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ManageEngine O365 License

ManageEngine O365


The licensed ManageEngine O365 Manager Plus is a robust Office 365 tool that can be used for reporting, managing, monitoring, auditing, and creating alerts for important activities. Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, and other Office 365 services can all be easily managed from a single location thanks to its user-friendly interface.

This licensed solution offers thorough preconfigured reports on Office 365 and assists you in carrying out difficult tasks like bulk user management, bulk mailbox management, secure delegation, and more. Receive immediate email notifications of service outages and continuously monitor Office 365 services. In addition to providing sophisticated auditing and alerting features to keep your Office 365 setup secure, O365 Manager Plus makes compliance management easier with built-in compliance reports.

ManageEngine O365 License


ManageEngine O365 License key features

Microsoft 365 Help Desk Delegation

With the licensed O365, inMicrosoft 365 reporting, management, and auditing solution, you are not constrained by default roles. To create roles that are uniquely yours, choose from any combination of reporting, management, auditing, and alerting tasks. Delegate ad hoc tasks like password resets, account unlocks, and contact and address attribute changes, etc. to technicians so that you can pay attention to more crucial tasks.

Security Delegation

Assign security-related tasks such as password reset, account unlock, user lockout, etc. to a user so they can keep tabs on your Microsoft 365 environment. Once you’ve created a role with the right security-related tasks, delegate that role to a trusted engineer to ensure your setup runs smoothly.

Attribute-level delegation

With attribute-level delegation, you can delegate tasks to users without losing control of your Microsoft 365 setup. Administrators are often skeptical about delegating admin privileges to users because things can spiral out of control if not properly monitored. To allay those fears, O365 Manager Plus lets you delegate specific tasks rather than giving one person full administrator privileges.

Domain-based delegation

If your organization has multiple domains, you can create roles with domain-specific tasks. With domain-based admins, you can better track your domain. The domain-based delegation option is not available for those who have virtual tenant delegation enabled.

Delegation between tenants

You can configure multiple Microsoft 365 tenants in the licensed O365 Manager Plus or delegate rights from one tenant to another to ensure that critical tasks are always performed. For example, if a tenant is unavailable and unable to perform their licensing tasks, delegate their rights to another tenant to avoid discrepancies.

ManageEngine O365

Microsoft 365 template-based administration

O365 Manager Plus Administrative Templates help standardize the attributes involved in the processes of creating and modifying Microsoft 365 users, mailboxes, groups, and contacts. These templates help technicians save a lot of time and effort. effort when they don’t have to apply the same value to each Microsoft 365 object individually. The management templates provided by O365 Manager Plus are divided into two categories:

For more information, ManageEngine License
Authoring Templates

Pre-configure all default values ​​and settings such as password complexity, Microsoft address, group membership, resource permissions, etc., and just leave variables such as username, personal mobile number, home address, etc. office technicians.

Edit Templates

Define which fields technicians can edit and leave license, role, MFA, and other important settings up to IT administrators.

Automate Microsoft 365 administration with templates

Use administrative templates when creating automation policies with O365 Manager Plus. This speeds up management processes as templates are provided with default values ​​and automation policies run at specified intervals without no human intervention.

Perform multiple actions from one window

A typical process of creating a Microsoft 365 user, mailbox, or object has multiple actions performed in multiple windows. These actions range from creating basic profiles to granting permissions and configuring security settings. Administrative templates simplify this multi-window process by bringing together all required actions in one window.

Manage Microsoft 365 licenses and roles

Each Microsoft 365 subscription includes license plans, available services, and the number of licenses included in a given license plan. It also includes a number of administrator roles that can be assigned to users. These roles allow users to perform certain tasks in the Microsoft 365 services admin center.

You can use PowerShell if you want to see more details about your Microsoft 365 license plans, licenses, and services. But that can get cumbersome and time-consuming. While you can manage and assign administrative roles using the Microsoft 365 admin center, it can be difficult to track who has what licenses and when they were assigned. However, the licensed ManageEngine O365 Manager Plus allows you to easily and efficiently manage your Microsoft 365 licenses.

ManageEngine O365


M365 Manager Plus can help you manage your organization’s Microsoft 365 subscriptions with various Microsoft 365 licensing tasks and reports. Here’s what you can do with M365 Manager Plus when it comes to licensing:

Bulk change your Microsoft 365 license

You can change your organization’s licenses in bulk, making your job easier if you own multiple Microsoft 365 licenses.

Improved license utilization with out-of-the-box reports

Using the various reports provided by the licensed O365 Manager Plus for Microsoft 365 license management, you can track users who have been assigned licenses, licenses that are about to expire, licenses that are recently changed , and so on .

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