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What is O365 Manager Plus?

ManageEngine O365 License is an extensive Office 365 tool used for reporting, managing, monitoring, auditing, and creating alerts for critical activities. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manage Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, and other Office 365 services all from one place.

O365 Manager Plus provides exhaustive preconfigured reports on Office 365 and helps you perform complex tasks including bulk user management, bulk mailbox management, secure delegation, and more. Monitor Office 365 services around the clock, and receive instant email notifications about service outages. O365 Manager Plus eases compliance management with built-in compliance reports and offers advanced auditing and alerting features to keep your Office 365 setup secure.


Office 365 Reporting

O365 Manager Plus provides over 700 preconfigured reports on Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, and other Office 365 services. The reports can be scheduled and exported to PDF, CSV, XLS, or HTML format.

With O365 Manager Plus reports, you can:

  • Monitor mailbox traffic and understand Exchange Online adoption inside your organization.
  • Identify malicious spam emails to keep your Exchange Online environment secure.
  • Identify inactive users, soon-to-expire licenses, and soon-to-expire passwords with reports on
  • Azure Active Directory to take preemptive actions and avoid unexpected consequences.
  • View Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business usage statistics.
  • Ensure that IT compliance standards like SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, and FISMA are met with the help of compliance reports.

Office 365 Reporting

ManageEngine O365 License

Office 365 Auditing & Alerting

With built-in audit reports track every event happening in your Office 365 environment to take preemptive actions and avoid dire consequences. Create custom alerts to get real-time email notification about critical activities happening in your Office 365 environment.

With O365 Manager Plus,

  • Keep track of User log ons and log offs to monitor Office 365 users’ behaviors.
  • Monitor Critical license changes made by users, to avoid license-related issues.
  • Audit Mailbox permission and property changes to keep the Exchange Online environment in check.
  • Create alerts with your own custom messages to send to administrators.for specific actions.
  • Email administrators about the action that triggered an alert to help them locate the source of the action immediately.

Office 365 Auditing & Alerting

Office 365 Management

O365 Manager Plus makes Office 365 management effortless with its sophisticated features. It allows to manage users, mailboxes, licenses, and contacts in bulk, substantially reducing the amount of time spent on management tasks.

With O365 Manager Plus support for management tasks, you can:

  • Bulk reset passwords to substantially reduce the amount of time you spend resetting user passwords individually.
  • Perform other bulk user management activities, like user permission changes, attribute changes, and more, eliminating the need to pick users individually for each task.
  • Add or remove licenses in bulk to simplify license management.
  • Configure groups in bulk and control whether they receive internal or external emails.
  • Quicken Office 365 user, group, and contact creation with management templates.
  • Automate all user and mailbox management tasks with the help of automation policies.

Office 365 Management

Office 365 Monitoring

Monitor the health of Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, and other major Office 365 services around the clock from one, central location. With O365 Manager Plus, you can:

O365 Manager Plus lets you:

  • Receive real-time email notifications when service outages occur and view the availability of endpoints.
  • See the total number of incidents and advisories in your Office 365 services from the service health dashboard.
  • View granular details such as the number of users who are affected by a particular incident, current status of the incident, start and end time of the incident, and more.
  • Gain access to historical Office 365 service health monitoring data older than 30 days.
  • View graphs illustrating the health status and performance of Office 365 features and endpoints.

Office 365 Monitoring

Office 365 Help Desk Delegation

In O365 Manager Plus, you’re not limited to default roles as in Office 365. Select any combination of reporting, management, auditing, and alerting tasks to create your own customized roles. Cross-tenant, and domain based delegation is also possible.

O365 Manager Plus lets you:

  • Create technician accounts to delegate tasks to non-administrative users, such as help desk technicians, front line officials, or HR Associates, to reduce the workload of AD admins.
  • Create your own custom roles by selecting any combination of reporting, management, and auditing tasks to delegate.
  • Audit all technician activities going on in your environment.
  • Track admin activities with details on what operation was performed and when.
  • View a summary of Office 365 tenants, management tasks, reporting tasks, and profile actions delegated to each and every technician.

Office 365 Reporting Tool

Foreseeing the future and anticipating the consequences of your current actions is never an easy job. It’s necessary to keep a vigilant eye on user activities to ensure a hassle-free working environment. While most organizations move towards cloud deployments, Office 365 becomes their most viable solution. When investing resources in deploying Office 365, you must have access to enough information to keep yourself informed about how Office 365 is being used in your organization, and how to ensure secure usage.


If you have been bestowed with the responsibility of ensuring the security of critical resources, you might have felt that the native Office 365 reports did not meet your needs. That is why we at ManageEngine present you with O365 Manager Plus, a comprehensive Office 365 reporting tool.


O365 Manager Plus drills down into the data and presents granular level reports to provide deep insights on your Office 365 setup. The reports are highly detailed, and provisioned with enough details to aid you in quick decision making. Try Demo.


O365 Manager Plus Reports

Office 365 reports provided by O365 Manager Plus are grouped under the following categories:


  • Exchange Online reports
  • Azure AD reports
  • Skype for Business reports
  • OneDrive for Business reports
  • Yammer reports
  • Microsoft Teams Reporting
  • Security and Compliance reports


Exchange Online Reports

With the help of O365 Manager Plus’ Exchange Online reports, you can maintain a robust condition for your Exchange Online environment. Learn which inactive mailboxes are consuming licenses, in addition to information about mail traffic, top email senders and receivers, shared mailboxes, public folders, and more.

Azure AD Reports

Gain visibility and knowledge on Azure AD users, distribution lists, security groups, and licenses with the help of Azure AD reports.

Skype for Business Reports

O365 Manager Plus provides exhaustive preconfigured reports to manage your Skype for Business setup effectively. You can get details on the active Skype for Business users, the features they have used, the conferences and peer to peer sessions they have organized and participated in, the devices they have used to access Skype for Business, and more. The reports are highly detailed, which makes it easy for you to detect the unwanted accesses and activities in Skype for Business.

OneDrive for Business Reports

OneDrive for Business holds your critical resources, making it necessary to keep tabs on the file and folder accesses within it. You can get the complete audit trail of user activities, with details on who performed what operation and when. This helps to maintain the integrity of files present in OneDrive for Business.

  • OneDrive Files Accessed report
  • OneDrive File Modifications report
  • OneDrive File Renaming report
  • OneDrive File Movement report
  • OneDrive File Operations report
  • OneDrive Uploads report
  • OneDrive Downloads report
  • OneDrive Deleted Files report
  • OneDrive Events Log report

Yammer reports

Yammer is an Office 365 enterprise social networking platform that allows communication between users from both inside and outside the organization. Monitoring what’s shared and communicated in this platform is mandatory in order to ensure data security.

Microsoft Teams reporting

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork where people both within your organization and outside of it can actively connect and collaborate in real time. ManageEngine O365 Manager Plus helps you monitor, audit, and gain deep insights with detailed reports on:

  • Lists of all teams
  • Lists of all channels
  • Member details of each team
  • Members count in each team
  • Teams user count by device type
  • Teams user count by activity type
  • Teams activities count
  • Daily user activities
  • Device usage

Security and Compliance Reports

It is inevitable that you will have to comply with various industrial mandates to meet your IT compliance requirements. Reports provided by O365 Manager Plus help you make sure that you are adhering to such requirements.

Office 365 Management

Manage mailboxes, users, groups, and contacts effortlessly in bulk. Reset users’ passwords and assign or remove licenses easily.

Office 365 Management

Deploying a cloud-based work environment does not end with choosing a suitable product suite, but with finding an effective means to manage it. In your effort to manage your Office 365 setup, native Office 365 features might not meet your needs. O365 Manager Plus comes with sophisticated features to make Office 365 management effortless. It provides feature-based management so you can govern Office 365 components separately.

Exchange Online Management

Use O365 Manager Plus’ refined features to manage Exchange Online with ease. Handle mailboxes in bulk to eliminate redundant actions and save time. O365 Manager Plus also provides features for contacts and public folder management.


  • Mailbox management: Handle mailbox litigation hold settings, permission settings, address list changes, mailbox feature settings, and more.
  • Shared mailbox management: Create, enable, or disable shared mailboxes in bulk. Configure auto reply, change permissions, set litigation holds, modify audit settings, and perform other shared mailbox management tasks in bulk.
  • Public folder management: Enable or disable email for public folders. Delete unwanted public folders in bulk instead of removing them individually.
  • Mobile device management: With O365 Manager Plus, administrators can remove mobile devices associated with mailboxes and clear mailbox data from devices remotely.

Azure Active Directory Management

Managing Azure Active Directory with its repository of users is a daunting task which must be done cautiously. Use O365 Manager Plus to manage Azure Active Directory easily.


  • User management: Block, unblock, delete, and restore users in bulk. Edit users’ contact and address attributes and change their managers and domains from one place.
  • Group management: Configure email settings for all your Active Directory groups. Choose which types of senders (internal, external, or both) groups can receive emails from.
  • Contacts management: Alter contact attribute values in bulk. Traditionally in native Office 365, you are not allowed to set multiple values while changing contact attribute values in bulk. But O365 Manager Plus lets you add multiple values while bulk editing contacts.
  • License management: License management is made easy with our simple user interface. You can assign, remove, or modify licenses in bulk with a single click.


Microsoft Teams management

Microsoft Teams helps employees collaborate in small or organization-wide groups to conduct meetings, share files, or even work together in other apps and services to enhance productivity. Managing Microsoft Teams can get strenuous as it requires actions like creation, modification, and deletion of teams and channels for a large number of employees. ManageEngine O365 Manager Plus lightens the load for IT admins by helping them carry out these management tasks in a few clicks.

  • Manage teams: Create, update, and delete teams in bulk, or simply create new teams from existing groups. Admins can also apply granular rules for the teams created, such as enabling a user to delete or edit team messages and channels, enabling team or channel mentions, enabling the creation of private channels, and more.
  • Manage channels: Create, update, and delete channels in bulk, eliminating the need to write complex PowerShell scripts.

Advanced auditing and alerting

Track even the most granular user activities in your Office 365 environment, and get notified instantly about critical activities and changes via email.


Office 365 Auditing

When dealing with a cloud environment, auditing user activities is a necessary security practice because users can sign in from practically anywhere. However, by using Office 365 by itself, you may be missing some of the crucial details you need to fully monitor user activities. Use O365 Manager Plus to ease your security concerns and keep your Office 365 setup intact. Track even the most granular user activities in Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Sway, and other services.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor the health and performance of Office 365 features and endpoints around the clock, and receive instant email notifications upon service outages.


Office 365 Monitoring Tool

Tired of having to rely on service providers to know when service outages occur in your cloud workspace? We know that most of the time service providers fail to send timely alerts on service outages, user actions, and other important information that needs your immediate attention. That’s why we built O365 Manager Plus, our complete Office 365 solution, to send frequent and timely alerts right to your inbox. Reports can be scheduled and exported to PDF, HTML, XLS, or CSV. And the best part is there’s no need to perform PowerShell scripting; all you have to do is configure your Office 365 account in O365 Manager Plus and leave the rest to us.


Real-time Office 365 monitoring statistics

O365 Manager Plus monitors your Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, and other Office 365 services 24×7. It also constantly monitors the health of your cloud setup and notifies you immediately about any service outages.


Office 365 service health monitoring

Service outages are the most frustrating issues that pop up in your cloud setup. O365 Manager Plus monitors your workspace in real time and alerts you immediately if there is any degradation in service (even before the Office 365 Service Health portal).


Exchange Online monitoring

Keep a watchful eye on Exchange Online mailboxes and user activities by monitoring user email activity, sent and received spam or malware emails, changes to permissions, and other mailbox activities. You can also monitor license assignment and reassignment to ensure your organization’s licenses are managed effectively.


Monitoring Azure Active Directory

Ensure a hassle-free working environment by monitoring Azure Directory, and get notified about service degradation before users notice. O365 Manager Plus monitors users, groups, licenses, Azure AD apps, logon activities, and more.


Monitoring OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business file and folder monitoring is mandatory for security as well as compliance purposes. O365 Manager Plus monitors almost all possible user and admin activities in OneDrive for Business with utmost detail. Monitor file and folder activities, file sharing activities, and sync activities.

Monitoring Skype for Business

Keep Skype for Business under control and ensure end user satisfaction by monitoring user activities and performance latency issues with O365 Manager Plus. Keep track of all the services and their usage metrics with detailed reports and alerts.


Monitoring Microsoft Teams

While working in teams is productive, you might quickly lose track of what’s going on with the multitude of conversations and activities occurring in Microsoft Teams. O365 Manager Plus helps you monitor teams and channels being added or modified in real time. You can even track permission changes, and other modified trivial settings.


Office 365 Content Search

Search for emails with personally identifiable information (PII), insider information, and malicious content with automated search schedules to ensure email security and compliance.


Advanced Office 365 mailbox content search

Many IT admins search through the subject and body of emails in their organization’s Office 365 mailboxes to identify security threats. These searches, however, provide limited results and won’t uncover every piece of potentially malicious mailbox content. Admins should expand their searches to include attachments, contacts, message headers, internet message IDs, trash folders, and other attributes, as these locations are where the clearest threat indicators reside.

Want a more efficient alternative to Office 365’s limited mailbox search? Try O365 Manager Plus’ Office 365 content search feature. This search helps you keep an eye on the emails sent and received by your organization. O365 Manager Plus not only helps you retrieve emails and attachments lost among a growing list of emails, but also ensures email security and compliance.

O365 Manager Plus’ mailbox content search allows you to:


  • Search multiple mailboxes: Search across all or selected mailboxes in your Office 365 setup in a single click.
  • Perform condition-based searches: Set multiple conditions to filter out the emails you don’t need to view.
  • Perform pattern-based searches: Use RegEx and commonly used phrases to identify emails with personal information.
  • Automate searches: Create search profiles to look through mailboxes at specified intervals automatically.
  • Create alerts: Configure detailed email alerts about automated search results.

Identify emails containing personal information

As mandated by the GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, and other regulatory and compliance policies, users are not allowed to share credit card numbers, social security numbers, login credentials, and other personal information through emails.


With O365 Manager Plus’ pattern-based content search, emails containing the aforementioned personal information can be easily identified. You can even configure email notifications to send you a search results report when such emails are sent or received by users in your organization.

Search all mailbox attachments

Sharing insider information with any external entity is a punishable offense. With O365 Manager Plus’ advanced Office 365 content search option, you can see every email with attachment in every mailbox.

Identify spear phishing attacks

Phishing emails typically contain links to bogus websites that are either full of malware or request the recipient’s credentials. Since phishing emails are often sent by an attacker masquerading as a legitimate person, most users will walk straight into the trap. These emails are serious security threats, as one employee’s mistake could jeopardize the security of an entire organization.

Keep an eye on message internet headers—which provide technical details of emails such as the sender’s email address, the platform used to compose the email, and the email servers it has passed through—with O365 Manager Plus. Configure alerts that include detailed reports to notify you when an email is sent from an unknown user or unidentified server.

Help Desk Delegation

Create custom roles and delegate them to non-administrative users to reduce the workload of Office 365 admins. Audit admin and technician activities with built-in reports.

Security and compliance reports

The security and compliance reports of O365 Manager Plus help you ensure information security across all your Office 365 components and experience hassle free compliance with various industry mandates like HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, PCI DSS, and ISO.

It offers reports in the following categories to meet your organization’s security and compliance needs:

Spam and malware protection

Get a comprehensive overview of all inbound and outbound spam/malware traffic in your exchange organization. Often armed with malware and malicious software, when a user inadvertently clicks on them, spam mail such as this will wreak havoc. With valuable information from these reports you can thwart these threats from spammers, and immunize your Office 365 environment from the adverse effects of malicious softwares.


Data Loss Prevention policy matches

Monitor and investigate all your inbound and outbound mail traffic for any Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy and rule matches. The information that you garner from O365 Manager Plus’ DLP reports will ensure compliance with various industrial mandates and help prevent any compromise of sensitive information.


Transport rule matches

View complete information pertaining to all inbound and outbound emails that met the conditions of your organization’s transport or mail flow rules. These audit logs will help you make sure that confidential organizational and personal information hasn’t fallen into the hands of unscrupulous sources.


Hold and eDiscovery

Get complete visibility into all changes made to InPlace Hold and Litigation Hold objects, including information on the change, the administrator responsible for the change, the parameters changed, the status of the change, and more. You can also view details on all the InPlace eDiscovery searches meant to search for content from your Exchange mailboxes.


Mobile device management

Keep track of all the ActiveSync-enabled mobile devices in your Exchange online environment, with separate reports on mobile devices, policy details, status information, ActiveSync usage, and more. O365 Manager Plus dispenses valuable information to better manage all users’ mobile devices by mapping them with their corresponding Office 365 mailboxes and policies.


Admin and user activity auditing

Comply with the stringent requirements of IT compliance regulatory mandates like PCI DSS (requirement 10.2.2 and 11.5), ISO 27000 (requirement A.12.4.3), SOX (section 404), HIPAA (section 164.308 (a)(1)(ii)(D)), and FISMA (NIST SP800-53), by keeping tabs on all administrator and user activities in your Office 365 environment.

Archiving and retention

Effectively manage all the information in your Office 365 environment by gaining valuable insights from reports on archived mailboxes, archived mailbox sizes, and mailbox retention policies. These audit logs will help ensure that all of your electronically stored information is retained in accordance with various regulatory requirements.

Compliance made easy

Apart from the above categories, O365 Manager Plus also provides separate purpose-built reports for various industry mandates like HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PCI DSS, and FISMA.

Important reporting features from O365 Manager Plus:


Create your own custom reports by paring them down with ManageEngine O365 License built-in filters. You can even save this report along with other preconfigured reports.


Schedule and export

Automatically generate your reports on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis and export them to various formats such as CSV, XLS, PDF, and HTML. You can also have them delivered to your inbox.



Embed your reports on another web page or wiki to share information across teams easily.



Securely delegate Office 365(ManageEngine O365 License) reporting tasks to help desk technicians and IT staff, without giving them full access to the Office 365 admin center.

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