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ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Network Configuration Manager Review

What is Network Configuration Manager?

ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager License is a feature-rich network change, configuration, and compliance management (NCCCM) software for IT administrators. It is a multi-vendor solution that streamlines the processes of device configuration management to help admins take total control of firewalls, routers, switches, and other network devices. The solution automates time-consuming, routine tasks and makes inventory, compliance, and configuration management more accurate.

The platform allows IT admins to compare different configuration versions and audit changes to pinpoint who made the changes when. Network Configuration Manager provides a centralized, fluidic dashboard that empowers users to upload changes, backup device configuration, compare versions, and maintain history. In addition, the application offers an impressive set of features which includes change management, configuration management, compliance management, audit & reports, automation & tools, and PCI compliance.

Network Configuration Manager allows you to perform real-time change tracking and monitor configuration changes, obtain quick notifications, and prevent changes without permission. Under the compliance auditing feature, you can define standard policies and practices, and automatically test if device configurations are compliant. In addition to automating repetitive configuration management work, you can effect configuration changes in volumes.

Another advantage is you can track activity and get a full record of who did what configuration changes, when. You can easily record actions, archive them, and playback when needed. Finally, you can manage configurations of network devices from a range of top vendors such as HP, Juniper, Cisco and more.

Overview of Network Configuration Manager Benefits

Robust Solution

ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager is a robust application that helps you manage the whole lifecycle of device configuration management. The solution fills the gap around your compliance, configuration, and compliance management. With the software, you can easily know when and why recent changes were made, identify misconfigured code, devices not supported by vendors, and which switches or routers are up or down.

Efficient Configuration Management

The configuration management suite provides one of its core benefits. This module offers an impressive set of configuration management features such as device discovery, multivendor device configuration support, configuration versioning & comparison, and more. It supports devices from over 22 vendors including Cisco, ADTRAN, Dell, HP, Aruba, NETGEAR, Huawei, Juniper, and more, and offers integrated solutions to facilitate complete configuration and change management of all these devices.

Real-Time Change Tracking

Network Configuration Manager is also built to support real-time configuration change tracking. It continuously monitors all your devices and listens to syslog messages created by the devices to pinpoint configuration changes in real-time. By detecting changes in real-time, the application allows you to maintain better control over every device on your network.

Effective Compliance Monitoring

Additionally, the compliance monitoring module allows you to adhere to internal security policies, standard practices, industrial guidelines, and stringent government regulations. It enables you to protect your mission-critical network resources from security threats and manage information properly to avoid serious legal consequences. Better still, the software allows you to demonstrate all policies are followed and that your network devices are compliant with all the defined policies.

Role-Based Access

The GUI presents an informative inventory of all the devices added to this software. At a single glance, you can view the hardware properties, IP addresses, port configurations, chassis details, interface details, and serial numbers of the devices. Network Configuration Manager handles sensitive device configuration files, and, in a workplace that has multiple team members, it is essential to restrict access to confidential info. The software enables you to provide role-based access to ensure this. You can give different levels of access permissions according to the role of each user.

High Level of Automation

Network Configuration Manager offers a high level of automation for all labor-intensive tasks. Often administrators need to apply the same group of changes to a number of devices – for instance, applying a security patch. The platform provides scripts and templates to easily perform these tasks.

Dependable Disaster Recovery Process

A reliable disaster recovery process is essential in case there is an emergency. This solution enables you to backup the full database and also provides scripts to do fast disaster recovery. Finally, Network Configuration Manager offers provisions to check configurations for compliance anytime and automatically at standard intervals. You can generate comprehensive compliance reports as well as detailed info on complaint and non-compliant devices. If there is violation, the software provides remedial tips to rectify it.

ManageEngine NCM

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Automate backups. Restore devices. Be disaster ready.

Configuration Backup

Automated Configuration Backup

Automate configuration backups whenever a change is detected.

Scheduling Configuration Backup

Never miss out on routine crucial backup of your configuration files.

Database Backup and Disaster Recovery

Instantly recover from any network mishaps with a secure database backup.

Baseline Configuration

Set the best working configuration as your fallback mechanism in case of a disaster.

Configuration Versioning & Comparison

Backup your configuration files with automated incremental versioning, which can be used for comparison.

Configuration Versioning & Comparison

Backup your configuration files with automated incremental versioning, which can be used for comparison.

Prevent network outages with proactive monitoring.

Change Management

Role Based Access Control

Restrict access to crucial network devices and tighten network security.

Real-time Configuration Change Tracking

Improve visibility with live updates on changes made to the device configurations.

Change Management Rules & Notifications

Get alerts when an unauthorized personnel requests for a configuration change.

Quick Restorations to Trusted Versions

Instantly recover your device functionality with the rollback mechanism to stable configurations.

Approval Mechanism for Configuration Upload

Take full control of what changes can be applied to the configuration files.

Diff View

Use color coded differences to spot configuration changes using side-by-side comparison.

Execute bulk network operations from anywhere.


Automating Configuration Tasks

Automate repetitive network operations and centrally apply to all devices.

Command Execution Tasks

Experience seamless execution of complex network operations in bulk.

Remote Firmware Upgrade / OS Image Transfer

Avoid vulnerabilities by remotely upgrading your device firmware to the latest versions.

Check compliance. Fix violations.


Compliance Monitoring

Stay compliant to PCI, HIPAA, Cisco IOS, SOX Compliance and custom policies.

Compliance Reporting

Examine your network device compliance status with descriptive reports.

PCI Compliance

Protect all your payment card information with ultra secure transactions.

SOX compliance

Prevent incidents of accounting frauds by improving financial data transparency.

HIPAA Compliance

Secure computerized health information by fulfilling all the technical safeguards.

Search, choose and examine devices.

Configuration Management

What is Network Configuration Management (NCM)

Learn the basics of Network Configuration Management and how it benefits your business.

Multi-Vendor Device Configuration Support

Manage configurations of devices from over 200 different vendors.

Network Configuration and Change Management

Track changes in real-time, audit configurations and deploy configuration updates in multiple devices.

Network Device Management

Improve reliability by managing network devices with powerful device management.

Network Configuration Analysis

Identify patterns and trends of network activities through in-depth analysis of configurations.

Network Configuration Analysis

Identify patterns and trends of network activities through in-depth analysis of configurations.

Analyze with intuitive Reports.

Reports and Graphs

Startup-Running Conflict Report

Ensure startup-running configuration sync and check for conflicts with intuitive graphs and charts.

EOL/EOS Report

Keep track of the end of support, end of sale, and end of life information of all your network devices with the EOL/EOS report

User Activity Tracking

Improve accountability of every user on the network by recording user activity.

Reports on Inventory, Configuration Changes, Compliance

Be audit ready by getting all of your time-consuming reporting done automatically.

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