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ManageEngine NCM License

ManageEngine NCM License

Network Configuration Manager software or NCM software is a multi-purpose interface software and a solution for making changes in switches, routers, firewalls and other devices in the network. The licensed Network Configuration Manager software or NCM software will help IT managers control all devices and settings.

ManageEngine NCM License

ManageEngine NCM key features

Configuration Management:

By using this feature, you can plan backup tasks, monitor users’ behavior and the changes they make in the network, and compare the changes made in an integrated central Web environment.

Real-time Change Management:

The licensed Network Configuration Manager software or NCM software will help you to have a safe and stable network by monitoring unwanted changes in the network and preventing them.

User Activity Tracking:

Network Configuration Manager software or NCM ManageEngine software helps you improve accountability and goal setting for network management by recording who makes changes to your network and when.

Compliance Auditing:

Network Configuration Manager software or NCM software as a standard by testing all your equipment and the settings made on them, performs corrective actions in the direction of protection in the direction of your organizational policies.

Automating Configuration Tasks:

Network Configuration Manager software or NCM software helps you spend the least amount of time to make changes in your network by automating settings and tasks as well as the central system for implementing changes.

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Encrypted storage of network configurations.

With the rise of data breaches affecting businesses, administrators often struggle to combat data theft. In 2018, data breaches disrupted normal business cycles and cost millions of dollars in losses. Data breaches can be controlled by storage encryption. In fact, storage encryption is one of the most effective ways to prevent hackers from damaging your network database.

 In this licensed solution, storage encryption can be used to store device configurations, usernames, passwords, emails, phone numbers, and other confidential information to maintain data security. Network Configuration Manager stores device configurations in encrypted form in the PostgreSQL database included in the product, making the process safe and secure.

How storage encryption works in Network Configuration Manager.

In Network Configuration Manager, all configuration files can be encrypted and saved. After the configurations are encrypted on the Network Configuration Manager server, they are stored in the product database. Once stored in the database, the data is decrypted by the server only if it needs to be displayed in the user interface. Network administrators can rest assured that their data is safe and cannot be decrypted by brute force or any other decryption method. In this way, Network Configuration Manager helps to achieve the highest possible security in the network environment.

ManageEngine License
Importance of encrypted storage.

Encryption is critical to ensure that unauthorized people cannot access business-critical files. This will drastically reduce the chances of unauthorized access or loss while maintaining a secure network infrastructure; it’s also a key part of protecting your company’s IT environment. Here are the reasons why data encryption is so important:

Multi-device protection via encryption

As the popularity of smartphones and mobile applications grows, network administrators find it increasingly difficult to protect the data stored on these devices. Network Configuration Manager eliminates data breaches on local devices and mobile devices because it does not store encrypted data on any of the device types. Instead, the data is encrypted and stored on a server and is retrieved from mobile applications and other personal devices only when needed. This ensures security on multiple devices.

Encryption provides data security

With the Network Configuration Manager solution as a configuration management tool, hackers and malicious users cannot access the data. Additionally, Network Configuration Manager provides double protection by encrypting data to prevent hackers and unauthorized users from getting their hands on the raw data. Therefore, network administrators can be assured of complete protection of their configuration files by enforcing storage encryption.

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