailor them to your organization’s specific requirements. Regularly audit configurations to maintain compliance.

Monitoring Network Changes

Real-time monitoring is most effective when you actively track and respond to network changes. Regularly review alerts and address issues promptly.

Integrating NCM with Your IT Environment

Leverage the integration capabilities of NCM by connecting it with other ManageEngine products. This holistic approach provides comprehensive network management.

Real-World Success Stories

Case Studies or Testimonials

To underscore the real-world impact of ManageEngine NCM, consider sharing case studies or testimonials from organizations that have benefited from the solution. These stories can provide valuable insights for potential users.

Challenges and Limitations

Discussing Potential Drawbacks

While ManageEngine NCM offers a robust set of features, it’s essential to be aware of any potential limitations or challenges. These might include device compatibility issues or constraints related to the licensing model.

Suggesting Mitigations

To address potential challenges, provide suggestions for mitigations. This could involve best practices, workarounds, or alternative approaches to maximize the benefits of NCM.

ManageEngine License

How ManageEngine NCM Benefits Network Managers

Network managers play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, security, and efficiency of an organization’s network infrastructure. The licensed ManageEngine NCM offers several features and capabilities that significantly assist network managers in performing their responsibilities effectively. Here’s how NCM benefits network managers:

1. Simplified Network Management

Network managers can leverage NCM to simplify their daily network management tasks. The solution automates network configuration backups, change management, and compliance checks, reducing the time and effort required for routine administrative tasks. This enables network managers to focus on strategic initiatives and troubleshooting rather than getting bogged down in manual configurations.

2. Real-time Network Monitoring

ManageEngine NCM provides real-time network monitoring and alerts. Network managers can stay updated on network changes, performance issues, and security threats. This proactive approach allows them to respond quickly to incidents, minimizing network downtime and potential disruptions.

3. Enhanced Security and Compliance

Network managers often bear the responsibility of maintaining network security and compliance. NCM simplifies this task by offering predefined compliance policies and audit reports. It checks configurations against industry-standard security benchmarks, helping network managers ensure that the network adheres to best practices and meets regulatory requirements.

4. Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive tasks, such as configuration changes and password updates, can consume a significant portion of a network manager’s time. ManageEngine NCM automates these tasks, reducing the likelihood of human error and ensuring consistency in network configurations.

5. Improved Troubleshooting

In the event of network issues, network managers can quickly identify the root causes with the help of NCM. The system’s historical configuration data and real-time monitoring capabilities aid in pinpointing where problems have occurred. This streamlined troubleshooting process results in faster issue resolution and minimizes network disruptions.

6. Centralized Network Documentation

Effective network management requires accurate and up-to-date documentation. The licensed ManageEngine NCM automatically creates and updates network documentation, including configuration files. This centralized repository of information ensures that network managers always have access to the most current network data.

7. Multi-vendor Network Support

In diverse network environments with devices from multiple vendors, network managers often face compatibility challenges. ManageEngine NCM offers support for a wide range of network devices and vendors, simplifying the management of heterogeneous networks.

In Summary, ManageEngine NCM empowers network managers by providing automation, real-time monitoring, enhanced security and compliance, streamlined troubleshooting, centralized documentation, and multi-vendor support. By utilizing these features, network managers can efficiently maintain network reliability, security, and compliance while optimizing their day-to-day operations. This translates to more reliable networks, reduced operational costs, and ultimately, improved business outcomes.

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Future Developments and Updates

ManageEngine’s Commitment to Improvement

Highlight ManageEngine’s commitment to continuous product improvement. Share information about any upcoming features or enhancements, emphasizing the solution’s long-term viability.


In the realm of network configuration management, ManageEngine NCM stands out as a comprehensive and powerful solution. Its features, benefits, use cases, and licensing options make it a valuable asset for organizations seeking to enhance network reliability, security, and compliance. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, NCM’s proactive approach to network management is a smart investment in a more stable, efficient, and secure future.

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